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Educational Programs






School and Community Events


EMS personnel are available to deliver educational presentations about a wide range of topics, from the basics of emergency medical services to injury prevention. Complete and submit an EMS Request Form to request a speaker for your next career day or health fair.





Career Fairs


EMS personnel attend career fairs in schools and communities around the island. Students and potential employees learn what it means to serve the community as a paramedic, and about the advantages and disadvantages of the job. Attendees also learn about the educational requirements and career opportunities for emergency personnel in Hawaii.



Health Fairs  


Honolulu EMS participates in various health fairs throughout the community, reaching out to people of all ages. Members of the public learn about the EMS system and its available services. Attendees also learn about the important role they play in emergency medical services such as: calling 911, moving aside when an ambulance with lights and sirens approaches, and learning CPR and first aid. 



Emergency Exercise








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