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Section 11-107.  Ethics Commission


            There shall be within the department of the corporation counsel for administrative purposes only an ethics commission which shall consist of seven members. The commission shall be governed by the provisions of Section 13-103 of this charter.  In accordance with the prohibition in Article XIV of the Constitution of the State of Hawaii, the members of the ethics commission shall be prohibited from taking an active part in political management or in political campaigns.


            The commission may appoint such staff and engage consultants as is necessary to assist it in the performance of its duties. Such staff and consultants may include attorneys who may advise the commission independently of the department of the corporation counsel.  All staff positions shall be exempt from the provisions of Chapter 11 of Article VI of this charter, but such staff positions, except the position of executive director, shall be included in the position classification plan. The executive director shall be an attorney qualified to practice law in the State of Hawaii.  The salary of the executive director shall be fixed by ordinance.


            The commission is authorized to hold hearings and to conduct investigations concerning the application of this article of the charter and shall have the powers provided in Section 13-114 of this charter.


            The commission may, on its own initiative, render advisory opinions with respect to this article of the charter.  An advisory opinion shall be rendered pursuant to a written request of any elected or appointed officer or employee concerned and may be rendered pursuant to the request of any person.  The commission shall publish its advisory opinions with such deletions as may be necessary to prevent disclosure of the identity of the persons involved.


            The commission may impose civil fines established by ordinance against elected and appointed officers and employees of the city with significant discretionary or fiscal power as determined by ordinance, found by the commission to have violated the standards of conduct established by this article of the charter or by ordinance. The commission shall recommend appropriate disciplinary action against officers and employees found to have violated the standards of conduct established by this article of the charter or by ordinance.  The appointing authority shall promptly notify the commission of the action taken on the recommendation.



Last Reviewed: Tuesday, August 11, 2009