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Mandatory Ethics Training for ALL CITY EMPLOYEES

On June 22, 2012, City Council passed Bill 40 (2012), FD1.  The purpose of Bill 40 is to expand ethics training, currently required for all city supervisors, manager, board and commission members and elected officers, to be required for all city personnel (approximately 30 minutes-training).  All city personnel should receive the training as described below:

  • Officers or employees currently employed on the effective date of the bill, June 22, 2012, who have not previously received ethics training should receive training within two years of that date (i.e., JUNE 22, 2014 DEADLINE).  
  • Officers or employees elected, appointed, or hired after the effective date of the bill, June 22, 2012, should receive ethics training within six months of the election, appointment, or hiring date of the officer or employee.  This ethics training should occur at your New Employee Orientation.

Contact our office or your department personnel officer or training coordinator for more information.


Are you an elected official, supervisor, manager, or board or commission member?


If so, you must take additional ethics training within 6 months of starting with the city or being promoted to one of those positions.  ROH Section 3-6.10.  If you are in one of the positions mentioned and have not taken the two-hour training, contact your personnel officer, the Commission or sign up at the City web site (accessible to City Network users).  The Commission will work with your department  or department liaison to schedule mandatory ethics refresher training (one-hour training) about every two years. 

Last Reviewed: Tuesday, March 11, 2014