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Short Range Transit Service Operations Plan

In order to improve the effectiveness of TheBus and TheHandi-van, DTS is currently in the process of developing and implementing the latest Short Range Transit Service Operations Plan.   This plan will guide future changes to TheBus and TheHandi-Van in the next 6 years.

Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates was selected to complete this plan.  Below are several components of the plan that can be downloaded and reviewed. 

 Existing Conditions Existing Conditions Final
 Appendix A-B 
 Appendix C - Part 1  
 Appendix C - Part 2 
 Appendix C - Part 3 
 Appendix C - Part 4
 Appendix D-I  
 Service Planning Toolbox and Capital Needs 
   Honolulu Performance Standards
 TheBus Change Summary Report
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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, May 15, 2012