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APRIL 2013
April 3, 2013 Wednesday
6:30PM Starts
8:30PM End
SALUTE TO Youth Parade-sponsored by Coastline Travel. The event will have 1,200 marchers, 15 vehicles, 5 floats, 10 bands.  It will start at Ft. DeRussy,  to Kalakaua Ave., kkhd on Kalakaua  Ave., to Monsarrat Ave to end at Queen Kapiolani Park.  Streets will be closing at 6:00pm.  Contact:  Jay Johnson of Coastline Travel 1-714-621-1040 or Carla Crittenden 1-800-448-2374.  E-mail:  For more info, visit their website: 
April 5, 2013 Friday
7:30PM Starts
1:00AM Ends

FIRST FRIDAY STREET FESTIVAL-April sponsored by Arts District Merchant Association. The event is expected to have 1,000+ participants.  The event will close HOTEL ST., all traffic lanes/sidewalk areas, from Smith St to Maunakea St.   Contact; Sandra Pohl 521-1812  For more info, visit their website:  http//

April 6, 2013 Saturday
6:00AM Starts
9:00AM Ends

TRINITY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL BIATHLON sponsored by Trinity Christian School. The event is expected to have 50 participants. Swim- 520 yards begins at the last posted lifeguard stand on the Kailua Beach Park on the Lanikai end.  A floating marker will be posted to make the turn to transition.  Run:  It will start at Kailua Beach Park, Lanikai end parking lot, to Aalapapa Dr., counterclockwise around Lanika Lp. bike path, to Mokulua Dr., to end at Kailua Beach Park.  Contact:  Bryan Wolfe or Mikie Fellezs 628-8967, Fax:  261-3916, E-mail: 
April 7, 2013 Sunday
6:00 AM Starts
10:30AM Ends
TANTALUS TIME TRIAL BIKE RACE sponsored by Tradewind Cycling Team/The Bike Shop.  The event is expected to have 80 bike racers. It will start at Makiki Nursery to Makiki Heights Dr.-uphill past Hoalu Pl., to Tantalus Dr., to finish at top (4.5 miles) where Tantalus Dr. turns into Round Top Dr. Contact:  Kayla Morinaga 593-8079, Fax:  591-9163, For more info, visit their website: 
April 13, 2013 Saturday
7:30AM Starts
10:00AM Ends
MARCH FOR BABIES sponsored by March of Dimes. The event is expected to have  5,000 walkers/runners. It will start at Queen Kapiolani Park, to  Monsarrat Ave., to Kalakaua Ave., to Ala Moana Blvd., turnaround at Atkinson entrance, then to Ala Moana Blvd., to Kalakaua Ave., to Monsarrat Ave., to end at Queen Kapiolani Park.  Course is along bikepath/sidewalk and 1 (one) curb lane along the entire route.  Participants must obey all traffic rules and regulations.  Contact: Nicole Lamb 973-2155 Fax:973-2160  Email:  
April 14, 2013 Sunday
5:00AM Starts
12noon Ends
NORTH SHORE MARATHON sponsored by 808 Race. The event is expected to have 800 runners.  It will start at Haleiwa Rd., right onto Kam Hwy., right onto Waialua Beach Rd.,repeat 2 loops, left on Goodale Ave., right onto Farrington Hwy., towards Kaena Pt., to turnaround, onto Farrington Hwy., towards Haleiwa, right onto Kahui St, left onto Kanoulu St., right onto Kahui St., right onto Farrington Hwy., left onto Goodale Ave., right onto Wailua Beach Rd., left onto Haleiwa Rd., end at Alii Beach park  . Contact: Raul Boca 591-9839   For more info,  check out their website:
April 20, 2013 Saturday
6:00PM Starts
11:00PM Ends
HONOLULU NIGHT MARKET BLOCK PARTY SERIES sponsored by Street Grindz, LLC. The event expected to have 1,000+ participants.  The event will close Auahi St., all lanes from Keawe St. to Lana Ln.  Lane closures start at 12noon for set up.  Contact:  Josephine Askew 780-9288, Fax:  748-3032, E-mail:  For more info, visit their website:

