What Information do I need at my In-Person Interview?

Although you do not need to complete a paper application, you can help speed your eligibility determination by bringing the following information with you to your interview:


         Your contact phone numbers (home, cell, work)

         Your complete street and mailing addresses

         Emergency contact names, relationships, phones (home, cell, work)

         Health care provider names, complete addresses, phone and fax numbers, and contact names

         List of medications you are currently taking (OPTIONAL)

         All mobility devices that you use, including power and manual wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes, etc.

         The manufacturer, make and model number of your wheelchair or scooter

         Location of the bus stop closest to your home and the addresses of destinations to which you frequently travel

         List of the barriers between your home and the closest bus stop (i.e., hills, no sidewalk, no curb cuts, uneven surfaces, busy intersection)

         Optional:  Supplemental information from your healthcare or disability service provider regarding your ability to use fixed route bus service, if you choose

         Optional:  If your vision is impaired, a Visual Acuity or  Field of Vision Statement from your vision care provider


Professional Verification

Although the in-person assessment is replacing the paper application/health provider statement process, it may be necessary for the Eligibility Center to obtain a verification of your disability or condition from your health care professional (licensed physician, therapist, social worker, or nurse, or certified or registered specialist). You may choose to submit information provided by your doctor or health care provider about your condition for consideration at during your interview. This is optional and is not required.

Functional Assessment

Some applicants may be asked to participate in an in-person functional assessment in order to more fully assess their eligibility for TheHandi-Van paratransit services. Functional assessments will help identify your abilities to use public transit. and will be conducted at no cost to you.

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