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Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board No. 1

AT-LARGE (4 Seats available)

BURNS, Rob                                                                                                                                                 

Founder of popular surfing company Local motion. Creative, business minded, outspoken and reasonable. Kailua High graduate of 1971. 6th generation kamaaina from Holt clan. Realtor at East Oahu realty. Married 30 years to faith "Annie" Burns, 2 adult children.



I am a wife, mother and a HK resident for over 25 yrs. A current HK Neighborhood Board member, a CPA with office located in HK. A HK Lion and active volunteer in this community. Concerned about overdevelopment, improving our schools and keeping our streets safe for all of our children.



Aloha friends and neighbors. The role I relish the most is being the father of Marissa, 2 years old, and Jordan, 4 months.  It is their future we should all work towards.  All our children deserve a quality education, a sustainable environment and a prosperous economy that will enable them in the future to afford a house and live and work in Hawaii. I am an attorney by profession, and I currently serve as a legal consultant. I am the proud husband of Dr. Patricia Halagao, a professor of education.  I am also the founder of, a website that serves our entire community. Most recently, I was a candidate and a nominee for the State House of Representatives in 2006.  During my candidacy for the State House, I was proud to have been endorsed by the Hawaii State Teachers Association, University of Hawaii Professional Assembly, Sierra Club, Coalition of Conservation Voters, and Hawaii Firefighters Association. As a member of the neighborhood board, I pledge to work with our elected officials, my fellow board members, and most of all, YOU – the members of this special community.  Together, we will work towards a better Hawaii and a better Hawaii Kai.


HARRISON, Teddy Brown


American Red Cross volunteer/ Evac of Saigon, 1975/ Captain, US Army Nurse Corps (Reserve) Desert Storm/

Recipient of Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Seven Seals Award/ Hawaii residency 1975 – 1986, 1999 to present/ Hawaii Kai resident homeowner 1999 to present/ Registered Nurse, elder care specialist.




Norma Kehrberg has been a resident of the Hawaii Kai community for 25 years having moved from the Nuuanu area in 1979.  She has enjoyed the growth of businesses, restaurants and facilities for recreation in the mixed living environment of Hawaii Kai.  During the past five years, development has put added stress on traffic, parking and the post office but they are manageable. I am opposed to changing approved plans in ways that add further increased population and more stress on existing facilities.  Expansion of family homes to accommodate extended family is encouraged and welcomed.  A second concern is for pedestrians as increased population adds to the dangers, particularly in walkways without lights. Other areas to concern include the left turn signal at the Safeway and Long's corner and a review of property tax assessment in the Hawaii Kai area.

Norma is an educator and administrator by profession. She lived and worked in Nepal with the United Methodist Church and has worked with HMSA. She was a teacher on the mainland for six years. She is interested in the arts, music, and exercise and continuing to have ample opportunities for variety of worship opportunities within the Hawaii Kai area.



It has been my privilege to serve on the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board since 2001. With your vote, I will continue working to enhance Hawaii Kai's quality of life. My interests include limiting development, supporting quality education, improving traffic, protecting the environment and scenic treasures, and fostering a sense of community. COMMUNITY: Neighborhood Board member (2001-07); State House candidate (2000); Hawaii Kai resident since 1994, East Oahu since 1982. JOB: Department of Education (1987), director of communications/spokesperson since 1993. FAMILY: wife, Board of Education member (chairperson); son, Kaiser graduate; daughter, Kalani graduate. DEGREES: University of Hawaii, MA; University of Nebraska at Omaha, BA. PREVIOUS JOBS: Governor's Office of International Relations, administrative assistant; University of Hawaii, instructor; Bishop Museum, public information coordinator; East-West Center, public affairs specialist; Pacific Magazine, editor; Mutual of Omaha, editor; Peace Corps (Micronesia), teacher. TRAVEL: More than 50 countries; 42 U.S. states. OTHER COMMUNITY SERVICE: DOE coordinator for Hawaii Foodbank, Memorial Day Lei Project, Blood Bank drives, Aloha United Way (2004, 2005). View my slideshows about Koko Crater at, and preventing Kaiwi Hillside cabins at

Mahalo for your vote!


REILLY, Elizabeth

Aloha, it has been an honor to fulfill the At-large vacancy for the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board. My experience as the newest NH Board member has put me in touch with many of you regarding a variety of issues which ultimately call for action to protect and improve the livability of our community.  I will continue to be a proactive Board member, uphold the integrity of the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan and seek ways to improve our Neighborhood Board meetings with greater community involvement. My work with Livable Hawaii Kai Hui, Ka Iwi Coalition and Kamilo Nui Valley will continue to focus on saving our special places, fostering community pride and preserving the authenticity of our Hawaii Kai.


TURNER, Noble H.


I am Noble Turner, a 19 year resident of Hawaii Kai. I love this community and will do all I can to 'vote for what is best' for this Jewel by the Sea. Coming from 21 years in Boston, where I operated my own Psychiatric Private Clinic, I have come to adore the trade winds, roaring ocean, and flowers blooming, everywhere. I love the people of this community and have been proud to serve as the founder of the Koko Kai, and Triangle's first Security Watch Mobile Patrol, and as the Chairman of the Architectural Standards Committee, during a difficult time of re-writing guidelines. If I am elected to the board, I will do what I can to protect the awesome environment, and reject the push, of some, for a much more crowded Hawaii Kai. A line at the Post Office and at Longs, used to not exist. Now, the line is sometimes 10 to 12 people, patiently waiting. I have come to respect these awesome Islands, where I have raised my son, and can imagine living nowhere else. I will bring a fresh perspective to the Neighborhood Board, and have proven my leadership skills several times over the decades.


SUBDISTRICT 01 (1 Seat available)                                           

CLARK, Robert E.            


SUBDISTRICT 02 (1 Seat available)                                            

GREY, Marian J.             


SUBDISTRICT 03  (1 Seat available)                                           


I am an Incumbent candidate who performed as Chair of the Parks and Recreation Committee for at least the last ten years. The committee has been very successful in working with community groups to achieve goals.  The community must be involved to ensure our neighborhood parks remain in good condition. We encourage everyone to participate.  I am a veteran of the US Armed Forces and President of MHC, Inc., a service company.


SUBDISTRICT 05 (1 Seat available)                                          


Dear Neighbors, It has been my pleasure to serve as the Chairperson of your Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board for the past several years and as a NB member since 2001. I firmly believe that we need to maintain the ambiance and livability of our wonderful Hawaii Kai community.  As your NB chair, I have used my business and managerial experiences to bring different parties and opinions together to provide for the greater good of the community.  I have been told that under my leadership, the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board has become more open, orderly, fair and community friendly.  With your support and vote, we can continue to maintain the livability of our community.  Mahalo nui loa. 



Dear friends and members of the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board: We are over developed in Hawaii Kai and it has been way too long that the developers have dominated the destiny of our community. Experience as a community activist tells me that the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board is the first line of defense.  If I am elected to the Board, I will honor my commitment and allegiance to our neighborhood and strive to curtail any additional development. As a member, I will also put the community first in all areas - from schools, roads, waterways and vehicular traffic, to water and sewage concerns. I will continue to uphold the integrity of the East Honolulu Sustainable Communities Plan, seek ways to help our neighborhood with greater community involvement and continue to work with Livable Hawaii Kai Hui, the Ka Iwi Coalition, and to keep Kamilo Nui Valley an open space for agriculture in the future. We all live in the most beautiful state in the nation.  The time has come to stop the destruction and extinction of its natural beauty. I am committed to preserving the authenticity and allure of our Hawaii Kai and in turn fostering our community pride.  


SUBDISTRICT 06 (1 Seat available)                                             

HANSON, Jeanette A.

I have been a resident of Hawaii for the past 38 years and have lived in Hawaii Kai for 33 years.  I have served on the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board for the last 4 years and have been the Treasurer for 2 years.  I have also served at my local church on the Church Council for 6 years.  I have two adult children who both live in Hawaii and one of them graduated from Kaiser High School.  I have worked in the electrical business for 37 years.

