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MAY 2012

May 4, 2012 Friday
7:30PM Starts
1:00AM Ends

FIRST FRIDAY STREET FESTIVAL sponsored by Arts District Merchant Association. The event is expected to have 1,000+ participants.  The event will close HOTEL ST., all traffic lanes/sidewalk areas, from Smith St to Nuuanu Ave.   Contact:  Eric Walden 271-3094,  For more info, visit their website:  http//

May 5, 2012 Saturday
9:00AM Starts
11:00AM End
FILIPINO PARADE & FIESTA sponsored by Filipino Community (FilCom) Center of Hawaii. The event is expected to have 1,000 marchers, 5 vehicles, 5 floats, & 5 bands.  It will start at Ft. DeRussy, to Kalakaua Ave., to Monsarrat Ave., end at Waikiki Shell Parking Lot in Queen Kapiolani Park.  Fiesta will be in Queen Kapiolani Park.  Contact:  Serafin "Jun" Colmenares 510-734-4491, Fax: 485-0390, E-mail:

May 5, 2012 Saturday
6:00PM Starts
10:00PM Ends

CINCO DE MAYO STREET FESTIVAL sponsored by Arts District Merchant Association. The event is expected to have 500+ participants.  The event will close: 1)HOTEL ST., all traffic lanes/sidewalk areas, from Smith to Bethel Sts., 2)NUUANU AVE. all traffic lanes/sidewalk areas, from Chaplain Ln. to King St. Contact:  Ed Korybski 398-7990, Email:   For more info, visit their website:  http// 

May 6, 2012  Sunday
7:00AM Starts
11:00AM Ends
HAWAII STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM TIME TRIAL sponsored by Cambiamento d'Andaturo.  The event is expected to have 60 bikers.  It will start at the Kualoa Regional Park on Kamehameha Hwy., to the turnaround point at the traffic light at Kamehameha Hwy. and Anemoku St., and back to Kauloa Regional Park. Contact: David Lum 429-9475, Fax:  839-2094, E-mail:

May 12, 2012 Saturday
6:00AM Starts
9:00AM Ends

TRINITY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL BIATHLON sponsored by Trinity Christian School. The event is expected to have 50 participants. Swim- 520 yards begins at the last posted lifeguard stand on the Kailua Beach Park on the Lanikai end.  A floating marker will be posted to make the turn to transition.  Run:  It will start at Kailua Beach Park, Lanikai end parking lot, to Aalapapa Dr., counterclockwise around Lanika Lp. bike path, to Mokulua Dr., to end at Kailua Beach Park.  Contact:  Bryan Wolfe or Mikie Fellezs 628-8967, Fax:  261-3916, E-mail: 

May 12, 2012 Saturday
9:00AM Starts
10:00AM Ends

WAHIAWA PINEAPPLE FESTIVAL PARADE sponsored by Wahiawa Historical Society. The event is expected to have 200 marchers, 10 vehicles & 2 bands.  It will start at Kaala Elementary School, to California Ave., to North Cane St., end at Center St.  Contact:  Robert Lormand 621-3373, E-mail:

May 12, 2012 Saturday
7:00PM Starts
8:30PM Ends

HOLY GHOST SANTO CRISTO PARADE sponsored by Brotherhood of Punchbowl Holy Ghost Church. The event is expected to have 40 participants.  It will start at Holy Ghost Church at Puowaina Dr., to Kamamalu Ave., to San Antonio Ave., and back to Holy Ghost Church.  Contact:  Evelyn Starkey 389-4615, E-mail:
May 13, 2012 Sunday
6:00AM Starts
9:00AM Ends
PEARL HARBOR BIKE PATH 10K RUN sponsored by RRCA/Mid Pacific Roadrunners Club. The event is expected to have 300 runners. It will start approx. 300 meters makai of Lehua Elem. School on Lehua St., to bike path, to Admiral's Boat House, end at Lehua Elem School.  Contact: John Simonds 373-3609, E-mail:  For more info, visit their website:

May 14, 2012 Monday
6:00PM Starts
6:30PM Ends

POLICE WEEK MEMORIAL MARCH sponsored by Honolulu Police Department. The event is expected to have 100 marchers, 6 vehicles, & 1 band.  It will start at Police HQ, to Beretania St., to end at State Capitol grounds. Three (3) makai lanes will be closed from 5:30 pm for event staging.  Contact:  Sgt. Jonathan Castro 723-3514, E-mail:
May 19, 2012 Saturday
6:00AM Starts
1:00PM End
34th ANNUAL VISITOR INDUSTRY CHARITY walk sponsored by Hawaii Hotel Industry Assn. The event will have 9,000 runners/walkers.  It will start at Ala Moana Park's McCoy Pavilion Key Hole area, clockwise around Ala Moana Park, to Ala Moana Blvd., mauka sidewalk area, to Ala Wai  Promenade area, to Kalakaua  Ave., makai sidewalk area and curb lane, to Koko Hd side of Kapahulu Ave., to Ala Wai Blvd., mauka sidewalk and curb lane, to Seaside Ave., to Aloha Dr., to Lewers St., to Kalia Rd., to Ala Moana Blvd., to end at Ala Moana Park.  Contact: Tina Yamaki  923-0407  Fax: 924-3843  E-mail:  For more info, visit their website:
May 19, 2012 Saturday
7:00AM Starts
10:00AM Ends
WAHIAWA PINEAPPLE RUN sponsored by Central Oahu CPO Association. The event is expected to have 1,500 runners/walkers It will start at Kaala Elementary School on Mahele St., circle the school heading South to California Ave., to Anoni St., to Kilani Ave., to Kam Hwy., to Kaukonahua Rd., to Kamananui Rd., to Wilikina Dr., to Kam Hwy., to California Ave., to Mahele St., to end at Kaala Elementary Schoon on Mahele St.  Contact:  Ronnie Payad 858-603-0732, 477-7904, E-mail: or   
May 20, 2012 Sunday
5:45AM Starts
10:00AM Ends

HONOLULU Triathlon RACE sponsored by USA Triathlon/Honolulu Triathlon Race Committee. The event is expected to have 1,500+ participants.  Staggered wave start at 5:45 am.  Ala Moana Blvd, Nimitz Hwy, and Kamehameha Hwy makai side will be closed to traffic. Swim: Loop course (2X) just ewa of Magic Island, to end at Magic Island Swim/Bike Transition Bike: Magic Island Swim/Bike Transition area, to Ala Moana Park Rd., to Ala Moana Blvd., via ewa entrance/exit,  ewa on Ala Moana Blvd, makai half to Nimitz Hwy, ewa on Nimitz Hwy.,crossover to mauka side at Puuhale Rd., under the viaduct, ewa on Kam Hwy., crossover to makai side at Lagoon Dr.., ewa on Kam Hwy.,past airport, u turn at Arizona Rd.(Halawa Gate), kkhd on Kam Hwy., makai half right onto Lagoon Dr., makai on Lagoon Dr., kkhd most, makai bound lane,  to u turn at parking lot at dead end, mauka on Lagoon Dr., right onto Kam Hwy., kkhd on Kam Hwy., crossover to mauka side at Ahua St. ,onto Nimitz Hwy., crossover to makai side just kkhd of Sand Island Rd., kkhd on Nimitz Hwy.,  makai half to Ala Moana Blvd., makai half,  kkhd on Ala Moana Blvd., left onto Alakea St., right onto Queen St., right onto Piikoi St., left onto Ala Moana Blvd., to Ewa entr./exit, to Ala Moana Park Rd., to end at bike/run transition area near Magic Island  Run: Ala Moana Beach Park (Transition Area), to Park Rd.,cross over to Kewalo Basin, along the waterfront, circle back along park roads, past charter boat moorings, left onto road by Fishermens Wharf bar, right onto access road, left onto Ahui St., right into Kaakaako Park walkways, circle around past waterfront, left onto Ahui St., right onto access road, left onto road past Fishermens Wharf bar, right past charter boat moorings, back into Ala Moana Park, on Park Rd., back to Magic Island finish area., then to end at Magic Island area  finish line.  Contact: Honolulu Triathon, JJ Johnson 782-2161, Fax:  808-528-5066, Email:   Hotline:  226-0044,  For more info, visit their website:

May 25, 2012 Friday to 
May 28, 2012 Monday

5:00AM Starts
7:30PM Ends
MEMORIAL DAY PARKING RESTRICTIONS sponsored by City and County of Honolulu.  Parking will be prohibited on: 1) APIO LANE, both sides. 2) NUUANU AVENUE, Ewa side, Robinson Lane to Judd Street, 3) ROBINSON LANE, both sides, 4) 22nd AVENUE, Ewa side, 100 feet in both direction from the driveway of Diamond Head Memorial Park,  5) EAST MANOA ROAD, Koko Head side, from the makai apex of the triangle to the gates of the Old Chinese Cemetery,  6) CRAIGSIDE PLACE, mauka side, from Nuuanu Avenue to the driveway into Nuuanu Memorial Park. 7)PUOWAINA DRIVE, both sides, between Hookui Street and the gates to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl., 8) HOOKUI STREET, both sides, between Puowaina Drive and Auwaiolimu Street. Contact: DTS-TST Div. 768-8391  
May 25, 2012 Friday
6:30PM Starts
9:00PM Ends

TROY BARBOZA LAW ENFORCEMENT TORCH RUN sponsored by Special Olympics Hawaii.  The event is expected to have 1,000+ participants in relay teams, escorted by HPD.  Run:  It will start at Ft. DeRussy Park on Maluhia Rd., to Kalia Rd., to Ala Moana Blvd., to Kalakaua Ave., to Kapahulu Ave., to Old Waialae Rd., to Kalei Rd., to Lower Campus Rd., to end at Les Murakami Stadium.  Walk:  It will start at First Hawaiian Bank on Kapahulu Ave., Old Waialae Rd., Kalei Rd., Lower Campus Rd., to end at Les Murakami Stadium.  Contact:  Ben Moszkowicz 368-0680.  For more info, visit their website:

May 27, 2012  Sunday
6:00AM Starts
9:00AM Ends
HIBISCUS HALF MARATHON sponsored by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society/Boca Hawaii.  The event is to have 800 runners.  It will start at Kapiolani Park, to Kalakaua Ave.,  to Monsarrat Ave., to Paki Ave., to Diamond Hd. Rd., to 18th Ave., to Kilauea Ave., to Waialae Ave., to Kalanianaole Hwy., to Kealaolu Ave., to Kahala Ave., to Diamond Hd. Rd., to Kalakaua Ave., to end at Honolulu Marathon Finish line.  Contact:  Raul Torres of Boca Hawaii LLC 223-2622, E-mail: For further info, check their website:
May 28, 2012 Monday
6:30PM Starts
8:30PM Ends
SHINNYO-EN LANTERN FLOATING CEREMONY (TORO NAGASHI) sponsored by Na Lei Aloha Foundation/Shinnyo-en Hawaii. The event is expected to have 30,000+ participants in Ala Moana Beach Park.  Various traffic controls in and around Ala Moana Park may be implemented as early as 6 am.  Ewa Entrance will be closed to inbound traffic.  Avoid this area if possible, use alternate routes. Contact: Tom Nishiyama or Roy Kurata of Shinnyo-En Hawaii 955-5290, Fax:  941-0329, E-mails: or  For more info, visit their website:

The above is based on the most current information available, last updated on date shown below.   TST Division, Department of Transportation Services  Phone: 808-768-8390  Fax: 808-768-4446  Email:

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