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Charter Commission

Donn M. Takaki

Jeffrey T. Mikulina
Vice Chair

James C. Pacopac

Jim Myers

Andrew I.T. Chang
Gerald L. Coffee

E. Gordon Grau, Ph.D.

Amy H. Hirano

Jared N. Kawashima

Darolyn H. Lendio

Stephen E. Meder, Arch.D.

Jan N. Sullivan

Malcolm J. Tom

Chuck T. Narikiyo
Executive Administrator


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Introduction to the Charter Questions

Honolulu's City Charter

The City Charter is Honolulu's "constitution," serving as the governing document that establishes the principles by which our City government operates.  The Charter requires that the Mayor and City Council appoint a Commission every ten years to review the Charter and submit changes to the voters.

The 2005-2006 Charter Commission held 35 public meetings and received extensive testimony on changes to the Charter.  After studying many proposals, twelve charter questions were selected to present to the voters at the General Election.

Vote on the Charter Amendments

We urge you to participate in determining the future of our City by voting on these proposed charter amendments at the General Election on November 7, 2006.

To prepare for Election Day, please take a moment to read through this website and decide how you will vote on each proposal.

Mahalo for helping to shape the future of Honolulu!



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