I'm concerned about the development and traffic in Hawaii Kai and am committed to a safe community as my focus.




SUBDISTRICT 07 (1 Seat available)                                            



SUBDISTRICT 09 (1 Seat available)                                            

TANABE, David C.


Born and raised in Honolulu. Graduate of Punahou, the University of California, and Gonzaga University School of Law. Elected in 2001 as a member of the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4, voluntarily resigning upon relocation to Hawaii Kai. An attorney previously in private practice, now serves the State as an archivist in the historical records branch, Hawaii State Archives. Believes that democracy is served by preserving government records, ensuring citizens the right of access to information about the work performed by their elected officials. Enjoys all that Honolulu is and can become. Enters this election to improve civil discourse and civic literacy by actively participating in the government process in an advisory capacity. Qualified for the position of member. Familiar with applicable Hawaii laws, opinions of the Office of Information Practices, and parliamentary procedure. Promises to serve as a productive member of the board: to articulate, define, and address neighborhood issues; to recommend solutions that reflect the needs and wants of the neighborhood; and to initiate the selection of activities andto priortize among them. Married, and owner of yellow  Labrador named "Berkeley".


SUBDISTRICT 11 (1 Seat available)                                            

LEVY, Wayne D.

I am a married father of 2, psychiatrist practicing and teaching at Tripler Army Medical Center, retired Army Reserve Colonel, running for my second term. I want to see our parks and infrastructure improved and maintained, and opposes the building of any additional housing. See my recent editorial

l I am strongly pro environment, pro education,  support mass transit, preservation of the aina and the ocean, bike paths, car and van pooling, composting, renewable energy, keeping the farm land in farming, and curbside recycling. I support the preservation of the Ka Iwi Coastline as well as the rest of our coastline, parks, open spaces, and mountain trails. I strongly opposed the recent proposal to build vacation cabins on Ka Iwi. I want to see our library hours extended to evenings and Sundays,  the collection improved, and the facility enlarged. I want to see the public pool planned for Koko Head District Park actually built. Finally, I not only want your vote, I want you to come to our monthly meetings at 7 P.M. on the last Tuesday of every month at Hahaione Elementary and get involved in the process.


ZACHARIAH, Elizabeth K. 


Retired US Navy after 30 years of honorable service; now working for the VA and Kapiolani Women's Center; Radiologist by training. Have lived in Hawaii Kai for about 30 years and am keenly aware of the community's needs. Amazed at the rampant development in the community, without parallel infrastructure development, which has over time impacted negatively on the community. Would like to make sure that ordinary citizens have a say and are heard over the developers so that we can get back to the quality of life as it was before all this wanton expansion. No party affiliation am an independent liberal and anti incumbent.


Kuliouou-Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board No. 2

SUBDISTRICT 03 (1 Seat available)                                           

QUINN, Kevin

I am a resident of Subdistrict 3 in the area served by Neighborhood Board #2. I would like to serve on this board to help preserve the quality of life of the east Honolulu area for current and future residents as well as visitors. Working together with other board members, I will provide energy and focus to the task of developing solutions to the various concerns and issues that affect the east Honolulu area.


SUBDISTRICT 04 (1 Seat available)                                             

MOULSON, Timothy E.R.

I moved to Hawaii in 1996 from Orlando, Florida with Wendy's International to handle the training responsibilities for Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Guam and Hawaii. As such, it is my responsibility to train management and franchisees to operate their businesses successfully. I had additional responsibilities of operating the company market and for growing the business in Hawaii. Prior to my 10 years with Wendy's, I had a successful career as an executive for McDonald's and in running my own TCBY franchise of 9 stores. My interest in serving on the board is to help move our city forward in today's challenging world and to make Hawaii a better place for all of us to reside in. I feel that my experience in management, people skills, training and in traveling abroad makes me a valuable candidate to serve on the board




SPANGLER, Sheridan R.

Neighborhood Board member. Waialae Golf Course Community Assoc. resident. Work in film production management in family company. Punahou graduate. International Eurocenter College - France. I want to protect Hawaii's residential communities from negative impacts of spot-zoning, over-development, and detoured traffic.


SUBDISTRICT 06  (6 Seats available)                                           


Aina Haina resident since 1973. Kalani High School teacher 25 years, Neighborhood board member since 1994, willing to continue to promote what is best for our valley.


CHUCK, Robert T.

Board Chair for the last 6 years.   Member of the Kuliouou Kalani-Iki Neighborhood Board #2 for 12 years.  Lived in Aina Haina since 1951.  Vice President, CH2M HILL Environmental Engineering Consulting Firm.  Manager-Chief Engineer- State Department of Land & Natural Resources for 25 years. National President of the American Water Works Association.  President of the National Water Resources Association. Received Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hawaii Council of Engineering Societies.


LEONG, Bertha F.K.

University of Hawaii graduate, degrees in Education/Government. Former DOE teacher at Aina Haina and Hokulani schools. President Aina Haina Community Association. Volunteer mediator for Mediation Center of Pacific. Former State Representative of 18th District.


LUM, Heather

This is my 19th year as a private school teacher in Honolulu; currently, I teach at Holy Nativity School. My BA and MA are from Middlebury College. For 11 years I have been a homeowner in Aina Haina. I volunteer for Friends of the Library and the Honolulu Marathon and work as a precinct official in the primary elections. I presently am a board member and have served for 2 years previously. I hope to continue representing our community's interests in maintaining our environment and quality of life.


SMITH, Stephen


STARR, Linda W.L. 

Longtime Aina Haina resident. Twenty year active member on this Neighborhood Board, Linda asks you to re-elect her to one more term to this Board. Linda has repeatedly been the Chair of this Board's Transportation Committee. Linda's consistent vision is more scenic views with maximum trees and underground utility lines.


YOUNG, Joseph W.C.  


 Joseph  W.C. Young was born August 2, 1925 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He left St. Louis High School during the 11th grade to go work as an aircraft engine mechanic apprentice at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, where he worked for three years. He served his county during World War II as a corporal in the Army Air Corps. He attended the University of Hawaii in Manoa, Hawaii and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Zoology from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1954, he graduated from the Washington University School of Dentistry. Dr. Young worked as a dentist in private practice for 40 years before he retired. Dr. Young has many honors and awards including the United Chinese Society Model Chinese Father of the Year award in 1998; Distinguished Alumnus of the Year, Washington University Dental Alumni Association in 1999, a Citation from the Mayor of Honolulu, the Honorable Jeremy Harris for involving the Chinatown Community in the City Christmas Light Parade in 2002, and United Chinese Society Model Chinese Citizen of the Year in 2004. Dr. Young and his wife, Barbara Chun Young, have four children and eight grandchildren.


SUBDISTRICT 07 (3 Seats available)                                            

CASEN, George

I can bring an experienced planner's approach to the issues before the Board. Education: Candidate for Masters in Urban Planning at UH Manoa, Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation-UHM, MS Education, BA Political Science. Work History: Environmental Planning Manager, Cultural Historian, Rail & Bus Planner, Salesperson, Schoolteacher. Community Activities: Bishop Museum docent, Historic Hawaii Foundation volunteer, Vegetarian Society of Hawai'i volunteer, Co-Chair for Oahu: General Wesley Clark for President, 2004. Resided on Oahu 1992-1993, 1998-Present. Resided in this neighborhood 2000-2004, 2006-Present. Key issues that I am concerned with: neighborhood safety, a quality neighborhood environment, a reasonable level of development, noise issues, traffic gridlock on Kalanianaole Highway, electric service outages, cable service outages, water outages.



