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Homeowner Rainwater Tips

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During heavy rains, half of the extra water entering the sewer system comes from private property. Excess water in the collection system leads directly to sewage spills.

Here's how you can help:

  • Is your cleanout cap missing or damaged?
  • City sewer maintenance workers often carry extra caps with them. Ask for one.
  • Have a private licensed plumber repair the fault.
  • Purchase and install the cleanout cap yourself (measure size first).

Spill control teams respond to broken City sewer lines any time, night or day.

Drain rain gutters into a storm drain or directly onto the grass. Remove yard drains and cap the sewer pipe with a cleanout cap.

DO NOT REMOVE cleanout caps during heavy rains, allowing water, rats or other objects to enter the collection system.

Watch for tree roots penetrating the lateral in your yard or driveway.

Discharging storm water into the sewer system violates a City Sewer Ordinance. A fine may be assessed.

Residential sewer lines are the responsibility of the homeowner. Sewer mains and manhole problems are the responsibility of the City.

Last Reviewed: Tuesday, May 10, 2011