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Road Maintenance 

Duties and Functions


Sidewalk Maintenance Program

Frequently Asked Requests that are Division of Road Maintenance Responsibility

Frequently Asked Concerns to be Referred to Other City Agencies

Important DRM Links

Pothole Hotline (808) 768-7777

Graffiti Hotline (808) 527-5180

Clean Stream Project (808) 768-7890



Frequently Asked Requests That Are Division of Road Maintenance Responsibility

            Call district baseyard for:


        Roadway Pavement Repairs

        Street Sign Replacement

        Replace Faded Roadway Striping , Crosswalks and Markings

        Storm Drain Cleaning

        Cleaning of Streams, Drain Line and Catch Basins, Channels or other Waterways

        Dead Animal Pick Up all areas except Honolulu Area


            Call Administration Office at 768-3600 for:


        Variance to build over City Drain Easements


Last Reviewed: Monday, July 18, 2011