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Section 13-101.  Definitions ‑‑

            1.            The term "agency" shall mean any office, department, board, commission or other governmental unit of the city, excluding the council and its offices and any commission excluded by the provisions of this charter.

            2.            The term "executive agency" shall mean any agency of the executive branch of the city government, excluding the board of water supply.

            3.            The term "employee" shall mean any person, except an officer, employed by the city or any agency thereof, but the term shall not include an independent contractor.

            4.            Except as otherwise provided in this charter, the term "officer" shall include the following:

                           (a)            Members of the council, the mayor, the prosecuting attorney and the managing director.

                           (b)            Any person appointed as administrative head of any agency of the city or as a member of any board or commission.

                           (c)            Any person appointed by a board or commission as the administrative head of such agency.

                           (d)            The first deputy, any other deputy, or a division chief appointed by the administrative head of any agency of the city.

                           (e)            Deputies of the corporation counsel and the prosecuting attorney.

(Sec 13-101, RCH 1973; Reso. 94-67 and 96-170)



Last Reviewed: Monday, August 15, 2005