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Under the direction of an Assistant Chief (AC), Planning and Development (P&D) assists the Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief by coordinating the Department's overall short- and long-term planning and operational and quality improvement processes.


P&D reviews, researches, and monitors emerging City and County of Honolulu (City), state, and national  legislation, regulations, trends and events, and past Department performance to establish goals and objectives necessary to realize the Department's mission.


P&D develops and maintains other critical Department plans, which include emergency operations/disaster plans, Standards of Coverage plans, deployment and risk mitigation plans, and preparedness strategies.


The AC of P&D is the Department's liaison for interagency coordination with the City's administration, Department of Emergency Management (DEM), and the Hawaii State Civil Defense on islandwide and statewide issues.


Timely, meaningful information is critical for effective and efficient Department management.  P&D monitors and evaluates the records management system (RMS) and recommends improvements to enhance the Department's data collection and reporting processes.  A Management Analyst conducts statistical analyses on all aspects of the Department's operations and establishes benchmarks and performance measures to ensure that goals and objectives are achieved.


Grant management continues to be an increasingly important function of P&D.  Grant funding allows the Department to improve services to the community by providing new or additional equipment, training, and resources.  P&D coordinates the grant management process, which includes applications, budgets, procurement, and reports.


P&D also researches and develops new programs and evaluates existing programs and services, such as interoperable voice and data communications, the RMS, and its geographical information system, to improve Department efficiency and effectiveness.


The AC of P&D oversees the Honolulu Fire Department's (HFD) Board of Inquiry, which is comprised of the HFD's Executive Chief Officers and investigates accidents, complaints, personnel matters, and other confidential issues.


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Fire Communication Center (FCC)

The FCC is the vital link between the public and the fire suppression force.  Through a modern system of communication equipment, including a computer-aided dispatch system, the FCC receives fire, rescue, and emergency medical calls and efficiently and rapidly dispatches fire, rescue, and/or hazardous materials companies to any location on Oahu.  They maintain direct contact with other emergency organizations, such as the Board of Water Supply, DEM, Honolulu Emergency Services Department (HESD), Honolulu Police Department (HPD), Airport Ramp Control at the Honolulu International Airport, Honolulu Harbor, Federal Fire Department, U.S. Coast Guard, Hawaiian Electric Company, and central alarm companies.

The alternate FCC serves as a backup to the primary dispatch center.  If necessary, the alternate site will continue to provide radio communications between radio dispatchers and suppression units.  Both communication centers have the capacity to communicate with City first responders operating on the 800 MHz radio system.  HFD radios are equipped with four talkgroups dedicated to interagency interoperability.  Communication with City first responders can easily be accomplished by switching to an interoperable talkgroup.

In the event of a total trunking computer failure, both dispatch centers have Voice over Internet Protocol capabilities, which controls radio repeaters via internet protocol addressing from a computer and maintains continued communications between radio dispatchers and suppression units.

Radio Shop

The Radio Shop provides planning, acquisition, maintenance, and repair services for the Department and City Radio Communication System.  The Radio Shop also provides radio program development and repair services for the DEM; Department of the Prosecuting Attorney; HESD's Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Division (Ocean Safety); Honolulu Liquor Commission; and several other City agencies as they migrate from the very high frequency (VHF) band to the 800 megahertz (MHz) trunking radio system.

The Department operates on the City's 800 MHz trunking radio system (conventional radios were replaced with new 800 MHz radios).  Each fire fighter in fire suppression is equipped with a portable radio, which allows individual communications.  In addition, each radio has an EMERGENCY button, which provides the ability to declare an emergency situation should assistance be required.

The Department's radio system includes five VHF band radio channels.  The Department's Training and Research Bureau utilizes 40 VHF radios in their recruit and fire fighting training program.

The Radio Shop also services other Department equipment, such as light bars, sirens, Opticom units, microphones, and public address amplifiers.

The Mobile Command Center (MCC) houses an ACU 1000 Modular Interface/Interconnect System, which provides control interoperability between the HFD, DEM, HPD, Ocean Safety, other state and federal agencies, and cellular and satellite phones.  The MCC also contains 30 portable radios and spare batteries to further support field communications.

An Auxiliary Communication System is being planned for the Department to be used in the event the 800 MHz trunking communication system is seriously damaged.  We have acquired surplus portable radios from the HPD and surplus base stations from Oahu Transit Services, Inc.  Construction of this radio system is ongoing.

In addition to maintenance and repair duties, Radio Shop personnel test and evaluate emerging technologies and make recommendations to the Fire Chief.


Last Reviewed: Wednesday, October 02, 2013