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Aloha, and welcome to my District 9 home page.  This format allows me to provide timely information to the communities of District 9 using the tools of Internet technology. 


Our focus will be on news and information from the City & County of Honolulu.  We are also providing useful links to other sources of information such as the neighborhood boards that serve District 9.


As a local boy growing up in Waipahu, I have always felt a unique sense of pride and responsibility to give back to the community that made me who I am today.  Whether as a legislator, businessman, or even as your neighbor, I consider myself blessed to have the opportunity and privilege to be in a position to help others.



Nestor Garcia

I hope you fully utilize this service to stay current with district activities and to communicate the issues that matter most to you. I look forward to your feedback.


Please feel free to email me at or call me at my office at 768-5009 to share your thoughts and concerns or just to say "Hello!"



Latest District 9 News

Reflections of 10 Wonderful Years

Dear Friends and Neighbors,


I have done this before – a farewell address.


The first time – it was on the floor of the State House of Representatives. It was the Session of 2002.  I had indicated my desire to go across the street – and run for the open City Council seat in the 9th District.


As I bade farewell to my House colleagues, I referred to a Chinese proverb. I state it again today…


"If you must play – decide on three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time."


The quitting time for me ends at 11:59 a.m. on January 2, 2013.  For at noon, a new City Council will form in a ceremony that will be filled with excitement, potential and promise.


I remember when I served as the Presiding Officer at the start of a new year, with new members of the Council, facing an uncertain time.  The deficit was projected at more than $100 million for the coming fiscal year, there was talk of raising this and that other fee, of possible hikes in the property tax and the fuel tax, of facing a decision over whether to cut warm bodies or furlough workers.


I see no dark clouds gathering this time.  The economy is rebounding, the biggest public works project in our history is close to restarting construction, and there is renewed optimism and strengthened confidence both here and across the country.


As I see it, with the next new Council, I see that each of the nine members possess the experience, energy, and fortitude necessary to carry on with the business of the people of the City and County of Honolulu.  The people will be in good hands.


Much of the business of the people is viewed as mundane – viewed as routine – so, at first glance, not much discussion is necessary.


But, nevertheless, we take it under consideration, undertake our review, and take action, to fulfill our obligation to ensure that our City is safe, sound and secure.


But there were times when debate was necessary – at times it was forceful, tempers would rise as frustration took hold, and yes, words were exchanged that, on second thought, were better left unsaid.


This is a tough business we're in – but no one promised that it would be easy.  If it were easy – everybody would sign up for a term in office.


It is messy, but considering the alternative, I will take messy over a system that will tolerate no dissent, allow no voice to be heard, and any action taken would occur without the advice and consent of the people. This is not a "Star Chamber" where judgments are rendered in secret, nor is it an "Echo Chamber" where everyone on the Council agrees on every issue, and input from others is not allowed.  Honolulu Hale is a place that welcomes all who want to participate in the messy system we call democracy.


Any would say that they have no voice, no say in the proceedings held in these chambers.  I say that the people can, and will, reverse course, literally, on a dime.


From what was an expected outcome that is not to your liking, if you care enough to participate, turn, unexpectedly, in your favor.


I remember most vividly when, on December 7, 2005, some dozens upon dozens of people turned out, hoping to convince the Council to reverse a prior decision made in committee.


That prior decision was for a settlement that would have divided ownership of Waimea Falls Park between the City, and a New York investor.  That prior vote was narrow – 5-4 in favor of the settlement.  I had voted against the deal.  I wanted the valley to stay as pristine as possible – and drew the line against further development.


The testimony was compelling, emotional, at times distraught, but it was enough to convince the Council to reject the settlement.  A month later, Mayor Hannemann announced that a new deal had been reached between the investor and a consortium of government and public interest groups, with the 1,875 acres of valley conveyed to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.


This show of public interest and participation reminded me of a speech that was delivered at the University of Cape Town, South Africa – a speech delivered in June of 1966 by the person I most admired in politics and who has served as my inspiration.


