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City & County of Honolulu
Department of Transportation Services
Roadside Memorial Guidelines

Type of Construction
The memorial should be placed as far away from the travel way as possible and will not obstruct pedestrian traffic or shoulder areas. Memorials shall not be larger than 3 feet high x 1 foot deep x 2 feet wide and may consist of photos (no larger than 8 "x11"), cut flowers, leis, and other items which do not create a hazard.  Glass objects such as vases and reflective materials are not permitted.

Time Restrictions
The memorial should be removed within 30 calendar days of its installation.  If it is not removed within this time period, the City will remove and dispose of the memorial.

Installation Requirements
Installation of the memorial should not cause any damage to the right-of-way, including trees or structures.  Elements of the memorial should not be attached to, or obstruct the view of signs or traffic control devices.

Other Limitations
The City & County of Honolulu will exercise its authority to remove a roadside memorial from the right-of-way at any time when circumstances so dictate. 

Last Reviewed: Friday, September 07, 2012