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This is in response to an appeal filed by SHOPO regarding the denial by the Chief of Police of your non-City employment as a training instructor for the U.S. Naval Reserve.


We understand that you are a motor patrol officer in the Patrol Division of the Honolulu Police Department. We also understand that you desire to join the U .S. Naval Reserve as a training instructor of military conduct. This will entail your reporting for reserve duty two days a month. However, you stated that you would report to reserve duty only on your scheduled days off.


In view of the unique circumstances of this case, we are unable to find any standards of conduct which may be violated or which may give rise to an appearance of a violation as in the case of police officers who seek after-hour employment with commercial establishments. Moreover, the examples and rationale which were the basis for denying the requests of police officers seeking employment with commercial establishments are apparently not applicable in this case.


Accordingly, we conclude that your appeal is sustained and you should be permitted to pursue your activities as requested.


Dated: Honolulu, Hawaii, December 21, 1977.



Nathaniel Felzer, Chairman

Last Reviewed: Tuesday, January 03, 2012