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Tracy Fukuda  946-2277
  (Wilson Okamoto Corp.)

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  Brian Suzuki, AICP


      The Waikiki Livable Community Project (WLCP) is a federally funded study
  being conducted by the City and County of Honolulu (Department of Transportation
  Services) under a grant obtained from the Federal Highway Administration's
  (FHWA) Transportation and Community and System Preservation Pilot Program

     The WLCP study is an opportunity to examine and evaluate how Waikiki's
   transportation system of public streets, sidewalks, and rights-of-way are used
   and, how the system might be improved.


     A WLCP Steering Committee composed of members from the community and
  representatives from various stakeholder groups met periodically to provide
  feedback to the project team.  As a result of a "brainstorming session" the
  Committee adopted the following Mission Statement for the project as well as future
  planning efforts that affect Waikiki.

    "Waikiki, is a distinct, premier, residential and urban district.  It must maintain
    its' Hawaiian sense of place and economic vitality.  Seeking solutions and
    compromises in physical planning, landscaping, and various modes of
    transportation, shall meet the needs of visitors, residents, and employees alike
    in the spirit of Aloha."

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Last Reviewed: Friday, February 09, 2007