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November 1-18, 2011

Street Use/Special Event Permits not being issued for Island of Oahu except under APEC guidelines.
November 19, 2011 Saturday
10:00AM Starts
9:00PM Ends

TASTE OF KALIHI sponsored by the Filipino Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii Foundation/City & County of Honolulu. The event is  expected to have 3,000+ participants.  The event will close Colburn St., from McNeil St. & halfway to Waiakamilo Rd.from 5am for setup.  Contact:  Eddie Agas ph. 783-3327, E-mail:   For more info, visit their website: or

November 24, 2011 Thursday
7:00AM Starts
9:00AM Ends

TURKEY TROT FUN RUN sponsored by Honolulu Marathon Clinic. The event is expected to have 800 runners/walkers.  It will start at Paki Ave./Monsarrat Ave., to Paki Ave., onto Diamond Hd. Rd., to 22nd Ave.,. to Kilauea Ave., to Kealaolu Ave., to Kahala Ave., to Kalakaua Ave., to end at Honolulu Marathon Finish Line on Kalakaua Ave. near Kapiolani Park Bandstand. Contact:  Alan Sunio 753-1999  Fax:  455-7574 

November 25, 2011 Friday
5:30PM Starts
7:00PM Ends

LILIHA/PALAMA CHRISTMAS PARADE sponsored by Liliha Palama Business Association. The event is expected to have 100 marchers & 10 vehicles.  It will start at United Church of Christ, to Judd St., to Liliha St., to N. King St., to end at Kohou St. Contact:  Demaney Kihe 525-8159, Fax:  533-4948, E-mail:

November 25, 2011 Friday
5:45PM Starts
8:00PM Ends

KALIHI BUSINESS ASSOCIATION CHRISTMAS PARADE sponsored by Kalihi Business Association. The event is expected to have 100+ marchers, 15 vehicles, 2 floats and 3 bands.  It will start at Kalihi Union Church, to N. King St., to Mokauea St., to Dillingham Blvd., to Waiakamilo Rd./Houghtailing St., to N. School St., to end at Kam Shopping Center.  Contact: Winnie Mokiao 848-4734 E-mail: or Brad Santiago 541-5312 E-mail:

November 25, 2011 Friday
7:00PM Starts
9:00PM Ends

WAIKIKI HOLIDAY PARADE sponsored by Gateway Music Festival & Tours/Superior Bands. The event is expected to have 4,000 marchers, 40 vehicles, & 38 bands.  It will start at Saratoga Rd/Kalakaua Avenue to Kalakaua Ave, to Monsarrat Ave., to end at Queen Kapiolani Park.  Contact: Lauren VanScoy 763-238-8745, E-mail:

November 26, 2011 Saturday
10:00AM Starts
12noon Ends

WAIANAE COAST CHRISTMAS PARADE sponsored by Waianae Coast Rotary Club. The event is expected to have 1,000 marchers, 30 vehicles, 30 floats, 5 bands & 3 horse groups.  It will start at Waianae Boat Harbor, to Farrington Hwy., to end at Waianae Mall. Contact: Anson O. Rego 696-7061 Fax: 696-7765  Email:

November 26, 2011 Saturday
10:00AM Starts
11:30AM Ends

HAWAII KAI XMAS PARADE sponsored by Hawaii Kai Lions Club. The event is expected to have 1,000 marchers, 30 vehicles, & 2 bands.  It will start at Kamiloiki Park, to Lunalilo Home Rd., to end at Koko Marina Shopping Center. Contact: Walter Kuroiwa  395-3384

November 26, 2011 Saturday
3:00PM Starts
8:00PM Ends

KANEOHE XMAS TREE LIGHTING STREET FEST (Windward City Lights) sponsored by City and County of Honolulu/Hope Chapel/Windward Baptist Church/Kaneohe Xmas Parade Committee. The event is expected to have 3,000 participants. The event will close all lanes, Waikalua Rd., from Kamehameha Hwy to Halemuku St. from 1 pm  Contact: Kaleve Iosefa 768-6622   Email; 

November 27, 2011 Sunday
6:00AM Starts
10:00AM Ends

FRIENDS OF KAILUA HIGH SCHOOL 5K/10K RUN/WALK sponsored by Friends of Kailua High School/USA Track & Field Inc. The event is expected to have 300+ participants.  5K:  It will start at Kailua HS Gym on Akiohala St., to Keolu Dr., to Akake Pl., turnaround in dead end, to end at the gym.  10K:  same route with the 5K but it will continue to Kalanianaole Hwy., to Ulupuni St., to Ulumanu St., turnaround, to end at the gym.  Contact Ed Kemper 524-0330 or 262-6228, Fax:  523-1406, E-mail:

The above is based on the most current information available from the event organizers as of date below .   TST Division, Department of Transportation Services  Phone: 808-768-8390 Fax: 808-768-4446  Email:

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