He spoke of four dangers – but today, I will recite only the first.  He spoke,


"…of the danger of futility; the belief that there is nothing one man or one woman can do against the enormous array of the World's ills – against misery, against ignorance, or injustice and violence.


Yet many of the world's great movements, of thought and action, have flowed from the work of a single man.


A young monk began the Protestant Reformation, a young general extended an empire from Macedonia to the borders of the Earth, and a young woman reclaimed the territory of France.


It was a young Italian explorer who discovered the New World and a 32-year old Thomas Jefferson who proclaimed that all men are created equal."


That speechmaker went on to say that these people


"…moved the world, and so can we all.


Few of us have the greatnest to bend history, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of these acts will be written the history of this generation."


 That young man, who was 40-years old, was Senator Robert F. Kennedy.


As I arrive at this stage of my career in elective office, one becomes reflective, and you contemplate all that has happened before, and wonder, perhaps, whether there was still more that you could have done.


Long after I leave Honolulu Hale, after the gavel signals adjournment, the lights are turned off, and the years march on to the future, my thought will return to this place, and I will hear once again the sound of the gavel signaling the start of the session, the voices ringing over a proposal under consideration, the rustling sounds of an uneasy gallery, the faces of hope and despair, the shouts of victory, the sighs of relief, and the angry words of people denouncing a vote that did not go their way.


As these memories ebb and flow, and, in time, fade away, I will strive to remember the brave men and women who sat in this chamber with me.


After 10 years – only one colleague, Ann Kobayashi, is still here with me.  I have seen three move across the street for other opportunities at public service, one had, at least for a short time, moved on to reside in another chamber, 5,000 miles away.


Another has recently done the same, but she will probably stay there, in that particular House, for many years to come.  Other colleagues have retired, two, sadly, passed away while in office.


The questions was once posed by someone, who said, "Why does it take just a minute to say Hello, but seemingly forever to say Goodbye?"


I end with this old saying…


"Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end.

They simply mean I'll miss you…until we meet again."






Look at All that We've Accomplished Together

On behalf of my staff and my family, I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity and pleasure of serving you as your City Councilmember or State Representative for the past 18 years.


The many prayers, comments, concerns and advice that you all have given me throughout the years has truly been a blessing to me.  Meeting and talking with you in the community and at the market always brought a smile to my face and reminded me continually of the reason why I first got into public service, which was to be a help to others.


Together, we've gotten much accomplished for our community.  Please allow me to share with you all of the accomplishments we've gotten done since January 2003:






1)       Makakilo Community Park

·          Resurface parking lot - 2005

·          Construct exterior stairs to and from Makakilo Dr.

·          Construct new backstop/dugouts

·          Construct ADA walkway to baseball facility

·          Replace play apparatus and install new adult fitness center

·          Resurface basketball and tennis play court surfaces

·          Repair/eplace perimeter fencing surrounding courts

·          Resurface parking lot - 2011


2)       Makakilo Neighborhood Park

·          Resurface play court surface – 2003


3)       Palalilai Neighborhood Park

·          Construct comfort station

·          Construct parking lot with cattle gates

·          Construct play apparatus

·          Perimeter walk path (pending design)


4)       Mauka Lani Neighborhood Park

·          Resurface play court surface - 2005


5)       Kapolei Regional Park

·          Construct and expand parking lot

·          Construct hula mound

·          Construct skate park

·          Construct 2nd comfort station

·          3 Sunset events

·          Other community events





6)       Roads, Bridges, Sidewalks and Lighting

·          Crosswalk striping at Makakilo Elem. School and on Makakilo Dr. (2003)

·          Implement ordinance 02-52 (2003) and help pass HB 2703 (2004) to collect fees for Ewa Highway Masterplan Roads (see below)

§          H-1 Freeway Kapolei Interchange - $25.91 million

§          H-1 Freeway Makakilo Interchange - $10.17 million

§          Ft. Barrette Road – Farrington Highway to Roosevelt Avenue - $10.5 million

