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August 14, 2011 Sunday
6:00AM Starts
8:00AM Ends

NORMAN TAMANAHA MEMORIAL 15K RUN sponsored by Midpacific Roadrunners. The event is expected to have 500 runners.  The event will start at Kalakaua Ave., to Monsarrat Ave., to Paki Ave., to Diamond Head Rd.,  to Paikau St., to 22nd Ave., to Kilauea Ave., to Waialae Ave., to Kealaolu St., to Kahala Ave., to Diamond Head Rd., to Kalakaua Ave., to end at Honolulu Marathon Finish Line.  Contact John Simonds  373-3609, E-mail:  For more info, visit their website:
August 19, 2011 Friday
6:00PM Starts
10:00PM Ends

SLOW ART FRIDAY FESTIVAL #8 sponsored by Arts District Merchants Association. The event is expected to have 250+ participants.  Traffic will be diverted starting 6 pm for event. The event will close PAUAHI AVE., all traffic lanes/sidewalk areas, from Bethel St. to Nuuanu Ave.  Contact:  Kimi Morton Chun 561-1864, Fax: 521-2923, For more info, visit their website:  http//

August 21, 2011 Sunday
8:00AM Starts
11:00AM Ends
JAMBA JUICE MOUNTAINMAN TRIATHLON sponsored by Boca Hawaii. The event is expected to have 150 athletes.  Swim will be offshore of Kualoa Ranch Beach.  Participants cross Kam Hwy., approx. 9:30 am with HPD assistance. Bike race will be on Kualoa Ranch. Run will be on Kualoa Ranch Property. Contact: Raul Torres De Sa 737-8985  For more info,  visit their website: 
August 21, 2011 Sunday
12:00Noon Starts
7:00PM Ends

BIG BROTHERS/BIG SISTERS STREET FEST sponsored by Murphy's Inc/Big Brothers Big Sisters. The event is expected to have 250+ participants.  Traffic will be diverted starting 10 am for event. The event will close MERCHANT ST., all traffic lanes/sidewalk areas, from Nuuanu Ave to Bethel St.  Contact: Don Murphy 531-0422, Email:

August 25, 2011 Thursday
6:00PM Starts
10:00PM Ends

MURPHY'S PIGSKIN PIGOUT BLOCK PARTY sponsored by Murphy's Bar & Grill. The event is expected to have 300+ participants.  The event will close MERCHANT ST., from Nuuanu Ave. to Bethel St.  Contact:  Don Murphy 531-0422, Fax:  533-4943.  E-mail:

August 28, 2011 Sunday
7:00AM Starts
10:00AM Ends

KOKUA 5K FOR JAPAN RUN sponsored by Midpacific Roadrunners. The event is expected to have 300 runners. It will start at Manoa Rec Center, to Manoa Rd., to Pawaina St., to Pakanu St., to E. Manoa Rd., to Oahu Ave., to Lowrey Ave., to Kaaipu Ave., and finish at Manoa Rec Center.  Contact:  Joan Davis 535-9070, E-mail: 

August 28, 2011 Sunday
10:00AM Starts
4:00PM Ends

I LOVE LILIHA STREET FEST sponsored by the Hawaii Architectural Foundation. The event expected to have 700+ participants. Traffic will be diverted at 7 am for setup. The event will close Kuakini St, all lanes from Liliha St. to Aipaako. Contact: Joseph Ferraro 533-8880
The above is based on the most current information available from the event organizers as of date on bottom.. TST Division, Department of Transportation Services Phone: 808-768-8387 Fax: 808-768-4446 Email:
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, August 16, 2011