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Document Guide for Driver's License, Permit, and State ID Card:

Use this Guide to determine what documents you will need to bring along with you when applying for a Hawaii Driver License, Permit or State ID Card.

Step 1. Select the service you desire:
Driver's License Instruction Permit State ID Card

Step 2. Indicate if any of the following apply to you:
Check if you have had a legal name change (as through marriage, adoption, or court order) or if the names on your documents are not exactly the same
Non-U.S. citizen
Check if you have military affiliations

Step 3. Select your documents:
After completing Steps 1 and 2 a list of documents will be displayed with several columns of requirements. Checkboxes in the columns indicate which requirements a document satisfies. As you select documents, a green check appears under the satisfied requirements. Continue until all columns contain green checks.

Last Reviewed: Wednesday, May 07, 2014