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    Kuhio Avenue: "Celebrating living in Waikiki"

Kuhio Avenue will be Waikiki's "Main Street" where
residents and visitors will gather

        Kuhio Avenue will be transformed into a pedestrian friendly "Main Street" with
    wide sidewalks for greater pedestrian mobility and safety.  Visually, the pedestrian
    experience will be transformed through extensive new landscaping for shading,
    historic light fixtures, textured sidewalk paving and more benches.  Signage for
    motorists and pedestrians will be less cluttered and easier to understand.

       The vision for Kuhio Avenue will be accomplished through the partnering of the
    City and the private sector to improve the public sidewalk space for the pedestrian.
    The public sidewalks will be widened by a least 6 feet on each side of the avenue.
    The existing concrete pavement will be replaced with quartzite tiling and there will
    be extensive landscaping, including nearly 300 trees.

       A "sense of entry" will define both ends of Kuhio Avenue with new landscaped
    medians that will be visually appealing and help reduce traffic speeds for motorists
    entering Waikiki's central "main street."  Traffic conflicts at curbside will be greatly
    reduced by providing bus pull-outs, managing hours for use of delivery vehicles,
    and by designating "side street" delivery curb areas off of Kuhio Avenue.

       Public transit in the corridor will be improved through the fast and quiet BRT
    vehicles.  BRT transit stops will have platforms for level vehicle boarding.  All other
    transit stops will be done at pull-outs created as part of the wider sidewalks.




Last Reviewed: Monday, April 12, 2004