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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Contact: Jesse Broder Van Dyke, 768-6928



Bill 1 public meeting tonight


Honolulu The Department of Transportation Services (DTS), with the assistance of the Department of Enterprise Services (DES), will hold a public meeting to receive comments and concerns regarding the implementation of Bill 1 tonight, at 6 p.m. in the Mission Memorial Hearings Room.


Input from the public, particularly from food truck owners and operators, is greatly appreciated and will be helpful to DTS and DES in developing rules for the implementation of the bill.  A public hearing will be held once rules have been drafted.


Bill 1, relating to parking, proposed a 2-year pilot project to grant operating permits to mobile food units, or food trucks, within the Hawaii Capital Special District.  Mayor Caldwell returned the bill to Council, unsigned, due to the lack of sufficient input from food truck operators, who will be directly affected by the bill, during the hearing process.  Bill 1 automatically became law on March 28, 2014.