§          Ft. Weaver Road – Farrington Highway to North Road - $33.5 million

§          North-South Road – H-1 to Kapolei Parkway - $64.8 million

§          Kapolei Parkway (7 projects)

§          Ko Olina to Kalaeloa Blvd. - $14.4 million

§          Kamokila Blvd. to Ft. Barrette Rd. - $10.4 million

§          Kapolei Parkway Bridge to North-South Road - $3.4 million

§          North-South Road to Puamaeole - $14 million

§          Puuloa Road to Keoneula Blvd. - $3.6 million

§          Keoneula Blvd. to Kaileolea Dr. - $2.424 million

§          Kaimalie Street to Papipi Rd. - $860,400

·          Smart Growth Planning - City/EPA Workshop (May 2004)

§          From that workshop, $75,000 earmarked to initiate planning of Ewa Region Interconnectivity Study.

§          Additional $75,000 earmarked to begin the planning of a Makakilo Dr. extension.

·          Repave Makakilo Dr.  (2004, 2005)

·          Repave local areas residential streets (2005, 2012)

·          Improved street/school crossing signage Makakilo Dr. and Anepeahi St. (2004)

·          Right turn only at Palailai St.

·          Construct traffic safety device fronting Mauka Lani Elem. School

·          Install ADA curb cuts at most intersections

·          Assist with Kamaaha St. / Manuwai St. extension (private – KPD)

·          Assist with Haumea St. extension (private – KPD)

·          Assist with Kamokila Blvd. extension (private – KPD)

·          Assist with Makakilo / Palailai Interchange complex (State)

·          Farrington Highway improvements for UHWO

·          Planning of Makakilo Dr. extension


7)       Sewers

·          Construction of 3rd Boiler at H-Power to reduce MSW into Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill (complete in 2012)


8)       Buses

·          Construct Kapolei Transit Center by Zippys (2005); eventually removed for new Freeway access

·          Expand bus service to Makakilo, Kapolei and Kalaeloa


9)       Quality of life

·          DARE Carnivals

·          Farm Fair

·          Christmas in Kapolei events





10)    Roads, Bridges, Sidewalks and Lighting

·          Design of Makakilo Dr. extension (funding lapsed by Admin in 2011 over concerns re: construction funds

·          Resubmitted for consideration in Bill 15 (2012) – need to identify source of construction funding.







1)       Mililani District Park

·          Construct Play apparatus

·          Expand parking lot

·          Repair/replace backstop and dugouts

·          Sunset event


2)       Kuahelani Neighborhood Park

·          Construct play apparatus

·          Repair/replace backstop and dugouts

·          Reconstruction/resurface of play court surfaces

·          Refurbish comfort station/roof


3)       Ke'alohi Neighborhood Park

·          Refurbish comfort station/roof

·          Add handicap accessible parking stall


4)       Holaniali'i Neighborhood Park

·          Construct play apparatus


5)       Hoku'ahi'ahi Neighborhood Park

·          Repair/replace backstop and dugouts

·          Demarcation of parking stalls (pending release of funds)


6)       Mililani Neighborhood Park

·          Construct play apparatus

·          Repair/replace backstop and dugouts

·          Reconstruction/resurface of play court surfaces

·          Refurbish comfort station/roof


7)       Melemanu Neighborhood Park

·          Construct play apparatus

·          Reconstruction/resurface of play court surfaces


8)       Kipapa Neighborhood Park

·          Reconstruction/resurface of play court surfaces


9)       Makaunulau Neighborhood Park

·          Reconstruct parking lot

·          Reconstruction/resurface of play court surfaces

·          Construct play apparatus

·          Repair/replace perimeter fencing

·          Repair/replace backstop and dugouts

·          Refurbish comfort station

·          Install Picnic tables


10)    Kaoma'aiku Neighborhood Park

·          Construct parking lot

·          Construct comfort station

·          Improve drainage flow off of field away from adjacent residential property