April 21, 2013  Sunday
6:15AM Starts
9:00AM Ends

LANIKAI TRIATHLON sponsored by Boca Hawaii/Bikefactory/Jamba Juice.  The event is expected to have 400 triathletes. SWIM-500m: Kailua beach park out and back course ending on beach near transition area.  BIKE-20k: from Transition area., to Kawailoa Rd., to Kalaheo Ave., to Makawao St., to Kainalu Dr., to -Kainui Dr., to Kalaheo Ave., to Mokapu Blvd., to Old Mokapu Rd., to turnaround at MCBH gate, to Kaneohe Bay Dr., to Mokapu Saddle Rd., to Mokapu Blvd., to Kalaheo Ave., to Kainui Dr., to Kainalu Dr., to Makua St., -to Kawailoa Rd., into Kailua Beach Park transition area.  RUN-5k: from Transition area, to Kawailoa Rd., to Mokulua Dr., to Aalapapa Dr., to Lanikai Loop, to Mokulua Dr.,  to finish at Kailua Beach Park.  Contact: Raul Torres 223-2622, Email:  For more info, visit their website:  
April 27, 2013  Saturday
4:00PM Starts
11:00PM Ends
WAIKIKI SPAM JAM STREET FESTIVAL sponsored by SJ Foundation.  The event is expected to have 8,000+ participants.  Traffic will be diverted starting 1 pm for setup (two lanes on Kalakaua Ave). The event will close Kalakaua Avenue, all traffic lanes/sidewalk areas, from Lewers St to Kaiulani Avenue from 2pm to 12mid. Contact:  Karen Winpenny 255-5927, E-mail:  
April 27, 2013 Saturday
4:00PM Starts
6:00PM End
MANTI TE'O PARADE/CARAVAN sponsored by Laie Community Association and co-sponsored by the City & County of Honolulu.   The event will have 20+ vehicles.  It will start at Hauula Beach Park at Kamehameha Hwy.,  to Hauula Homestead Rd., to Kamehameha Hwy., to Naniloa St., to Kamehameha Hwy., to Pualalea St., to Kekauoha St., to Huehu St., to Leleuli St., to Pualalela St., to Kamehameha Hwy., to Naniloa Lp., to Poohaili St., to finish at Laie Park.  Contact:  Junior Ah You 293-2225, E-mail:  

April 28, 2013 Sunday
5:00AM Starts
9:00AM Ends

DASH AND SPLASH BIATHLON sponsored by Kailua Canoe Club. The event is expected to have 400 participants. Run- It will start at Kailua Boat Ramp, to Kawailoa Rd., to Aalapapa Dr., counterclockwise around Lanika Lp. bike path, to Mokulua Dr., to Kawailoa Rd., to Lihiwai Rd., to end at boat ramp.  Swim- 800 yards parallel to shore down to finish area.  Contact:  Lapule Schultz 220-8251, E-mail: or Joan Malama 258-0914 or Darrylynn Ferreira 864-0692 
April 28, 2013 Sunday
5:30AM Starts
1:30PM Ends

JOHN KELLEY HALEIWA METRIC CENTURY RIDE sponsored by Hawaii Bicycling League. The event is expected to have 800 riders. It will start/end at Kaiaka Beach Park.  25K:  Kaiaka Beach Park, to Haleiwa Rd., to Paala Rd., to  Kamehameha Hwy., Ehukai Beach Park turnaround, to Kam Hwy., to Joseph Leong Hwy., to Haleiwa Rd., to end at Kaiaka Beach Park.  50/100K:  Kaiaka Beach Park, to Haleiwa Rd., to Paala Rd., to Kamehameha Hwy., 50K turnaround at Kahuku High School.  100K turnaround at Swanzy Beach Park, to Kam Hwy., to Joseph Leong Hwy., to Haleiwa Rd., to end at Kaiaka Beach Park.  No lanes will be closed, except for start of ride. Contact:  HBL 735-5756, Fax:  735-6679, For more info, check out their website:

April 28, 2013 Sunday
6:30AM Starts
11:00AM Ends

HONOLULU 5K RUN sponsored by Honolulu 5K. The event is expected to have 4,000 runners.  5K ROUTE- It will start at Beretania St., kkhd of Richards St –kkhd bound on Beretania – right onto Alapai St- onto South St – right onto Pohukaina St – right onto Punchbowl St - left onto King St -  left onto Richards St - right onto Queen St - right onto Bishop St – right onto Beretania St-right onto Alakea St - left onto King St - left on Richards St.-right on Beretania St.- right on Punchbowl St.-left onto King St finish area.  WALK ROUTE:  It will start at King St kkhd bound –left onto Alapai St-left onto Beretania St-left onto Punchbowl St-left onto King St finish area.  Contact: Steve Foster  864-0113, E-mail:   For more info,  check out their website:

April 28, 2013 Sunday
11:00AM Starts
4:00PM Ends

I LOVE KAILUA TOWN PARTY sponsored by the Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle.  The event is expected to have 1,500+ participants.  Traffic will be diverted starting 9 am for setup. The event will close Kailua Road, all traffic lanes/sidewalk areas, from Hahani St. to Kuiliei Rd. Contact: Amy Hammond or Lyn Turner of Special Events Hawaii Ph. 234-0404  Fax: 234-0406  Email:

April 28, 2013 Sunday
8:00AM Starts
2:00PM Ends
KALIHI HAND TOOL COMPETITION sponsored by Slim's Power Tools.  The event is expected to have 1,500+ participants.  Traffic will be diverted starting 8pm 4/27 for setup. The event will close Republican Street, all traffic lanes/sidewalk areas, from Libby St. to Kalihi St. Contact: Rand Okemura 841-0902 or 927-9995, Fax: 845-4180 Email:

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