Lifelong Niu Valley resident. Devoted husband of and father of three children. Secondary education: Aina Haina Elementary, Niu Valley Intermediate (present day Middle) and Kalani High Schools. Graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Hawaii Loa College (present day Hawaii Pacific University's Windward Oahu Campus) in Social Sciences (including Political Science and Economics). Earned a Paralegal Certificate from Brigham Young UniversityHawaii. Professional Experience: Messenger at the Hawaii State House of Representatives' Sergeant-At-Arms Office; Volunteer Aide at both the State First Circuit Court and Legal Aid Society of Hawaii. Neighborhood Assistant (writing minutes at Neighborhood Board Meetings) from 1999-2005. In 2001, I was elected by fellow residents to represent Niu Valley on the Kuliouou-Kalani Iki Neighborhood Board. Have served in various capacities including being elected by Board members as Secretary and Treasurer. Enjoy serving the community. I humbly ask for your vote.


SUBDISTRICT 08  (3 Seats available)                                          


Currently Board Treasurer; 30yr resident; Kuliouou Kai Board Member; Hui'ilio Hawaii Board Member (Dog Park People); past Board Member of Community Associations Institute Hawaii.  I wish to continue serving & trying to protect our community from unwanted & unwarranted laws & developments.  A voice for your concerns.  Mahalo Nui Loa!


BARON, Christopher

Vision:  Make a positive difference. Help our neighborhood enhance our unique natural setting & community life.  Kama'aina background:  Mom & dad met at UH; I was raised in Kuliouou, and always came back regardless how far afield schooling and work at times took me.  Have been to all streets in our Neighborhood district (over the years frequently visited friends, biked, walked or jogged!).  Extensive personal connection to, and involvement in, our community.  Strong experience, exposure & service:   Kuliouou roots complemented by helpful perspective & context gained thru education and involvement in Hawaii & abroad.  Experienced, having been elected previously to our Neighborhood Board and served in 2001-2002 before assignments took me overseas serving in homeland security, diplomacy (State Department's East Asia/ Pacific bureau), international development/education, in Washington and Pacific region.  All thru - practicing & projecting our Hawaii aloha heritage - was proudly conscious of representing our home, people, community. Training & education in public/international policy (M.A. from University of Hawaii). Experience also includes teaching; serving our district, working at state Senate & House of Representatives; developing community-based initiatives & outreaches.  I welcome & look forward to hearing your ideas & concerns, and I ask for your vote to represent you.


PARKE, Michael

Aloha, fellow residents of Kuliouou. I just finished my first term on the Kuliouou/Aina Haina Neighborhood Board and found the system to be quite useful for expressing our concerns to both City and County officials and State of Hawaii officials. I believe the current Board was successful in preventing unwanted development and in promoting certain improvements to our community. If elected to a second term, I want to push for quicker (and longer-lasting) repairs to our roads,   improvements to our parks and our current recycling programs, and pedestrian/bicycle safety. If the neighborhood so desires, I would also be a strong advocate for undergrounding our utility lines, so they will be less vulnerable to extreme weather and seismic events. Mahalo.


SCHELL, J. Edward

As a Kuliouou resident for the last 22 years, a Neighborhood Board member for the last 6 years, as a board member, treasurer (2 years) and vice-Chair (last two years). I hope to continue to represent you and this community for the next two years. Issues that continue to concern me, and impact this community, are crime, increased traffic from constant  building both Koko Head and Diamond Head of us, and attempts to increase the building density in our neighborhood. If you have other issues that you would like to have addressed by the Neighborhood Board, please call me. I will attempt to get those issues on our agenda. I teach Accounting at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  I'm a softball player, a bodysurfer, a home owner; just a pretty basic guy who is trying help out in his neighborhood, and to give a little back to his community.


WINGARD, Lori Gorospe

Lori Wingard strongly believes in putting the people of Hawaii first and being a true advocate for East Honolulu residents. Lori's leadership experience will bring to the board new accountability. She is able to quickly assess issues, seize opportunities, effectively solve problems and efficiently respond to community needs. As a member of the Neighborhood Board, you can count on Lori to be a strong and active voice for our community. Lori is running for the Neighborhood Board because she wants to make a real difference in the future of Hawaii. She cares for our community and will fight for safer streets, improving infrastructure, better schools, and for a more responsible government. Noteworthy for her commitment to fairness and openness, Lori bases all decisions on merit without regard to politics. Lori's professional experience working in Washington, DC, Chicago, San Francisco and Paris offers a fresh perspective, creating a balance of ideas that can benefit the community. Lori will listen to your concerns and needs, offer solutions, and will do what's right with no hidden agenda. Employment: Chief of Staff to Councilman Charles Djou, part-time real estate agent. Married to John Wingard, a small business owner; 2 children.


Waialae-Kahala Neighborhood Board No. 3

AT-LARGE (1 Seat available) 

ANDERSON, F.M. (Scotty)

I have lived in our neighborhood for 20 years. My professional life has always been involved in sales and marketing.  Currently I have two small businesses, one being a consulting business dealing with sales and marketing, and the other being a manufactures representative agency dealing with commercial and industrial products. I was born on the Big Island, raised on Maui and received a B.A. in Public Relations from San Jose State University (1972). I was honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force, having served from 1965-68. I returned to Hawaii in 1979 beginning with Theo. H. Davies in Hilo. I would welcome the opportunity to serve this community to address the concerns and to find solutions to any and all neighborhood problems. Currently I serve on the State Contractors License Board and serve as Chair of the Building Industry Association's Build-PAC. 


HURA, Leo O.


SUBDISTRICT 01 (2 Seats available)                                          

FUKUDA, Lester

Current NHB#3 Chair, active community member, licensed Civil Engineer, serves on several professional organizations in Hawaii.  Concerned for safety, health and welfare of our community, and to improve our critical infrastructure needs. 



As a long-term resident of the community and having served on the neighborhood board for several years, I am keenly interested in working with Waialae-Kahala residents to protect and sustain the beauty, safety and residential nature of our community.  President of Kahala Pacifica homeowners association.  Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Hawaii Health Systems, Hawaii's community hospital, safety net system.  Husband, father, grandfather, veteran.


SUBDISTRICT 02 (2 Seats available)                                         

DIGMON, Geraldine "Gerri" B.


KANE, Julia K.

Julia Kane is an attorney specializing in real estate development.  Before returning to Hawaii in 2003, Ms. Kane practiced law in Denver, Colorado for over 20 years primarily in telecommunications, corporate and real estate.  Her professional career there included 15 years with U S WEST, a Fortune 50 telecommunications company that merged with Qwest Communications in 2000.  As counsel for the company, Ms. Kane was responsible for real estate, corporate and securities matters; intellectual property policies and protection, and Internet, broadband cable, and wireless services.  Her last position with Qwest Communications was as Chief Counsel of the retail and wireless divisions with over $6 billion in annual revenues. Ms. Kane received her B.A. degree from Chaminade in 1977, her J.D. degree from Willamette University in 1980 and her MBA degree from the University of Denver in 2001.  Ms. Kane is a member of the Hawaii State Bar Association. Ms. Kane lives in Waialae Nui Ridge with her husband, who is also an attorney, and her son, who is a senior at Punahou.


SUBDISTRICT 03 (2 Seats available)                                           

PYLES, Lucinda




I have previously served for two terms on the Waialae-Kahala Neighborhood Board. I have also been active in several community organizations and professional associations including past President, Kahala Community Association; Vice-Chairman, Hawaii Technology Institute; I am a licensed realtor in the State of Hawaii specializing in commercial and investment properties with Choi International. I also founded a management consulting firm specializing in accounting and operations for small companies and entrepreneurs; The CKC Group, LLC. Prior to launching a career in commercial real estate I held a senior management position at Liberty House.I am married to my lovely wife, Donna, and we have three children. I look forward to serving my community once again, championing the causes that have made Kahala the premier neighborhood in Hawaii.


