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Key Issues for District 9



Council District 9 is unique in its make up with a mixture of old time plantation and blue collar families in Waipahu and Makakilo, along with newer planned communities in Royal Kunia, Village Park, Mililani and Waikele. 


District 9 is also where much of the future growth on Oahu is being directed according to City and State development and urban growth plans.  Many of the issues that my neighbors and I share relate to concurrency of development, of making sure roadway, schools, sewer and parks infrastructure, along with jobs, keep pace with the development of residential homes.




Mililani Transit Center opened in 2009


Issue 1 Prioritizing the City's budget

We need to continually make sure that our Budget reflects the needs of our communities.  We must ensure that our police, fire and EMS have the resources they need to respond effectively to whatever situation may present itself.  Likewise, we must also ensure that the City is able to provide the level of service needed for the people of Oahu.  If adopting this strategy means some non-essential projects may be delayed, we need to delay them.  We cannot and should not continue to borrow, leverage and spend.  It is our keiki who will be left holding the bag and it is unfair to them.



Issue 2 Planning Sensible Growth

There will always be the need for growth and progress.  However, we have a responsibility to plan the future of our communities wisely, so the next generations to follow are given a quality of life that is as good, or better, than ours.  Instead of pushing for a stoppage of growth, we need to work together to make sure that issues such as traffic, schools, water, sewer and other infrastructure concerns are addressed as we permit the construction of new communities.  There needs to be a balance struck between growth of residential communities and the infrastructure needed to support that growth.




Kuahelani Neighborhood Park Court Reconstruction


Easter Seal's new Napuakea Service Center in Makakilo 


Issue 3 - Economic Development and Diversity

We need to constantly seek job opportunities and employers to help diversify the Central and Leeward area communities. We cannot continue to have only bedroom communities in the district.  Diversification can help to address traffic and commuting issues. That is why I fully support development of the "Second City", and the UH West Oahu campus, and it is my impetus for supporting the development of a mass transit system.  Regarding the evolution of the retail marketplace, we need to seek a balance between benefits of big box retailers and the mom & pop businesses the have developed the character of our neighborhoods. It is unfair to turn our backs on the local businesses that have supported the communities over the years.



Issue 4 One Community

In the reapportionment plan, the communities of Kapolei, Mililani Mauka, and Waipio Gentry were divided from their traditional alignments as noted through their Neighborhood Board composition.  It is naive to think of them as separate and apart from the areas represented in District 9.  We live on an island, and our City and County is an island.  We share all of our challenges and opportunities.







Waipahu's annual community wide clean up along the historic Pearl Harbor Bike Path 



Waikele's award winning Taking Action Against Graffiti (TAAG) group in action


Issue 5 Nice to Have vs Need to Have

As an islandwide community, we need to have a serious look at the level of services that the City offers.  In this day and age, government cannot be "all things to all people".  It is unrealistic to expect that services can and will be provided without a cost to you, the taxpayer.  We need to talk about what we, as a whole, believes are the core services that people need and the how we go about delivering them in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.






Last Reviewed: Wednesday, February 09, 2011