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Honolulu Fire Commission Title


The Honolulu Fire Commission (Commission) is comprised of five Commissioners and assisted by a part-time secretary and an attorney from the Department of the Corporation Counsel.  They meet monthly with the Fire Chief, the Deputy Fire Chief, and/or members of the Fire Chief's Executive Staff. 


The Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Honolulu City Council (Council) and receive no compensation for their services.


The Commission has the following mandated responsibilities:


       Appoints and may remove the Fire Chief

       Adopts rules necessary for the conduct of its business and reviews rules for the administration of the Department

       Reviews the annual budget prepared by the Fire Chief and makes recommendations thereon to the Mayor and Council

       Reviews the Department's operations, as deemed necessary, for the purpose of recommending improvements to the Fire Chief

       Evaluates at least annually the performance of the Fire Chief and submits a report to the Mayor and Council

       Reviews personnel actions within the Department for conformance with the policies under Section 6-1002 of the Revised Charter of Honolulu

       Hears complaints of citizens concerning the Department or its personnel and, if deemed necessary, makes recommendations to the Fire Chief on appropriate corrective actions

       Submits an annual report to the Mayor and the Council on its activities



Kawananakoa Commissioner
Quentin K. Kawananakoa, Chair
Term:   12/31/10-12/31/15


  Wataru Commissioner

James S. Wataru, Vice Chair

Term:  4/5/10-12/31/14


   Mary Jean Castillo Commissioner 

  Mary Jean L. Castillo

  Term:  1/1/12-12/31/16




Dr. Joseph W. C. Young

Term:  10/11/12-12/31/17


Arnold K. H. Wong

Term: 8/1/13-12/31/13 

Last Reviewed: Tuesday, October 15, 2013