TURBIN, Richard   

I have served on the Waialae-Kahala Neighborhood Board for over 20 years and Chair for many of those years. During my term we have worked for school safety, fencing Kahala elementary school, putting showers on the beach, initiating traffic safety programs, beautifying Waialae Avenue, and alleviating parking problems. We have sought to preserve the beautiful, green, tree and flower shrouded ambiance of Kahala fighting for wise and sensible zoning that enhance our community.  If re-elected I will work hard to continue this good work." Besides serving on our neighborhood board I have served as 2005 President of the Hawaii State Bar Association and Chair of the Tort and Insurance Practice Section of the American Bar Association in 1999-2000. I was also a member of the Civil Rights Commission of the State of Hawaii and am President of the Harvard Law School Association of Hawaii. I also served on the Board of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I have lived in Kahala for over thirty years and am married to Rai Saint Chu. We have two children, Laurel and Derek who were born and raised in Kahala.


SUBDISTRICT 04 (2 Seats available)                                          


Born and raised in Hawaii, I lived for three years in Asia, where I graduated from Morrison Academy in Taiwan. I have earned both a B.A. and M.A. in Political Science from the University of Hawaii. Outside of my job at the City and County of Honolulu, I serve on the board of the Hawaii Jaycees. I have lived in the Waialae-Kahala area for fourteen years and am committed to working with all residents to make the neighborhood a better place to live, work and play.


HIMEDA, Sylvia S.           


Kaimuki Neighborhood Board No. 4

SUBDISTRICT 02 (4 Seats available)                                           



Hawaii and Honolulu has approached a pinnacle point in its history.  The population and building growth of the Island of Oahu as well as the needs towards its economic infrastructure has put a monstrous lack of discernment towards the individual citizen in the communities.  As this being my 4th term on a Neighborhood Board, I want to continue to be a voice of concern for my community.  I want to bring logic and grass roots discernment into how we maintain our communities.   My priorities are Hawaii's children and elderly.  As an owner of two business's, Matrix Media of Hawaii Inc. and Genergraphics Corporation and having 4 small children of my own, I live daily and understand the difficulties we face as citizens on Oahu and I might add from multiple points of view.  I look forward to another term as a member of my Neighborhood board so that I may serve my community.



As a resident of the Maunalani Heights area of Kaimuki since 2003, and a member of the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board since 2005, I have taken an active role in working to make our community a better place to live & visit. Whether it is the Maunalani Park Recreation building, public parking in Kaimuki, or issues of public health and civil rights of concern to people on all islands, I make sure state and local government leaders understand how their actions impact people living in Kaimuki. I want to continue working for Kaimuki and respectfully ask for your vote. Even more, I hope you will want to be a part of our grassroots democracy program and attend the monthly meetings of the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board, which take place on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at Liliuokalani Elementary School. Together, we can make a difference to have a community that champions equality and fairness and stands against injustice.      



Education: Stanford-Woods Institute, UH-MBA, Northwestern-Engineering. Work Experience: State of Hawai'i-Tourism Research Branch Chief, Kamehameha School-Strategic Planning, SMS Research & Marketing, HECO-Engineer. Community Experience: Kaimuki Neighborhood Board, Hawai?i Maoli Board, Maunalua Hawaiian Civic Club, Halau Na Kamalei. Achievement: First Nations Fellow, Pacific Century Fellow, PBN Forty Under 40.



My name is Dori Rybacki-Smith and I am running for a seat on the Kaimuki Neighborhood board.

My family and I live in the Wilhemina Rise/ Maunalani Heights area.  My son is two and my husband works as a physician at Queens Hospital. I am an attorney and a realtor/broker.  I would be pleased to bring to the Board my extensive experience in legal, procedural and land use issues. I have a simple vision to bring to the neighborhood board; accessibility, transparency and achievement.  I want to hear and represent our neighbors so their voices are heard in local government.  I want our community to know what is happening in their neighborhood.  I also want our neighborhood to understand and be advised as to how our local issues affect city and state issues and how city and state issues affect our neighborhood.  I want to see the advisory role of neighborhood boards to remain true to meeting the goals of the community.



Kaimuki is a vibrant neighborhood and an appealing destination for many people. As it evolves, one of the challenges is to maintain its quaint, charming neighborhood character while supporting a diverse businesses community. As a current neighborhood board member I would like to continue to help meet these challenges and enable positive solutions. I would contribute a distinct voice to this board. I was born and raised in Honolulu and have lived in the Kaimuki area since the late 1970's except for several years spent in San Diego. My career was in academic computer programming for oceanographic research. Now that I am living back home in Hawaii, I want to give back to my neighborhood, to keep Kaimuki a desirable place to live and visit. Besides serving on the Kaimuki Neighborhood Board, I have also been volunteering with Hawaii Public Radio, the Honolulu Symphony, the Contemporary Museum, the Hawaiian Humane Society and the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii. I am also a member of the Surfrider Foundation.


YABUI, Mark Y.     

Hi, I'm Mark Yabui. As a proud resident of Kaimuki for over 35 years and a graduate of Kaimuki High School and Hawaii Pacific University with a degree in Political Science, I would be honored to serve as your neighborhood board member. I will do my utmost to ensure our roads are safe and families are protected. It has been a privilege to grow up in Kaimuki, where neighbors know each other and support one another. These are the values I will bring to our neighborhood board.  


SUBDISTRICT 03 (3 Seats available)                                           



HACK, Randolph C.            


Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Heights N.B. No. 5

SUBDISTRICT 01 (5 Seats available)                                           

CAIN, S. Michael

I earned a Masters in Urban Planning from Manoa in 2004, and have a strong interest in urban design and how it affects a community. While the new rail system won't be coming directly into our neighborhood, it will still affect traffic patterns, investment, and development along Kapahulu and Wai`alae Avenues. My primary interest in serving on the Board is to help ensure that any development keeps the needs and values of our community in mind. I want to see a neighborhood where the businesses remain local, where public transport is more accessible, and where the sidewalks and streets are safe and friendly for pedestrians and bicyclists.


LUCKETT, Deborah A.

I obtained my Master's Degree in Public Health from the University of Hawaii with a special emphasis in environmental & occupational health. In my present profession I serve as a consultant to small companies in the healthcare profession. I have been a Hawaii resident since 1979 and a St. Louis Heights resident/homeowner since 1985. My candidacy arose from a myriad of concern regarding the direction that Honolulu will embark upon in its quest to become a world class city. Community concerns range from a lack of curbside recycling, access to healthcare, smart growth, environmental friendly building strategies, pollution, homelessness, crime and traffic. Mahalo & Aloha.


MILLER, Barbara

Please re-elect current Board member (since 1999).  Recording Secretary and Newsletter Editor.  St. Louis Heights Community Safety Watch Captain.  Widow. Retired. Naval officer. HS teacher. Main Issue: property tax relief.


NARITA, Bertram T. 


Currently serves as Neighborhood Board No. 5, Treasurer. St. Louis Heights resident for over 50-years. Served in the military for 30 years (U.S. Air Force and later in the National Guard).  My concern is for our fellow district residents and the escalating tax burden, with little if any return in the form of services and/or improvements to our neighborhood.  Many homes in our neighborhood are assessed near the million dollar mark and the current infrastructure is 'third world' at best.  When we ask for improvements we are told we must provide 50% of the cost.  We experience flooding because of the lack of a comprehensive storm drain system, we lack adequate parking spaces and many risk their personal safety because of the lack of safe walkways along public streets. Active member of the St. Louis Heights Community Association, the Neighborhood Watch and Fire Wise.  Happily married for 40 years and am blessed with two adult children.  If reelected I will continue to serve the community and voice their concerns.  Recently, my recommendation for an audit of certain commissions to evaluate their service to the public, and the technology which involves elevator safety during power emergencies has been acted on by the State House. I am also active in the Hawaii State Association of Parliamentarians, and military associations.  Mahalo nui loa, for allowing me to serve our neighborhood.


SUBDISTRICT 02  (5 Seats available)                                         

CHANG, Kenneth C. C.


