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The FPB assists the Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) in accomplishing its mission of saving lives and property and protecting the environment by promoting fire prevention and other public safety education programs.


The FPB administers the fire prevention program for the City and County of Honolulu (City); plans and develops rules, regulations, and procedures in the enforcement of fire codes; assists in the formulation and revision of the State Fire Code and the Fire Code of the City; administers fire safety and education programs; administers plans reviews; develops and conducts a fire inspection program; and conducts fire investigations to determine the origin and cause of fires within its jurisdiction. 

Administrative and Technical Support Services

Telephone:  808-723-7161             Fax:  808-723-7179 

Under the leadership of a Battalion Chief, this section is responsible for the administrative duties of the bureau; conducts research in the interpretation of the fire code; assists in the formulation, revision, and adoption of the State Fire Code; formulates the FPB's procedures manual; develops the Company Inspection Program (CIP) manual; assists in recruit training; develops Departmental rules and regulations; prepares bureau correspondence, statistical data and reports, and bureau work assignments; issues permits; coordinates the inspection of preschools under the jurisdiction of the bureau; and performs other related duties.  The Administrative and Technical Support Services section also approves and issues permits for display of fireworks for special events, application of flammable finishes and places of public assembly.


Codes Enforcement


Telephone:  808-723-7161             Fax:  808-723-7179  

Codes Enforcement develops, coordinates, and administers Departmental inspection programs in the enforcement of applicable fire codes, ordinances, statutes, rules, and regulations; coordinates, trains, and supervises fire suppression personnel regarding the CIP; assists in the training of new recruits and fire officers; prepares correspondence, statistical data, and fire reports when required; observes maintenance testing of fire protection systems; conducts follow-up inspections for unsatisfactory fire protection systems testing; responds to complaints and referrals from the public and other agencies; and performs other related duties.  The island is divided into three areas of responsibility:  Codes West, Codes East, and Codes Central, each under the leadership of a Fire Captain.

Community Relations/Education (CRO)  

Telephone:  808-723-7163              Fax:  808-723-7180 

The CRO develops, coordinates, and administers Departmental fire safety and education programs; prepares fire and life-safety information and materials for release to the media via the Department's Public Information Officer; assists homeowners, community associations, and other organizations in developing fire evacuation procedures; develops and presents training relating to fire extinguishers; plans and coordinates the activities for Fire Prevention Week and other presentations to increase fire safety awareness to the general public; plans and researches training and education programs; coordinates community requests and projects, Department funeral and burial ceremonies, fire prevention activities, and the Fire Fighter's Safety Guide; serves as a liaison to community groups and intraagency organizations; and performs other related duties.

Fire Investigations


Telephone:  808-488-7955 or 808-723-7146


The Fire Investigations section conducts investigations to determine origin, cause, and circumstances of fires as mandated by Chapter 132-4, Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS).  This section coordinates with the Honolulu Police Department; the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney; the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and other investigatory agencies to provide evidence and testimony in criminal and civil proceedings.


In addition, this section plans and implements training of FPB and fire suppression personnel in conducting preliminary fire investigations; works with the CRO in identifying trends discovered during investigations that can be addressed through education programs; refers violations of the fire code to the Codes Enforcement section; and interacts with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission to identify consumer products suspected of causing fires.

Plans Checking


Telephone:  808-723-7094              Fax:  808-527-5897


Pursuant to City Ordinance 02-47, Chapter 20 of the Revised Ordinances of Honolulu, the Fire Code of the City, and as mandated under Chapter 132-9 of the HRS, the Plans Checking section reviews plans to ensure compliance with the fire code, including, but not limited to, fire department access, water supply, fire protection systems and equipment, and permits for the installation of flammable/combustible liquid and liquefied petroleum gas tanks, tents, and canopies.  This section witnesses acceptance tests for commercial range hoods, fixed-fire extinguishing systems, and fire alarms.

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