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       The following WLCP Project Slide Show is a modified and abbreviated
    version of the slide show presentation that was given at the "Open House"
    final public meeting.

       The slide show has been divided into three parts due to capacity
    limitations of the website.  The show is self-running with no sound.
    The three different sections of the slide show are listed below.

                         Part I:   Project Background
                                       Mission Statement
                                       Vision Statements
                                        Public Process

                         Part II:  Pedestrian Improvement Proposals
                                       *  Primary, Secondary, Recreation
                                       *  Public Beach Access
                                       *  Kalakaua Avenue Festive Plaza
                                       *  Waikiki Gateways
                                       *  Signage
                                       Improving Neighborhood Livability
                                       *  Residential Street Features
                                       *  Substandard Roads
                                       *  Parking

                         Part III: Big Picture Ideas

       To view the report, click on the link to the left.  [note: to view the slide
       show, you must have Microsoft Powerpoint 2000 or later]


        Any unauthorized reproduction or distribution of the slides in the show is prohibited.





Last Reviewed: Monday, April 12, 2004