Incumbent, elected member since 1974, offices held - Chair; Vice Chair; Sub District Chair; Treas; Standing Comm. Chair. others. Graduate of St. Louis High School '67; University of Hawaii '72; Kansas State University '74. Architect, principal and CEO, for Innovative Architectural Designs, Inc. and Residential Planning Consultants, Inc. both local architectural and planning firms in the Honolulu District. I am and have been very interested in working with the community and its residents. I have volunteered and served with many committees and organizations, including – New Kapahulu Business Association, past president and member; Waialae Place Condominium, president and member; Kaimuki-Waialae YMCA, past director; Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce, past president, Kaimuki Professional Business Association, member; Diamond Head Lions Club, past director and member; State Disability and Communications Access Committee, past vice chair and member; Guest Lecturer on ADA at Honolulu Community College and various community and medical facilities, many others. If re-elected, I will continue to devote my time and efforts towards working with the community to improve and maintain the quality of life that we all deserve.


DROWN, Scot M.

Public elementary school teacher at Jefferson Elementary School for 5 years.  Kapahulu homeowner for 4 years. 

In 1998 spoke for Kapahulu relatives before the Neighborhood Board and Liquor Commission to protect residential neighborhoods from the impact a business seeking a liquor license.   In 2004 attend Neighborhood Board and public meetings to address the proliferation of surf schools beyond the traditional Waikiki surf spots.  In 2005 successfully worked with the Neighborhood Board and Safeway to address residents' concerns regarding the design of the new Safeway shopping center.  Father of two young children and frequent user of area parks, beaches, and surf spots.  Familiar with the pressures placed on our natural resources by both visitors and residents.  Believes in the importance of a sustainable, mutually beneficial relationship between residents and Waikiki tourism.




Rick Egged is currently on the board, serving since 2005. His concerns relate to traffic and maintaining the character of the neighborhood. He is employed as President of the Waikiki Improvement Association since 1998. Rick is a home-owner and resident. He is also a proud father of three boys. Rick and his wife and sons frequently walk around our neighborhood and use our parks. The condition of our parks and pedestrian safety has a direct impact on them. He is a candidate because of his strong belief in the importance of making a positive contribution to the community. His other community service activities include the Salvation Army Oahu Advisory Board, the Waikiki Community Center Board and additional professional affiliations. In his previous employment Rick has served as the Director of the State Office of Planning, the Director of Administrative Affairs for Hawaii Loa College and as a principal in small agricultural and market research related businesses.  Rick Egged graduated from the University of Hawaii and Waipahu High School.



Incumbent NB#5 member for 28 years. Retired Police Officer, Honolulu Police Dept. Ala Wai Watershed Association, sub-district representative for Palolo, Kaimuki, Kapahulu, and Diamond Head. Life long resident of Kapahulu. University of Hawaii, BS degree in Recreation  Leadership. Interested in the safety and community concerns of our neighborhood.       


OTTO, Keo P.

My name is Joseph Patrick Otto, on the Ballot; my name appears as Joe P. "Keo" Otto. My wife Chi and I and our 7 children have lived in the Kapahulu, Kaimuki neighborhood for over 30 years. I have been your representative on the Board these past 2 years. It is both an honor and privilege to serve your best interests and those of our community on our Board.  Please consider voting for me to serve you another 2 years. Mahalo!



George Waialeale is presently serving on the Neighborhood Board. He has been a resident and homeowner of the area for 20 years.  George is a graduate of McKinley High School and Kapiolani Community College. He was employed by the Hawaiian Telephone Company for 39 years until his retirement.  George has been a life long  volunteer for positive community projects.  He has served for the New Kapahulu Business Association, Kanewai Park Advisory Council, St. Louis Community Association, Palolo Lions Club, Go For Broke Association  (100Bn./442nd Inf.), Hawaii State Electrical Association, as Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Hawaii and as Chairman of the Hawaii State Consumer Protection Advisory Council. George will continue to work for all of the residents of the neighborhood.


SUBDISTRICT 03   (5 Seats available)                                        


The task of the Neighborhood Board is to keep our area livable and safe for our residents.  In our monthly meetings, we help the police by reporting the community's complaints. We try to prevent overdevelopment by informing the city agencies of our concerns.  We do our best to help individual community members with their problems, usually by referring them to the appropriate government agencies and often by writing letters in their support.  We also study city and county activities and act in an advisory capacity. As a board member for the past six years, I take the business of the Board seriously.  I have a sense of pride and gratification from our successes in keeping our community and city a great place to live.



Founding member, Gold Coast Neighborhood Association. Developed an extensive record of service during the past two years on the Diamond Head/Kapahulu/St. Louis Hts. Neighborhood Board in working toward parking solutions and beach access improvement.  Successfully implemented ocean access ladder installation via the government  permitting process and fundraising.  Supports Kapiolani Park preservation issues and advocates  undergrounding utilities.  Interested in all issues affecting the quality of life in our community, and wishes to continue promoting the improvement and betterment of our area by actively responding to resident needs and requests.



Rene' was born on the Big Island of Hawaii, in Hilo. Throughout his younger years, he was raised in the Puna District right out side of Hilo town. He graduated from Kamehameha Schools in 1996, and received his Associates Degree in Electrical Installation Maintenance Technology from the Hilo Community College in 1998. Rene' met his wife Lauren in Hilo, while working part time at a popular local restaurant. It turned out that Lauren wasn't just an employee of the restaurant, but also the daughter, of the well respected owners. From there Rene' & Lauren moved to Kapahulu on the Island of Oahu in 1999, where in 2000 they then had a beautiful daughter named Kelsi. Being residents of Kapahulu now for the past 7 years Rene' has learned and is still learning about his home…Kapahulu. He and his wife are currently in Real Estate, and have been active for the past 3 years now. "I am looking forward to building a foundation for our community and becoming not just a neighbor…but someone you can call a friend."


MATSON, Michelle Spalding

Present member, former Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.  Supports sound planning practices, responsible natural resource management, reasonable transportation solutions and lower city taxes.  Active in land use planning and park preservation issues.  Working for reduced aircraft noise and a safer community. Diamond Head State Monument and Aloha Tower advisory committee member, Waikiki Area Residents Association board president, and Citizens Against Noise of Hawaii board secretary. Contributor to the Diamond Head State Monument Master Plan, successful legislation in 2006 to retain the Kaka`ako Makai shoreline for public use; and legislation introduced in 2007 to reduce tour helicopter and commercial jet aircraft noise impacts on this community.  Supports historic preservation and perpetuation of the Hawaiian culture. Wants to see a balanced, pro-active Neighborhood Board with working committees to responsibly address community planning, safety, environmental and legislative matters.  Advocates working with community residents and businesses for an improved quality of life and a true Hawaiian sense of place for both residents and visitors. 



Don A. Persons is a licensed Realtor®. President and principal broker of both Gold Coast Real Estate, Inc and Diamond Head Real Estate, Inc.  He takes pride in the neighborhood, having lived and worked here for more than 25 years. Volunteer activities include working with the Honolulu Marathon and participating in the weekly neighborhood police patrol.  Formerly a maintenance supervisor for Honolulu City & County Parks & Recreation, based in Kapiolani Park, he then worked as a resident manager within the community.  Member of the Outrigger & Elks Clubs along with the Waikiki & Diamond Head Rotaries.  Currently on 7 Board of Directors.  He is a Board Member of the St. Louis Heights, Kapahulu, & Diamond Head Neighborhood Board; President of the Eaton Square Shopping Center Board; Vice President of the Diamond Head Beach Hotel AOAO; Board Member of the Sans Souci, Inc AOAO; Vice President of the Gold Coast Neighborhood Association; Board Member of the Villa on Eaton Square AOAO; and a Board Member of the Kainalu, Inc AOAO. Don's personal goals are to promote quality of life for the future generations of the Island of Oahu and her surrounding waters.  He would also like to work for reasonable traffic solutions and promote responsible growth in the neighborhoods.


