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The Administrative Services Bureau (ASB) provides administrative, personnel, logistic, and maintenance support to the fire suppression force.  These include:

  • Providing executive assistance to the Fire Chief
  • Providing administrative services for all personnel
  • Developing, reviewing, and controlling the Department's budget and procurement programs
  • Serving as a liaison between other City departments, government agencies, and private organizations
  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating policies and procedures and organizational structure
  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating programs for personnel management, capital improvements, building and equipment maintenance, and property inventory and supply management

The ASB is headed by an Assistant Chief (AC), who oversees the HFD's operating budget and procurement, property and inventory, personnel administration, and the administration of safety and health-related programs, such as the Drug and Alcohol Program, Infectious Disease Program, Critical Incident Stress Management, and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program.  The HFD's Capital Improvement Program and Community Development Block Grant funds are also under the purview of this bureau.

The AC also oversees the operations of the Mechanic Shop, the Occupational Safety and Health Office (OSHO), the Storeroom, and the Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Shop. 

Mechanic Shop

The Mechanic Shop repairs and maintains the HFD's fleet of fire fighting apparatuses:  43 fire fighting pumpers, 5 aerial ladder trucks, 9 quints, 24 specialty apparatuses, 2 rescue apparatuses, 2 hazardous materials response vehicles, 11 tankers, 2 aerial tower apparatuses, a 110-foot fire boat, watercrafts, and approximately 78 auxiliary vehicles.  The Mechanic Shop also repairs and maintains over 30,000 pieces of fire fighting equipment and tools, from rescue power tools and fire hoses to hand lights.  Other types of critical services provided by the Mechanic Shop include specialty design and fabrication of custom accessories for fire fighter equipment, apparatus and annual pump testing, aerial ladder testing, ground ladder testing for fire fighting apparatuses, and refueling at emergency scenes.

The Mechanic Shop also repairs and maintains the Honolulu Police Department's heavy equipment vehicles (10,000 gross vehicle weight), which consist of 3 special weapons trucks and a trailer, 1 tactical truck, an Emergency Management Command truck, 2 bomb trucks, a tractor trailer equipment truck, and 5 communication vehicles.

Occupational Safety and Health Office (OSHO)

The OSHO is responsible for safety and health programs.  It is committed to providing HFD personnel with a safe working environment by providing the highest standards of safety through education, minimizing hazards through engineering, and enforcing the Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Division and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration laws and standards in addition to following established HFD policies and procedures.


The OSHO periodically reviews and revises policies, procedures, and programs to ensure the safety and health of HFD personnel.  It also establishes new safety and health programs to maintain compliance with applicable federal, state, and local safety laws to meet the growing needs of the Department.


Regular Safety Committee meetings are conducted with union representatives to ensure the safety and health of HFD personnel, establish new safety and health policies, and update programs to minimize employee exposure to hazardous conditions at emergencies and worksites.  The OSHO also acts as the Department's liaison on safety and health-based issues.


The Storeroom is the Department's central warehouse where equipment and supplies are received, stored, and distributed.  Several storekeepers staff the Storeroom.  They plan and administer the entire inventory system.  In addition to purchasing, record keeping, and warehousing, they ensure that equipment and supplies are issued to suppression forces in a timely manner and that replacement equipment is available for emergencies.


Major purchases, such as turnouts, nozzles, and fire hoses, although distributed through the Storeroom, are made by the ASB and Fire Operations staff.  The storekeepers purchase items such as station cleaning supplies, yard cleaning equipment, and bedding.

Storeroom personnel also coordinate the disposal of Department equipment, furniture, and other items.


SCBA Shop personnel inspect, repair, and maintain the HFD's emergency response personal safety equipment.  They conduct annual fit and flow testing of facemasks and respirator units; maintain and upkeep air compressors that are used to fill SCBA cylinder bottles; test the air quality and condition of units and cylinders; conduct hydrostatic testing; and maintain the HFD's inventory of SCBA equipment.   


The SCBA Shop keeps current with new products, technologies, and national standards to ensure the HFD is in compliance with applicable regulations, statutes, guidelines, and Departmental directives and personnel safety.  Training and certifications are mandatory for SCBA Shop personnel.

Last Reviewed: Wednesday, October 02, 2013