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     The Mayor's Office of Culture and the Arts (MOCA) was founded in 1971 after the passage of the Percent for Art law in 1967 that established the Art in City Buildings Program. 


     The mission of MOCA is to promote the value of arts and culture throughout communities in the City and County of Honolulu. MOCA's objectives are to attain per-eminence in culture and the arts; to perpetuate the artistic and cultural heritages of its entire people; to promote a community environment, which provides equal and abundant opportunity for exposure to culture and the arts in all its forms; and to encourage and provide equal opportunity for the development of culture and the artistic talents of the people of Honolulu.


     Guided by the belief and affirmation of cultural self-determination, MOCA works as a partner and catalyst for increasing opportunities, awareness and involvement in cultural activities for the benefit of all.  In this capacity, MOCA administers the Art in City Buildings Program, culture and Arts Programs, and a Collaborative Arts Program.


     Over the past 40 years, the Commission on Culture and the Arts has assisted the City in acquiring more than 900 items that share and perpetuate the cultural heritage of Honolulu.  

These items are now available for viewing

through our on-line database.  Please click on

the link below for more information on the

City's  collection.


The Art in City Buildings Program 













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