WONG, Linda

Active member of NB #5, Sub District #3, since 1999. Resident of Pualei Circle, for 26 yrs. Kuhio School DOE employee, 21 yrs. Successful in removal of Natatorium tow away zones again by having gated parking in 'pit' at Natatorium unlocked, installing new Community Garden Crosswalk on Leiahi at Pualei Circle with corresponding mulch delivery, paving of Leiahi St. from Montserrat to Noela Drive, activated and runs Pualei Circle E-mail Hui, and I also most avidly protested the installation of a 'Costco like' gas station at the upcoming Safeway in the Kapahulu, Sub District #2. I contribute testimony to City Council and Committees. I also contribute testimony to State House and Senate and their Committees, as I believe community options are renewed with dedicated public service.  I am a Member of Kapi`olani Park Advisory Council and the Waikiki Residents Association. Some of my acquaintances call me a 'politician'. I prefer to think that I am a representative for the 'little guy' or regular citizen whose voice is not heard. I try to represent my constituents in Pualei Circle with an E-mail 'Hui'. I also attend a Picnic given by my friend Linda in the Park on Leiahi and Noela with the entire neighborhood to hear the beat of the community.               


Palolo Neighborhood Board No. 6

AT-LARGE  (5 Seats available)


I have lived in Hawaii since 1965. I grew up in Kailua, and graduated from Kalaheo High School in 1979. I received my A.S. (Legal Assistant) from Kapiolani Community College in 1992. I have attended U.H. Manoa and U.H. West Oahu, pursuing a B.A. in English. I have worked in the legal field as a paralegal/legal assistant for nine years. Currently I am the editor/publisher of Model Cars Magazine, which is published out of Denver, Colorado. The reason I would like to be on the 2007 Neighborhood Board for Palolo is that I am seeing the Hawai`i I grew up with disappearing before our eyes. The neighborhoods are becoming less and less of an ohana. I truly believe one person can make a difference, no matter how small that difference is. I have no hidden agendas or loyalties, except to the people of Hawai`i. I look forward to serving the neighborhood and community of Palolo in 2007.



I love and care for the people of Palolo Valley and the land that many of us call home.  I have been on the neighborhood board for going on 10 years.  I have been chairperson for 5 years.  I am a registered nurse and a member of the Palolo Lions Club.  I would appreciate your vote and will do my best to listen and represent your needs.  Aloha and Mahalo!


ORANGE, Rachel S.

Rachel is a lifelong resident of Hawaii and has lived in Palolo since 2003. She has a background in Marine Science and works at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the Dept of Oceanography. Rachel is a firm believer in the notion that citizens can make a difference locally and nationally if they pay attention to and educate themselves on issues, express their opinions to their elected officials. In her spare time, Rachel has volunteered on the Palolo Neighborhood board since 2004, is active with the local Democratic Party, co-chairs the Progressive Democrats of Hawaii and paddles with the Waikiki BeachBoys Canoe Club.




SUBDISTRICT 01   (2 Seats available)                                         




Presently retired from City & County as an electrical inspector.  Member of Palolo Board for over 18 yrs.  Resident of Palolo Valley for 39 yrs.  My concern is for families of our community to keep it safe and secure.


SUBDISTRICT 02    (2 Seats available)                                            



SUBDISTRICT 04    (2 Seats available)                                           

HAYES C. Gladys Gerlich 


WEINSTEIN, Michael           


Manoa Neighborhood Board No. 7

SUBDISTRICT 01     (3 Seats available)                                           

NAKANO, George M.           


SUBDISTRICT 02     (3 Seats available)                                          


USAF Vet, UH Grad, Lived Manoa 35 years, 8 yrs Manoa N.B. Former Chair Sierra Club, Honolulu, Chair Earth Island Inst. (Hawaii). Chair Windstar Foundation (Oahu). AARP/Environmental Activist, TV producer.


CHUN, Rodney C.Y.




SUBDISTRICT 03    (5 Seats available)                                            

EADS, Eric T

I live and work, as a teacher, in Manoa. Although I did not grow up in Hawaii, my wife (who did) and I have chosen to raise our three daughters here. I am originally from Buffalo, New York.  I left to attend Harvard where I was active in sports and campus activities. I was elected to serve as a class Marshall for graduation.  Upon graduation I moved to Washington, DC where I spent 14 years as a teacher and coach and then as an educator and sales engineer in the technology industry. I love Hawaii and have felt right at home in Manoa. I have volunteered at the Punahou carnival, bought Christmas gifts at the Noelani craft fair, and I can often be found in the evenings at Safeway with my girls. I want to take a more active role in our community and serve on the Neighborhood Board. I ask for your support. Thank you.



Member & Treasurer Manoa Neighborhood Board 2005-present.  Attorney, Admitted to practice in California 1992, admitted to practice in Hawaii 2006.  Currently employed as Staff Attorney, Hawaii House of Representatives, Consumer Protection & Commerce Committee. Board of Directors of Ala Wai Watershed Association. In addition, I have participated in several Manoa Stream Cleanings with Malama o Manoa.  I have also assisted Councilmember Ann Kobayashi, Representative Kirk Caldwell, Senator Brian Taniguchi, and Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland with major recycling efforts based at Kaimuki and McKinley High Schools, an effort that removed a significant amount of bulky recyclable waste from our neighborhood as well as adjoining communities.  I would greatly appreciate your continued support and your vote to return me to the board. 


JACKSON, Dwight N.

Member Manoa Neighborhood Board from late 2005 to present.  Grew up in Honolulu, attending in order: Aliiolani Elementary; Robert Louis Stevenson Intermediate; Punahou School; The George Washington University; and University of Hawaii.  Had thirty year career in Civil Service as a Contracting Officer for the U.S. Navy, including Contracts Manager in London. U.K., and at SUPSHIP Pearl Harbor.  Have resided in Manoa for 25 years.  Very happily married and have 3 sons, a step daughter and nine grandchildren.  Long time runner (completed 31 marathons to date) and bicyclist. Strongly motivated to keeping the Manoa community beautiful and safe - a special place to live.


KESSLER, Brian D.  


LEE, Philmund "Phil" 


As a Manoa School parent, Phil Lee is very concerned about the removal of six-graders to an under-achieving middle school and the lack of access of parents to state departments like the DOE. An alumni of the International Institute of Human Rights at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France, he is conversant in many languages and worked for the International Red Cross Henri Dunant Institute in Geneva, and advocated for human rights at the U.N. Center for Human Rights in Switzerland where worked with other human rights advocates such as Lech Walesa and Nelson Mandela, and has traveled to 100 countries on all six continents. Phil Lee holds the distinction of being the only attorney in Hawaii to pass the Hawaii, California, Massachusetts and New York bar examinations and earn a master degree all in one year.   He is well versed in City and State issues and served as a Deputy Corporation Counsel, associate editor of a newspaper, judicial law clerk for Chief Judge James Burns, and Chief of Staff and/or Legal Counsel/Committee Clerk at the legislature for over a decade and is considered an advocate/expert in public policy issues.


MITSUDA, Brandon, R.

It has been my sincere pleasure serving you as Secretary on the Manoa Neighborhood Board.  I have lived my life in Manoa Valley, and have always wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much.  As a board member I have participated in community meetings on controlling the feral pig population in the valley, and on the planned improvements that will be made to the Manoa Library.  While on the board I have been an advocate for traffic safety studies, installation of proper traffic safety signage, flood prevention, hiker safety, repairing roads, reducing speeding, and reducing crime.  This upcoming term I plan to again make public health and safety my primary concern and focus.  I sincerely believe that the safer the Manoa community is, the more time and energy we can spend on the environmental, social, and economic development issues that the valley continues to face.  I believe that we in Manoa can adapt to whatever the future may hold for us while preserving our beautiful environment, rich cultural heritage, and wonderful community pride and spirit.  I humbly ask for your vote as I seek re-election to another term serving you on your Manoa Neighborhood Board. 



