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In 2011, the Honolulu Fire Department acquired a new communications vehicle to improve common operating pictures and on-scene situational awareness for the Department and across levels of City, state, and federal responders.  The CV1 accomplishes this mission by providing on-scene technologies, including data; radio interoperability; and multiangle, on-scene, portable agile mesh video and video conferencing capabilities.  These technologies can be shared with support agencies and responders throughout the state and nation.


On-scene video can be provided to the Incident Commander at the command center and sent via internet protocol (IP) technology to emergency and department operating centers nationwide.  A video conference room is also incorporated to conduct a teleconference briefing away from an operationally busy mobile command center.  The vehicle is also designed to integrate with our Mobile Command Center.


The CV1 has remote capabilities that can extend data and Voice over Internet Protocol phone service up to 1,000 feet away from the vehicle via a fiber wire.  If a school, office building, or assembly area is established as a command center, communications support can be extended from the street into the facility. 


The CV1 also provides an alternative backup satellite communications for voice, IP video, and Internet data services in the event of a catastrophic communications failure due to hurricanes, tsunamis, or earthquakes.  The system will continue to provide these services via mainland earth stations.  If the Hawaii phone system fails, a mainland phone number can be designated for the CV1 system.  Outbound phone calls can also be made toll free.  In addition, the CV1 has the ability to download television broadcasting so incident management personnel can view media reports and related situations. 





Last Reviewed: Wednesday, October 02, 2013