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 Applying for State ID, Driver's Permit and License:

This web application will help you decide what documents will you need when you apply for State ID Card, Driver's Permit and License.

Document Guide for Driver's License, Permit, and State ID Card:

Use this Guide to determine what documents you will need to bring along with you when applying for a Hawaii Driver License, Permit or State ID Card.

Step 1. Select the service you desire:
Driver's License Instruction Permit State ID Card

Step 2. Indicate if any of the following apply to you:
Check if you have had a legal name change (as through marriage, adoption, or court order) or if the names on your documents are not exactly the same
Non-U.S. citizen
Check if you have military affiliations

Step 3. Select your documents:
After completing Steps 1 and 2 a list of documents will be displayed with several columns of requirements. Checkboxes in the columns indicate which requirements a document satisfies. As you select documents, a green check appears under the satisfied requirements. Continue until all columns contain green checks.