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Odor Control Improvements - Phase 2


Project Name:  Odor Control Improvements, Phase 2


Phase 2 Contract Amount:  $5,554,172.76 (includes change orders)


Phase 2 Contractor:  Jas W. Glover, Ltd.


Phase II Project Start Date:  November 2011.

Phase II Estimated Completion Date:  Dependent on Phase I (delayed).


Scope:  Improvements and upgrades to major odor control systems throughout the treatment plant to minimize fugitive odors and reduce response time to collect and contain odors.  Primary focus is installation of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) controls at Kailua RWWTP.

Status:  Remainder of work id dependent on Phase 1.  Fiber optic conduits have been installed, DAFT hatches have been repaired.  Construction of Dewatering Building extension, pulling of fiber cable and SCADA panel installations are near completion.  Contractor continues to work on miscellaneous panel installations.

Last Reviewed: Tuesday, April 15, 2014