11)    Mililani Waena Neighborhood Park

·          Reconstruction/resurface of play court surfaces

·          Replace fencing surrounding courts

·          Install ADA accessible ramps to courts

·          Play apparatus


12)    Noholoa Neighborhood Park

·          Reconstruction/resurface of play court surfaces

·          Backstop and dugouts

·          Refurbish comfort station/roof

·          Install new picnic tables


13)    Michael Nakamura Mililani Town Center Neighborhood Park

·          Construct comfort station

·          Renamed to "Mike Nakamura MTC NP"





14)    Roads, Bridges, Sidewalks and Lighting

·          Install Waihonu St. guardrails

·          Install Kipapa Dr. curve markings by Mililani HS

·          Traffic safety device fronting Kipapa Elem. School and Mililani Waena Elem. School

·          Install speed humps along Keaolani Street

·          Install ADA curb cuts at most intersections

·          Repave Meheula Pkwy., Lanikuhana St. and other various streets – 2007

·          Repave local areas residential streets – 2007

·          Conduct regional transportation discussion


15)    Sewers

·          Install WWTP odor control improvements


16)    Buses

·          Install concrete bus pads

·          Construct Mililani Transit Center

·          Obtain 3 circulator bus routes


17)    Quality of life

·          Community drug awareness meetings

·          Mililani Town Anti Drug Committee

·          National Night Out

·          Christmas parade





18)    Parks

·          Hoku'ahi'ahi NP – design for resurface/reconstruction of playcourt surface underway, construction pending release of CIP funds.


19)    Roads, Bridges, Sidewalks and Lighting

·          Repave local areas residential streets – early 2013

·          Anania Drive demarcation (pending release of funds)

·          Repave major arterials Meheula Pkwy., Lanikuhana St. and other various streets – mid 2013

·          Guardrails along Wanihi Street (pending release of funds)








1)       Waipahu District Park

·          Reconstruction/resurface of play court surfaces

·          Construction new play apparatus (later removed due to vandalism)

·          Resurface parking lot (2005)

·          Replace irrigation system

·          Refurbish ball fields (3)

·          Re-open boxing facility

·          Repair decking and re-open swimming pool

·          Resurface parking lot (2010)

·          Renamed boxing facility to "Al 'Quick' Silva Training Facility" (2011)

·          Construct perimeter fencing


2)       Pupuole Mini Park

·          Resurface parking lot

·          Reconstruction/resurface of play court surfaces

·          Construct play apparatus

·          Conduct various community clean up events

·          Rename to "Irene Elston Pupuole Mini Park"


3)       Honowai Neighborhood Park

·          Construct play apparatus

·          Reconstruction/resurface of play court surface; construction of retaining wall

·          Replace irrigation system


4)       Village Park Park and Ride

·          American Box Car Racing Inc. (ABCRI)

·          Assist with the annual VPCA Easter Festivities


5)       Royal Kunia Neighborhood Park

·          Construct comfort station

·          Construct parking lot

·          Resurface play court surfaces


6)       Ho'ae'ae Community Park

·          Replace tennis court lights

·          Construct ADA walkway between park and adjacent Elementary School

·          Resurface play court surfaces


7)       Waipahu Cultural Garden Park

·          Sunset event

·          Rename driveway to "C.O. Andy Anderson Way"

·          Assist with International Flagpole project

·          Replace area sewer

·          Replace roof system/repair A/C on Major Okada Building


8)       Waipahu Uka Neighborhood Park

·          Repair fencing

·          Resurface play court surface

·          Refurbish comfort station/roof


9)       Waikele Community Park

·          Construct play apparatus

·          Resurface parking lot

·          Install exterior parking lot lights


10)    Waikele Neighborhood Park (grass only – no facilities)

·          Rename to "Mitsuo Mits Shito Waikele NP"


11)    Patsy T. Mink Central Oahu Regional Park

·          Approve user fees for 3 major parks (2003), implemented (2010)

·          Construct 3 play apparatus

·          Construct Veteran's Aquatics Center

·          Construct Tennis Facility

·          Create new Rec District 5 to manage 3 major parks

·          Renamed to "Patsy T. Mink CORP"