Current Manoa Board Chair (two years), board member for past four years.


SUBDISTRICT 04    (6 Seats available)                                            

FIGUEIREDO, Francisco R.




RAGSDALE, Milton            


McCully-Moiliili Neighborhood Board No. 8

SUBDISTRICT 01       (6 Seats available)                                       

GANS, Miriam (Mimi)

Miriam "Mimi" Gans has lived in the Mo'ili'ili neighborhood for over 15 years.  She was appointed to fill a vacancy on the McCully-Mo'ili'ili Neighborhood Board in September 2006.  Originally from Wisconsin, she moved to Hawaii with her family in 1989 when her mother accepted a faculty position at the University of Hawaii.  A former UH student and a graduate of Heald College Honolulu, Mimi works as an accounting clerk at the corporate offices of Foodland Super Market.  A classically trained pianist and vocalist, Mimi has participated with many local musical institutions, including the Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, and Hawaiian Chorus at the University of Hawaii; as well as the Honolulu Men's Chorus and Honolulu Symphony Chorus, among others.  She also devotes much of her free time to community and non-profit organizations.  She is a tutor and trainer with Hawaii Literacy, which helps adults with low literacy skills learn to read and write.  She is a regular volunteer for Hawaii Foodbank, Institute for Human Services (IHS), Hawaii Public Radio, and other happenings such as community cleanups.  Of her many community involvements, Mimi is dedicated to helping find solutions to Hawaii's growing problems with homelessness, drug use, graffiti, and other criminal activities.


LARSON, Betty Lou


TABOR, Shaunna J.


SUBDISTRICT 02     (6 Seats available)                                         





My interests and concerns for our neighborhood have been on-going for over thirty years.  I am active and have held, or currently hold, leadership positions in the School Community Councils of Washington Middle School and Kaimuki High School; the Old Town Moiliili Business Association; the Friends of the McCully - Moiliili Library; the Ala Wai Watershed Association;  the Honolulu Post VFW; and three neighborhood PTA groups. For the Neighborhood Board, I see our biggest challenge in the next two years as two-fold:  Transportation and Planning our Community's growth.  I'd like to continue working with Kamehameha Schools, the University of Hawaii - Manoa and our individual land owners.  To preserve our stores, shops, affordable housing has been a constant message of our neighbors since 1974, along with improving our infrastructure and the overall image of our community. I will continue working with our on-going Citizen Patrol groups walking weekly in McCully and Moiliili. We've activated a Graffiti Patrol to paint over public property, and our Affordable Housing/Homeless Committee is working with the City, State and private organizations on long-term solutions. I will continue to help lead community clean-ups of streams, parks and streets.  Mostly, I look forward to your support so we can continue our work to meet these challenges.  Aloha.


TAKAMURA, Clifton Hiroshi

Manufacturer’s Representative, University of Hawaii-main campus and community college systems Academic Assistant, Phase Twenty Committee-political economic community organization – grassroots Political Lobbyist, United nations Association/United States of America – inactive member, Manoa/McCully-Moiliili/Makiki Oahu Community Vision Team: 10-Inactove member, Office of Election/State of Hawaii-Election precinct Officer, Hawaii State Economic revitalization Task Force – Inactive member, Ala Wai Watershed Association – Active member, Democratic party of Hawaii – Active member, McCully-Moiliili Neighborhood Community Citizen Patrol – Active member, Sons and Daughters of the MISVA, 442cd Inf. RCT, 100th Inf Bn-Active member, University of Hawaii Alumni Association UHM/UH-HCC- Active member, McCully-Moiliili Neighborhood Board District: 08- Active member.


SUBDISTRICT 03   (5 Seats available)                                             

FURUTO, Gordon T. Jr.  


HATA, Les      


KATO, John Y.   


KYI-YIM, Serena M.Y.        


Waikiki Neighborhood Board No. 9

SUBDISTRICT 01    (6 Seats available)                                            

ADAMS, Jo-Ann M.

I have been a member of the Waikiki Neighborhood Board since May 2005.  I have attended all but one meeting during my tenure.  During the meetings I actively listened, voiced citizen concerns and asked probing questions of government representatives and elected officials. I was not going to run again because my time is so limited:  I have not been able to reach out to the constituency and pursue issues that arise in the board meetings.  However, I have been encouraged by other board members to run based solely on my participation in the board meetings. If my neighbors agree that my limited involvement is making a contribution, I will be honored to serve again.


AMONG, Les A. 

Les A. Among has served the WNB#9 for five terms. He also was Secretary and Chair for Sub-district 1 during his terms on the Board. He is very active on issues that concern the residents of Waikiki. He supports fighting crime, creation of jobs in his district and property rights of owner residents in Waikiki.



My name is Helen Carroll, and I am a candidate for the Waikiki Neighborhood Board due to the encouragement of many in the Waikiki Community who are familiar with my community involvement.  I have been a resident of Waikiki since 1984, and since that time have been very involved in community issues and concerns.  I have served as a Director on a number of organizations relating to community affairs, which includes the HCAAO addressing condominiums, the Hale Coalition, addressing leasehold property concerns, the Cooperative Apartment Board of Directors where I reside, and currently the Waikiki Residents Association.  I have attended Waikiki Neighborhood Board meetings on a regular basis for the majority of the years of my Waikiki residency, addressing issues of concern with testimony, and have provided testimony at the Honolulu City Council Meetings.  Should I be elected, I will always focus on the impact of issues upon the community.  We, the residents must protect our home, Waikiki.


GRUNTZ Raymond A.

ALOHA, I need your vote again, to continue efforts against the RAIL in WAIKIKI. We need HOT LANES, express HIGHWAY that will cost (ONE THIRD) the cost of the TRAIN. I WON'T GET OUT OF MY CAR, WILL YOU? PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY WANT RAIL, EXPECT YOU TO RIDE IT, NOT THEM. Over building in WAIKIKI has to STOP. As a retired NYC- PD Detective from MANHATTAN, I came here to get away from what is about to come here. Some day I will convince our elected officials, to copy NY State LOITERING LAW for HAWAII, WE DON'T HAVE ONE. RUDY used it to cleanup NYC. If you think OVERBUILDING is okay, the TRAIN is needed in WAIKIKI, and our Police don't need better LAWS that they can work with; DON'T VOTE FOR ME. Come to our Neighborhood Board meetings and read our meeting minutes; see who has your back. I have been the only person with 100% attendance at our Neighborhood Board meetings the past 4 years and 10 months. Watch our Neighborhood Board meetings on Friday night at 9 pm, on Olelo; Chnl. 54. Also Director of Ilikai Marina Condominium Association Board and Director of Waikiki Residents Association. MAHALO!




I am a retired Naval Officer who is now a professor of Computer Science at Honolulu Community College.  I am a long time resident of Waikiki and have had the honor of serving on the Neighborhood Board for the past six years. I am presently serving as chair of Subdistrict #1 and chair of the Education committee.  I have listened to your concerns of uncontrolled growth and not properly designing for the related elements of sewage, sidewalks, traffic control, noise control, and crime control.  Without a proper design solution, the four new towers to be erected in the Hobron – Hilton area will cause traffic gridlock and a threat to our safety as both motorists and pedestrians.



I am presently on the board and look forward to representing the residents of Waikiki for another full 2-year term.  If re-elected, I will continue to support resident & visitor safety issues for Waikiki.  I believe Waikiki needs to be treated as a neighborhood as well as a tourist destination. As a small business owner I am concerned about rising property taxes.  Member of NAACP and Small Business Administration. Mahalo nui loa for all your support!


SWORD, Carol A.

