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           Fire Chief Manuel P. Neves                                Deputy Fire Chief Lionel Camara Jr. 


The Honolulu Fire Department's (HFD) mission to save lives and protect property dates back to 1851.  Today, the Department protects the City and County of Honolulu (City) with a force of over 1,100 fire fighters.

The island is divided into five battalions containing 45 fire stations.  The total number of companies in a platoon is 43 engine companies, 13 ladder or quint companies, 2 rescue companies, 2 hazardous materials companies, 2 tower companies, 1 fireboat company, 6 tankers, and 2 helicopters.  Hazmat 1 and 2, the hazardous materials companies, are dispatched to incidents involving petroleum, radioactive substances, or toxic chemicals.  Also supporting the HFD's mission are several personal watercrafts and 3 rescue boats (2 of which are assigned to the search and rescue companies and 1 to the Waialua Fire Station). 


HFD fire fighters are under the command of Fire Chief Manuel P. Neves.  Three bureaus support the fire suppression forces (Fire Operations):

     1.  Administrative Services Bureau (including Fire Fiscal)
     2.  Fire Operations

     3.  Planning and Development

     4.  Support Services


These bureaus coordinate the Department's administrative, logistical, maintenance, code enforcement, and communication needs.  The cost to provide fire protection in fiscal year 2012-2013 is $95.1 million.  Although the cost sounds high, the per capita cost (the total budget divided by the protected population) is one of the lowest in the nation.  The HFD, however, continues to provide the finest fire protection and rescue services to the public.


On February 16, 2013, Chief Neves assumed command of the HFD.  Retiring Fire Chief Kenneth G. Silva transferred leadership of the HFD in a Change of Command Ceremony that was held at the Ala Moana Regional Park's Lester McCoy Pavilion.



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