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Culture and the Arts (CA)
Customer Services Department (CSD)
Motor Vehicle Registration Fillable Forms
** Turn completed form into a Satellite City Hall **  
CS-L(MVR) 201 (Rev 7/95) Affidavit Non-Receipt of Mail (94KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 192 (Rev 7/02) Application for Specialty License Plates (88KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 40 (Rev 11/08) Bill of Sale (509KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 38A (Rev 3/00) Buyer Power of Attorney (99KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 65 (Rev 8/02) Military Resident (76KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 82 (Rev 7/00) Notice of Change of Address (75KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 53 (Rev 9/99) Notice of Transfer (99KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 64 (Rev 8/02) Resident (81KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 153 (Rev 5/05) Resident Certification (77KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 38B (Rev 3/00) Seller Power of Attorney (108KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 46 (Rev 4/00) Statement of Fact for a Stored Vehicle (74KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 202 (Rev 5/99) Statement of Facts Relating to Junking of Vehicle (80KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 199 (Rev 3/02) Vehicle Arrival Certification (78KB PDF)
CS-L(MVR) 187 (Rev 11/03) Vehicle Location Certificate - Other County (77KB PDF)
Bicycle/Moped Fillable Forms 
CS-L(SS) 35 (rev. 9/99) Application for Duplicate Bicycle/Moped Certificate of Registration 
(234KB PDF)
CS-L(SS) 37 (rev. 9/99) Statement of Fact Bicycle/Moped Ownership (225KB PDF)
CS-L(SS) 47 (rev. 9/13) Bicycle/Moped Bill of Sale (47KB PDF)
CS-L(SS) 214 (rev. 9/13) Bicycle/Moped Notice of Change of Address (159KB PDF)
CS-L(SS) 215 (rev. 9/13) Bicycle/Moped Notice of Transfer (127KB PDF)
Driver License Fillable Forms
Driver License Application Form (277KB PDF)
CS-L(DL) 248 (Rev 12/2014) Required Documents Guide (36KB PDF)

CS-L(DL) 239 (Rev 9/12) Parental Consent Affidavit (154KB PDF)
CS-L(DL) 242 (rev. 05/14) Affidavit for Proof of Residence (36KB PDF)
DOT-H 2058 (4/09) Medical Report Form (76KB PDF) 
State Identification Card Fillable Forms 
State ID Application Form (577KB PDF)
CS-L(DL) 248 (Rev 12/2014) Required Documents Guide (36KB PDF)
CS-L(DL) 242 (rev. 05/14) Affidavit for Proof of Residence (36KB PDF)
Department of Design and Construction (DDC)
Curb Ramp Request Form (117KB PDF) - Turn completed form into the Department of Design and Construction
Department of Human Resources (DHR)
Department of Information Technology (DIT)
Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)
Department of Taxation, State of Hawaii
** Turn completed form into Hawaii Department of Taxation **
Department of Transportation Services (DTS)
Department of Transportation, State of Hawaii
Disability and Communication Access Board (DCAB), State of Hawaii
Honolulu Police Department (HPD)
Alarm Registration Application (PDF) - Turn completed form into HPD Alarm Tracking & Billing Section
Department of Emergency Management (DEM)
Office of Elections, State of Hawaii
** Turn completed form into City/County Clerk **
Real Property Forms
** Turn completed form into the Real Property Assessment Division **
Disability Bus Pass Application (PDF) - Turn completed form into TheBus Pass Office
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