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February 13, 2014


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City proposes user fee for trash pickup service


HONOLULU The city administration today sent to the Honolulu City Council a proposed bill to establish a new $10/month user fee as a means to make the city's refuse pickup service more efficient and equitable.  The fee would only apply to those who currently take advantage of the city's refuse service, and not for those who use a private service.


It costs the city over $50/month per location to pick up trash.  The $10/month fee recaptures less than 20% of the city's costs.  While the city will still be significantly subsidizing the service, it will help with upgrading its equipment and addressing the quality of service.


The proposal also clears up discrepancies between various groups on Oahu.  For example, some non-profits pay fees for trash pickup while others do not.  Businesses in locations that require special equipment pay for the service while others do not.  The proposed city fee will serve to clean up the discrepancies.


In Hawaii, the City & County of Honolulu is the only county which provides refuse service and does not charge a fee.  Kauai County charges $12/month.  Maui County charges $18/month.  Hawaii County does not provide public trash pickup; residents either use private service or take their trash to the landfills or to transfer centers.


If passed, the new fee would begin in January of 2015.  That will give the city the remainder of the year to fully inform the public and to work out any implementation issues.