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Proposed Bus Service Adjustments

Please review the maps links listed below for more information.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (808)768-8365 or email at for more information.   

August Service Adjustments - Route Changes, Routes affected:

  • Route 2 serves Campbell Ave., extends to KCC.  Adjusted schedule to address overcrowding; reformulating Route 2A to serve King/Beretania in Downtown. Route 2 Extension
  • Route 13 moves to Kapiolani Blvd., extends through Kapahulu to UH  Route 13
  • Route 4 ends at McCully / Kalakaua.  Route 4
  • Routes 19 and 20 replace Route 2 around Kapiolani Park Route 19-20
  • Route 3 ends at KCC.  Route 3
  • Route 9 deletes Palolo Valley, extends through Kaimuki to end at KCC); Route 901 - Palolo Valley Shuttle, replaces Route 9 in Palolo Valley. Route 9
  • Route 14 will service St. Louis Heights, Maunalani Heights and Kaimuki. Route 14
  • Routes 18 and 24 join into single route via Kapahulu, Waikiki portion of 24 eliminated. Route 18-24 Combination
  • Route 22 will serve Kahala Ave. and Diamond Head Road.  Will no longer travel along Monsarrat Avenue.  Route 22
  • Waikiki Route Overview.  Waikiki Routes

June Service Adjustments - Schedule Frequency Changes, Routes affected:

  • Route 1 Kaimuki-Kalihi weekday frequency changes to every 15 Minutes 
  • Route 5 Manoa Ala Moana Center Weekday peak frequency changes to every 55 minutes 
  • Route C Adjusted schedule to address overcrowding and transfer coordinatinon.   
  • Route 43 weekend service discontinued

June Service Adjustments - Route Changes, Routes affected:

  • Route E,  route ends in Downtown instead of Waikiki; Sunday frequency changes to hourly Route E
  • Route 53 changes to local shuttle on weekends  Route 53
  • Route 62 ends at Wahiawa TC and Alapai TC 
  • Route 52 (Recent bus route change under review). Currently it ends in Wahiawa Heights via Wahiawa TC, frequency changes to every half hour
  • Route 55 Altered start point to provide early buses in Kahaluu-Heeia; larger articulated buses to address off-peak overcrowding. Route 52 and 55
  • Route 65 Working with Kahaluu community to refine route terminus.  Route 62 and 65
  • Route B discontinued, Route 2/2A increased service to compensate.
  • Route 231 discontinued 



Last Reviewed: Monday, August 06, 2012