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The Honolulu Fire Department's mass decontamination trailer is a mobile decontamination system that is designed and engineered for the processing of mass casualty decontamination.  It allows for physical (removes contaminant) and chemical (neutralizes contaminant) decontamination and is designed for ambulatory and nonambulatory victims and/or evacuees.


In the event of a release or potential release of chemical or biological agents that impacts a significant segment of the public, the Incident Commander may order for the deployment of the HFD's mass decontamination trailer and staffing.




The trailer contains a segmented, two-lane decontamination system.  Each lane consists of three separate showering positions, two of which contain decontamination solution to provide optimal processing flow.  A movable curtain can be secured to create gender-separate processing lanes.




Contaminated clothing is removed and bagged

in the first shower stall and dropped through a chute.




Slide-outs, located on both sides of the trailer, create six changing rooms.




Because 80%-90% of contaminants are located on clothing, victims and/or evacuees are given redress kits prior to entering the trailer.  They change and don gowns and slippers prior to exiting the trailer.




  • 40' long
  • Two lanes, each with three shower stalls
  • Water heaters
  • Two shower stalls containing decontamination solution
  • Slide-outs that create six 41" x 36" changing rooms
  • Four 90-gallon gray water tanks
  • Two 500-gallon gray water bladders
  • Air conditioned
  • Processes approximately 20 to 30 victims and/or evacuees per hour
  • Redress kits
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, October 02, 2013