·          Celebrate Parade of Champions (201)

·          Added PIM symbol for Oahu Arts Center (2010)

·          Barricade replacement (2012)

·          P & D for field turf for 2 SB and 1 Adult BB field (pending release of CIP funds)


12)    Hans L'Orange Baseball Stadium

·          Repair/replace backstop and construct new dugouts

·          Replace outfield lighting

·          Expand left field

·          Sunset event

·          Coordinated Taste of Waipahu

·          Little League World Series Championship appreciation parade and event


13)    Waipio Pennisula Soccer Complex

·          Construct ADA accessibilty improvements to stadium

·          Additional comfort station (design approved by US DOD); Construction RFP to be issued in early 2013

·          P & D for field turf for stadium field (pending release of CIP funds)





14)    Roads, Bridges, Sidewalks and Lighting

·          Repave local areas residential streets (2005, 2012)

·          Construct and open Aiki Street connector road between Waipahu and Village Park

·          Open Managers Drive from Waipahu Street to Waikele

·          Construct Traffic safety devices on Kaaholo Street at Ho'ae'ae Neighborhood Park and Kaleiopuu Elem. School

·          Repair bridge WCGP and Awamoi Street (2 locations)

·          Construct sidewalk extension along Waipahu Street at Fil Com Center

·          Install crosswalk and restripe Lumiaina St. at Kukula St.

·          Construct roadway and sidewalk on Waikele Rd. fronting Waipahu Inter. School

·          Replace street lighting on Waikele Rd.

·          Install vertical partitions on lower Kupuna Loop to prevent illegal left turns into shopping center

·          Install speed humps on various Pupu area streets

·          Install demarcation on:

§          Kupuna Loop

§          Kahuanui Street

§          Hoaeae Street

§          Hiapo Street

·          Repave Ka Uka Blvd and Moaniani Street in Waipio Gentry

·          Assist with the opening of Malakeke Street

·          Repair/replace cut rock wall along Waipahu Street fronting Waipahu Elem. School

·          Expand Waipio Point Access Rd.


15)    Sewers

·          Construct drainge collection system on Waipahu St. near August Ahrens Elem. School


16)    Buses

·          Construct Waipahu Transit Center and comfort station

·          Obtain new bus route 433 / route 434 to Village Park and Waipio Gentry

·          Expand bus service to Renaissance and Waikele


17)    Quality of Life

·          Conduct drug free signwaving along Farrington Highway (2005)

·          Assist with Homeless intervention/clean up of Nawaakoa St. remnant parcels

·          Authorize comprehensive traffic study for Honowai/Aiki/Waipahu Street flows (2012)

·          Plan and conduct Teen and Family Health Fair (ILW)

·          Participate in Pohala Marsh / Kapakahi Stream clean up

·          Plan and participate in the 'Ekahi mural project (2012)

·          Assist with Community Coalition Events

§          Bike path clean up

§          Graffiti paint out

§          Cane Haul Run / Walk & Festival

§          National Night Out

·          Leeward Lions Christmas parade

·          Waikele CA

§          Hibiscus Planting

§          TAAG

§          Community Security Team

§          C-Tap




18)    Parks

·          Waipio Peninsula Soccer Complex - Additional comfort station (design approved by US DOD); Construction RFP to be issued in early 2013


19)    Roads, Bridges, Sidewalks and Lighting

·          Complete Streets study and recommendations by SSFM for Village Park and Royal Kunia roads.

·          Install guardrail – Waipahu St. from WCGP to Awamoi St. bridge (pending release of CIP funds)

·          Install traffic signal on Waipahu St. at Honowai St. Intersection (design underway, construction pending release of CIP funds)

·          Install crosswalk on Mokuola St. at Kauolu Pl. (pending release of CIP funds)




In closing, thank you for all your care and support.  You made representing you in the City and the State a true honor and pleasure.  From the bottom of my heart, Mahalo and a fond Aloha!



















































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