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Road Maintenance 

Duties and Functions


Sidewalk Maintenance Program

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Pothole Hotline (808) 768-7777

Graffiti Hotline (808) 527-5180

Clean Stream Project (808) 768-7890




The division carries out its duties with staff and personnel operating out of its Main Administration Office and ten corporation baseyards. Three baseyards (Halawa, Sand Island and College Walk) service the Honolulu District. Rural baseyards are based in the districts of (1) Ewa, (2) Waialua, (3) Kailua, (4) Kaneohe, (5)  Laie, (6) Wahiawa, and

(7) Waianae.  (See Location Map).


DRM'S Main Administration Office can be reached at (808)768-3600.


The Halawa Baseyard is organized functionally into eight major sections as follows: Roadside, Storm Drain and Stream Cleaning; Street Sweeping (Sand Island); Clean Team (College Walk); Masonry and Carpentry; Road Pavement Maintenance and Repairs; Signs and Markings; and Equipment Pool. Crews from the latter four sections also provide support to the rural areas.


The Ewa, Waialua, Kailua, Kaneohe, Laie, Wahiawa, and Waianae baseyards are organized generally to retain operational flexibility in providing the many types of services required at various demand levels for these rural districts.


            A.  Honolulu District (Halawa  Corporation Baseyard)  

                  (Link to Map for limits)

                  Telephone:  (808) 768-3622     


(1)   Road Repair Section

Provides road pavement and shoulder maintenance of roadways in urban Honolulu, including resurfacing, first aid work and pothole patching.  Resurfaces minor roadways in rural districts.


                  (2) Roadside Section

Provides roadside maintenance along City roadways in

urban Honolulu. 


                  (3) Storm Drain and Stream Cleaning Section

Maintains all City storm drains, streams and other drainage ways in Honolulu.


                  (4) Masonry & Carpentry Section

Provides support to all activities in the maintenance and repair of bridges, stream and storm drainage improvements and structures, curbs and gutters, and sidewalks.  Provides graffiti clean-up for City roadway and drainage facilities.


                  (5) Equipment Section

Provides equipment and operators in support of all division repair and maintenance activities.


                  (6) Signs, Markings, Fabrication and Coning Section

Replaces old or damaged traffic signs and installs new traffic signs as requested by the Department of Transportation Serves; performs road striping/marking activities; performs coning activities to control traffic flow.


Coning Morning and Afternoon contra flow on Kalanianaole Highway, Ward Avenue and Kapiolani Boulevard.

                                    Request for new traffic sign installation Refer to DTS.

- 2 -

                  (7) Street Sweeping Sand Island Baseyard

Provides manual and mechanical street sweeping services to City roadways and off-street municipal parking lots within the Honolulu District. Maintains litter containers at bus stops.


                  (8) Clean Team College Walk Baseyard

Performs maintenance of the Downtown/Chinatown areas (the general area lies within the boundary streets of River Street (West), Richard Street (East), Nimitiz Highway (South) and Vineyard Boulevard (North)) includes sweeping streets, power washing the sidewalks, and picking up litter. 


B.     Seven (7) Rural Maintenance Districts and Functions (Link to Map for locations and limits)


Investigates and address maintenance complaints/concerns (within each of the respective district) on city streets and highways including pothole patching, and minor road repairs.  Maintains city storm drains, streams, canals, and other waterways in geographical districts,  Perform repairs to curbs, gutters, sidewalk, stream walls, and other drainage structures.  Cleans streets with mechanical and manual sweepers; services litter containers at bus stops, and provide dead animal pick-up.


(1) Ewa District Corporation Yard

Telephone:  (808) 455-1725, 456-3580


      (2) Waialua District Corporation Baseyard

            Telephone:  (808) 637-4795, 637-4401


      (3) Kailua District Corporation Baseyard

            Telephone:  (808) 262-4346, 261-5590


      (4) Kaneohe District Corporation Baseyard

            Telephone:  (808) 247-3553, 235-2400


      (5) Laie District Corporation Baseyard

            Telephone:  (808) 293-5657, 293-9420


      (6) Wahiawa District Corporation Baseyard

            Telephone:  (808) 621-5241, 621-7367


      (7) Waianae District Corporation Baseyard 
            Telephone: (808) 768-4310, 768-4311



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