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In 1999, the State Legislature created the Organization License Plates/Decal Program to assist qualified not-for-profit organizations whose primary purpose is to provide the community with programs to improve the public's health, education or general welfare. A number of non-profits are now participating in this program which acts as way for them to raise funds for their programs. If you would like to apply, you should go to a Satellite City Hall, complete the application form and surrender your Certificate of Registration for your vehicle. Application/Replacement form for Organization License Plates/Decal (s) Adobe Acrobat PDF File (126 KB PDF). You will then be charged the organization plate fee ($25.00)  and the plate replacement fee ($5.00) and registration emblem replacement fee (50 cents).
The Satellite City Hall clerk will issue you  new license plates and the decals of the non-profit of your choice. You should note that if your vehicle registration has expired or will expire within 45 days of the processing of the organization plate replacement, the applicable renewal fees and taxes will be accessed.  
Your Satellite City Hall clerk will explain this to you when you apply or you can call 532-4325. The non-profit will receive $20.00 of the $30.50 paid to participate in the organization license plate/decal program. Each year when you renew your vehicle registration, you will be charged an additional $25.00 of which $20.00 will again go to support the non-profit of your choice.
As you look through the decals offered below, please note that one of the decals (America United) was created by the City and County in response to the Sept. 11th tragedy. The America United decal does not support any non-profit so the cost is $5.50 upon initial issuance for the plate replacement fee ($5.00) and registration expiration emblem (50 cents). There are no organizational plate/decal charge for the renewal of the American United organization plates.

America United Decal
Aloha Pregancy Care Decal
Alliance For Arts & Education Decal
Bishop Museum Decal
HFD Firefighter Fund Decal
Ke Alii Pauahi Foundation Decal
Humane Society Decal
Honolulu Police Relief Association Decal
UH Foundation Decal
Support Out Troops
State Department of Land and Natural Resources
Honolulu Zoo Society

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