1.  Why is this new In-Person Assessment system replacing the existing system?


Answer:  The new system will simplify the eligibility process by eliminating the need to complete a lengthy paper application.  Rather than relying solely on written information, the new eligibility system will also give applicants the opportunity to more completely explain their individual circumstances and abilities.


For most applicants, it will also eliminate the need to obtain their health care professional's written certification of their disability.  Another added benefit of the new process will be a new travel training component for eligible applicants.


2.   If I'm currently eligible to ride TheHandi-Van, do I still have to go through the In-Person Assessment when I renew my card?


Answer: Yes, all applicants for TheHandi-Van will be required to undergo an In-Person Assessment.  For current users of TheHandi-Van, In-Person Assessments will be required at the time of their eligibility renewal.


     3.   Do I still have to go through the In-Person Assessment if my doctor  writes  a        letter  saying I  need to use TheHandi-Van?


Answer:  Yes, an In-Person Assessment will be required because the Assessments are replacing the paper application and doctor's/health care professional's Certification of Eligibility.  However, applicants may submit any information provided by their doctor or health care professional for consideration as part of their Assessment.


  1. How much will the In-Person Assessment cost me? 

Answer:  The In-Person Assessment will be free for all applicants for TheHandi-Van service.


  1. Who is going to do the Assessments?

Answer:  Interviews and functional assessments will be conducted by highly qualified professionals who specialize in the needed type of assessment.  A customer will only be asked to participate in functional assessments as needed.      

  1. How do I arrange for an In-Person Assessment?

Answer:  Applicants must call 538-0033 to schedule their appointment for an In-Person Assessment, which will be conducted at TheHandi-Van Eligibility Center located at The First Insurance Center, 1100 Ward Avenue,  Honolulu, Hawaii 96814.  The Center will be open on October 14, 2009, and will operate Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Until the Center opens, please call 768-8300 for more information. 

  1. If I need help, can I bring someone with me to the In-Person Assessment?

Answer:  Yes, applicants may bring someone to help them at the Assessment interview.


  1. How long will the In-Person Assessment take?

Answer:  In-Person Assessment interviews will usually take no more than an hour. However, if a functional assessment is also determined to be required, the entire interview could take about two hours.


  1. Do I need to bring anything to the In-Person Assessment?

 Answer:  Yes, you may need to bring supplemental information to the In-Person Assessment.  A complete list can be obtained at the time you call to schedule your appointment, and is also available in TheHandi-Van Eligibility Center brochure.

  1. Once I go through the Assessment, how long will it take to find out if I'm eligible to use TheHandi-Van service?  How will I be notified?

Answer:  Eligibility determinations will be made within 21 days of completion of the assessment process; otherwise you will be deemed "presumptively" eligible for service until notified.  Notification of final eligibility determination for all applicants will be by letter from TheHandi-Van Eligibility Center. 


  1.  If I don't agree with the decision regarding my eligibility, can I appeal?

Answer:  Yes.  TheHandi-Van ADA eligibility process already includes an appeals process with an appeals panel comprised of representatives from social service agencies that serve people with disabilities.  This same appeals process will remain in effect.

  1. In the past, if I forgot to renew my TheHandi-Van eligibility on time, I was able to get a one-month extension to use the service until I could submit a completed renewal application.  Will an extension still be possible under the new system so that I'm not suddenly cut off from using TheHandi-Van service?

Answer:  No. Under the new eligibility system, reminder letters about the need for eligibility renewal will automatically be sent to TheHandi-Van users two months before their eligibility expires. 


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