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Medical ID Card




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Why carry a Medical ID Card?


In an emergency situation, you may be unconscious, in shock or otherwise unable to share vital information about your health. A Medical ID Card can help paramedics and health care providers by providing them with important information about your health and letting them know who to contact on your behalf.



Who could benefit from a Medical ID Card?


In the event of an emergency, almost everyone could benefit from a Medical ID Card. You might consider posting and carrying a Medical ID Card if you:

  • are disabled or have a medical condition that requires use of medical equipment;
  • take medication on a regular basis;
  • have a drug or other serious allergy;
  • participate in sports activities;
  • drive or ride in any type of motor vehicle;
  • travel;
  • do not speak or understand English; or
  • live alone.  


Print an Emergency Medical Identification Card.





Last Reviewed: Wednesday, September 19, 2012