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Safety Basics


Pacific Disaster Center:  "Emergency Phone Numbers"


Calling 911


U.S. Fire Administration:  "Learn About Fire:  The Nature of Fire"


Stop, Drop, and Roll


Everyone should know this rule.  If clothing catches on fire, do not run!  Walking or running will increase the intensity of the fire.  Stop immediately, drop to the ground covering your face with your hands, and roll over and over or back and forth until the flames are completely extinguished.  Immediately cool the burn with cool water for three to five minutes.  Seek immediate emergency medical care.  You can assist someone on fire by using a blanket, towel, or coat, if immediately available, to smother the fire.


Evacuation Information and Guidelines


Building Evacuation Guide 


U.S. Fire Administration:  "Escape Planning" 


Young Adult


U.S. Fire Administration:  "Get Out and Stay Alive Fire Safety Program for Colleges and Universities"


Senior Citizens


U.S. Fire Administration:  "Fire Safety for Older Adults"


National Fire Protection Association:  "Nursing Home Safety"   


High-Rise Safety


U.S. Fire Administration:  "High-Rise Residents"


Hotel/Motel Fire Safety


U.S. Fire Administration:  "Hotel and Motel Fire Safety"


Persons with Disabilities


U.S. Fire Administration:  "Fire Safety for People with Disabilities"




After the Fire is Out - A Honolulu Fire Department brochure containing helpful information after the occurrence of a fire.


      U.S. Fire Administration:  "After a Fire"


Disaster Preparedness


      Federal Emergency Management Agency:  "Are You Ready?"


      Federal Emergency Management Agency:  "Plan Ahead"


 American Red Cross:  "Preparing and Getting Trained"


Power Outages/Blackouts


Hawaiian Electric Company:  "Handbook for Emergency Preparedness" 


Additional Fire Safety Information

      National Fire Protection Association


      U.S. Fire Administration

      U.S. Fire Administration:  "Fire Safety for Teachers"



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