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Charter Commission

Donn M. Takaki

Jeffrey T. Mikulina
Vice Chair

James C. Pacopac

Jim Myers

Andrew I.T. Chang
Gerald L. Coffee

E. Gordon Grau, Ph.D.

Amy H. Hirano

Jared N. Kawashima

Darolyn H. Lendio

Stephen E. Meder, Arch.D.

Jan N. Sullivan

Malcolm J. Tom

Chuck T. Narikiyo
Executive Administrator


Proposed Charter Amendments 

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About the Proposals

The Charter Commission has spent the last year soliciting ideas, receiving testimony from the public, discussing the issues, and finally voting on proposed charter amendments.  Below are the proposals approved for the November 2006 ballot, subject to review by the Committee on Style.

The proposals are identified below by summary title for convenience only.  Please see the PDF document for the substance of the proposal.

Proposals Approved for the Ballot

In May 2006, the following proposals were approved for the 2006 General Election ballot, subject to review by the Committee on Style.

Hint about printing:  Some of these PDFs include the Proposal Number as a "Comment," so make sure your printer settings are set to print Comments.  In Adobe Acrobat, go to File Menu, select Print, and in the Print window, look under the "Print Range" section.  Be sure the Comments box is checked.

(Click here to see the complete list of all proposals received by the Commission)

PDF Proposal 1 - Salary Commission
PDF Proposal 1 attachment
PDF Proposal 1 as of June 7, 2006 
Amend provision re Council review of Commission findings

Proposal 5 - Elections
PDF Proposal 5 as of June 7, 2006
Eliminate the first special election when there are only two candidates for an office

PDF Proposal 27 - Liquor Commission; Civil Service
PDF Proposal 27 as of June 7, 2006
Exempt Liquor Control Administrator and Deputy Administrator from civil service

Proposal 28 - Ethics Commission
PDF Proposal 28 - as of June 7, 2006
Allow the Ethics Commission to impose civil fines

Proposal 33 - Dept of Emergency Services
PDF Proposal 33 supplement
PDF Proposal 33 amended 04-18-06
PDF Proposal 33 as of June 7, 2006
Revise the Powers, Duties and Functions of the Director and the Department of Emergency Services

Proposal 34 - Budget
PDF Proposal 34  as of June 7, 2006
Administration and enforcement of the executive capital budget ordinance -- lapse in 12 rather than 6 months

Proposal 35 - Department of Information Technology
PDF Proposal 35 as of June 7, 2006
Revise the Powers, Duties and Functions of the Director of Information Technology

Proposal 36 - Fire Department
 Proposal 36 as of June 7, 2006
Revise the Powers, Duties and Functions of the Fire Chief and Fire Department

PDF Proposal 51 - Department of Customer Services
PDF Proposal 51 as of June 7, 2006
Include the Director of Customer Services as a department head who must be nominated by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council, and may be removed by the Mayor

PDF Proposal 55 - Term Limits
PDF Proposal 55 amended 04-18-06
PDF Proposal 55 as of June 7, 2006

Regarding term limits and staggered terms for Councilmembers

Proposal 71 - Dept of Environmental Services
PDF Proposal 71 amended 04-18-06
PDF Proposal 71 as of June 7, 2006
Regarding a comprehensive curbside recycling program

PDF Proposal 75 - Housekeeping Amendment - Ethics Commission
PDF Proposal 75 as of June 7, 2006
Include the prohibition against Ethics Commissioners taking an active part in political management or political campaigns set forth in Hawaii Constitution Article XIV

Proposal 76 - Housekeeping Amendment - Police
PDF Proposal 76 as of June 7, 2006
Delete prohibition of political activities by Police Dept employees (same/similar to #84)

Proposal 78 - Housekeeping Amendment - Civil Defense
PDF Proposal 78 as of June 7, 2006
Delete the reference to Civil Defense Agency in "Appointment, Confirmation and Removal of Officers and Employees"

Proposal 91 - Property Tax; New Fund
PDF Proposal 91 amended 04-18-06
PDF Proposal 91 as of June 7, 2006
Set aside one-half percent of real property tax revenues for land and natural resources protection and one-half percent for affordable housing

Proposal S-6
PDF Proposal S-6 as of June 7, 2006
Delete requirement of Social Security numbers on petitions

Proposal S-9
PDF Proposal S-9 supplement
PDF Proposal S-9 amended 04-18-06
PDF Proposal S-9 as of June 7, 2006
Department of Transportation Services - Revise Powers, Duties and Functions; Promote pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly city

Proposal S-10
PDF Proposal S-10 as of June 7, 2006
Distribution of public notices via a widely accessible electronic medium

Proposal Archive

Click here to see all proposals received by the Commission.


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