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Calling 911






In an Emergency, Don't Stall - - Call 911!


What Happens on the Other End of Your Call?


When you call 911, an operator will ask if you are calling for, "fire, police or an ambulance?"  If you say, "ambulance" you will be connected with an Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD).


The Dispatcher will ask you a series of questions to learn more about the medical emergency and to determine exactly where the emergency is happening.


The Dispatcher will send the nearest ambulance to the scene.  The Dispatcher will continue to ask you questions, sharing the information you provide with the paramedics who are on their way.  The more information paramedics have before they arrive at the scene, the more prepared they are to help the patient.


The Dispatcher may also be able to provide assistance over the phone and tell you how you can help the patient until the ambulance arrives.


Remember to stay on the phone until the Dispatcher tells you to hang up!


Communications Center


The City and County of Honolulu Emergency Medical Services Communications Center consists of 5 Communication Workstations: 1 Dispatch Workstation, 2 Call-Taking Workstations, and 2 Combination Dispatch/Call-Taking Workstations.  EMS Communication personnel (3-5 per shift) took 79,101 calls in 2009, fielding well over 200 requests for medical responses per day.  They are responsible for strategically utilizing the 19 ambulances, and 2 Rapid Response vehicles, which provide emergency medical coverage for the island of Oahu.  City and County Honolulu's EMS Dispatchers have a minimum of 2 years of Emergency Medical Technician field experience, and maintain certification with the National Association of Emergency Medical Dispatchers.  They utilize this training with each and every call that comes into the dispatch center, enabling them to provide important instruction over the phone, which will assist the caller in helping the patient until the Ambulance arrives.



Last Reviewed: Wednesday, February 16, 2011