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Sidewalk Maintenance Program

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Sidewalk Maintenance Program


City & County Responsibility

The Division of Road Maintenance (DRM) administers the Sidewalk Maintenance Program Plan for the City & County of Honolulu.  The maintenance program includes repair for damage due to City tree roots, weathering and regular use.  DRM engages in active inspection of its concrete sidewalks as well as in response to public concerns.


Public Responsibility

Damage to sidewalks due to activities attributed to private property owners are the responsibility of private property owners.  Common activities which can damage sidewalks include: private landscaping and drainage from private property.  The Department of Planning & Permitting conducts site investigations in response to public concerns and determines if sidewalk damage is attributable to private property owners.  Private property owners may be cited for repairs pending the outcome of these investigations.


Maintenance Criteria

The criteria which warrants sidewalk repair are as follows:

    • Vertical separation greater than "
    • Horizontal separation greater than "
    • Vegetative overgrowth encroaching onto the concrete sidewalk area
    • Obstructions located within the sidewalk area
    • Other defects deemed necessary for repair
Last Reviewed: Monday, July 18, 2011