In the past I have been a two-term elected member of the Waikiki Neighborhood Board and served as its Treasurer. Recently I was appointed to fill the vacancy left by our newly elected State Representative. Before the appointment, I attended nearly every meeting because I am a concerned citizen. Among our many issues, noise is considered the most important by many of our residents because our subdistrict is constantly plagued by traffic, car alarms, beepers, etc. As a member of the Neighborhood Board, I want to join in the effort to reduce noise. Leasehold and taxes are other issues that are of great concern to our residents. Because many of our seniors are living on fixed incomes, I will fight any tax increase that will limit their ability to provide for their needs. Tourism is still the economic engine that runs our economy, and my experience in the travel industry has given me the knowledge needed to find solutions to problems that are now confronting us in a highly competitive world for visitors and the dollars they spend. If I am elected, I will continue to participate in the process that gives us all a voice in our government.


SUBDISTRICT 02    (6 Seats available)                                            

APAKA, Jeffrey 

Dir. Community Relations at Waikiki Community Ctr. My contributions are to develop a safer visitor & resident neighborhood with a Hawn sense of place in Waikiki. I want to bridge the gap between residents and visitors. I support community policing and need all condos to encourage volunteers to patrol their immediate areas.


BASICH, Lawrence

Mr. Basich is a 55 year old who graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering in 1973.  For 30 years, he worked in the field of hydrology and hydraulics for private firms and federal government agencies in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Washington States, primarily in the design and analysis of floodplains and closed hydraulic systems. In this capacity, he dealt with Federal, State and local governments, along with local citizens, on a daily basis resolving issues of fluvial hydraulics, floodplain mapping and their affects on the various jurisdictions.  Mr Basich also worked extensively as a Professional Engineer on over 20 disasters in various States and Territories of the United States during that time frame. Mr. Basich retired in 2002 and moved to Hawaii in 2003 with his wife, who was born in Waipahu.



I have served on the Neighborhood Board for six years and currently am the Vice Chairman and Chair of the Legislative Committee. A sixteen year Waikiki resident, I am Vice President of the Waikiki Residents Association, and President of the AOAO Hawaiian Monarch. I have been   a public interest attorney for 33 years, serving as staff attorney at the Hawai'i State Senate;   Hearing Officer for the Department of Health; and currently an attorney with the Hawai'i Disability Rights Center.  I am a strong proponent of quality of life issues for local residents.  I have been a leader on the Neighborhood Board and Waikiki Residents Association opposing increased development and encroachment into residential areas. I have advocated for a carrying capacity study, so that future growth will be sustainable. I believe strongly in the need for greater environmental protection and am currently on the Board of Directors of Hawai'i's Thousand Friends. I have a reputation for hard work; a strong knowledge of government; and an ability to work with people of varying points of view to achieve consensus. I have been an experienced, reasoned voice for community concerns. I will continue to be an effective, experienced advocate on the Neighborhood Board.


FINLEY, Robert J.


Aloha, I am Robert "Bob" Finley and am currently serving the community as Chairperson of the Waikiki Neighborhood Board.  During my tenure as member and Chair of the Board I have strived to make the board more open and have encouraged diverse opinions on projects and issues we face. I have used my military and visitor industry background when supporting or opposing projects that impact our community. My future goals include a safer and less noisy Waikiki with controlled growth and improved infrastructure.  Mahalo for your vote!




With your support, seeking re-election to the Waikiki Neighborhood Board #9 for a fourth term (Note: 100% attendance). Waikiki resident since 1979 (28 years). Currently Vice-Chairman, Sub-District #2; and appointed WNB#9 Chairman of Waikiki Citizens Patrol. Past Waikiki Neighborhood Board #9 Chairman; past member of the Waikiki Residents Association; past President of MADD; past President (Honolulu Chapter) and Lt. Gov. Toastmasters. Appointed to the Governor's USS Missouri HomePort Task Force, Housing Committee Chairman; Citizens Against Noise (CAN), Vice-President; Aloha United Way, Fund Raiser Guest Speaker, and Honolulu Board of Realtors (Finance/Budget Committee). Past Atkinson Towers, Inc. (co-op) President & Chairman of the Board of the Directors. Currently: USA Army Veteran; American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) member; La Casa Condo Board of Directors, Vice-President, and Honolulu Realtor since 1979. Attended Santa Monica High School, and graduated from the Bronx High School of Science, New York City, in 1955. Attended Columbia Collage, UCLA, and graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Class of 1961. Please read my position on: Crime, Noise, Graffiti, LH/FS conversion, and more. Website:



MARTIN, Robert J.

Robert J. Martin has been a resident of Waikiki since moving to Hawaii in the early summer of 2003. Licensed to practice law in Hawaii that year, Robert clerked for Chief Judge James S. Burns of the Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals. After his clerkship, he worked for the law firm of Bays, Deaver, Lung, Rose and Baba, concentrating his practice in real estate and construction litigation, real estate transactions, and land use and public utilities matters. During his time as an attorney, Robert has cultivated a solid relationship with the Honolulu business community – an association that he continues to develop to this day as an attorney at the Law Offices of Robert E. Badger. Also licensed as a real estate salesperson, Robert has comprehensive experience in both residential and commercial real estate, including leasing, management, marketing, sales and auctions. Originally from New Orleans, Robert loves living in Waikiki for its warmth, beauty, friendly citizens, and abundance of outdoor activities.  As a candidate for the Neighborhood Board, Robert would like to work with the Board to ensure Waikiki's position as a premier worldwide tourist destination, while maintaining the close knit neighborhood charm that he has come to love.



Aloha Friends & Neighbors, My name is Richard Personius and I am seeking a seat on the Waikiki Neighborhood Board, Sub-district 2. Together with my wife Hitomi, I live in the Aloha Lani Condominiums on the Ala Wai. For the last 7 years, I have made Waikiki my home. I am currently the Director of Research for a local real estate firm. Previously, I worked as a researcher for the Hawaii State Senate. As a professional researcher, experience has taught me that it is essential to listen to all of the facts before drawing a conclusion. Too often, our elected officials have forgotten that golden rule. As an elected member of our neighborhood board I will: seek out community input on issues brought before the board, listen to all of my neighbors' ideas and concerns, work to ensure that our community's voice is heard and addressed by City and State government. I want to know what you think.  Please take the time to answer the survey I sent to all registered voters in Sub-district 2. Please visit my website Thank you for taking the time to learn about me.   Please vote for Personius: Neighborhood Board.  


SUBDISTRICT 03     (5 Seats available)                                           

BALCHER, Charles I. 

My name is Chuck Balcher. I am 55 yrs. Old, married to a Filipino lady, three boys ages 10, 9 and 5. I was the President of Friends Of Jefferson, a community- school organization, whose purpose is to raise money, through fundraisers, to help Jefferson school finance programs like hiring tutors to improve students reading performance. Born in Ohio, I graduated from Ohio State University, with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work. I also attended the Masters of Philosophy program at Cleveland State University. I worked as a social worker upon graduation before moving to Hawaii, in 1977. I speak Japanese and taught intermediate Japanese locally at Maryknoll and Mid-pac High Schools. I sold real estate in Hawaii for ten years earning several top salesman awards. I'm a registered republican and I am interested in becoming more involved with the Republican Party in any way I can help. I am a firm Bush supporter. I feel the lack of support, President Bush receives is reprehensible. My most ardent point is to offer convincing logic for America to stay in Iraq, until the Iraqi people can provide for their own security.



To my neighbors in Waikiki Subdistrict #3

I respectfully request your vote for my re-election to the Waikiki Neighborhood Board.  I have a B.S. in Engineering and professional experience that includes Computer Technology, Real Estate and Finance.  I take an active role in the WNB meetings. To help you make your decision; here is a quick summary of my position on current issues: A) Oppose Rail Project through Waikiki. Will be an aesthetic disaster. B) Oppose Rail Project Overall – Ridership projections don't support the project, costs and over-runs, and future maintenance costs. C) Improve and add walkways and bike paths.  In response to 77% who voted in favor of a "Pedestrian & Bike Friendly" Honolulu. D) Noise reduction: Air traffic re-route, siren night-time volume reduction, muffler enforcement, etc. E) Air pollution: Tough emission standards needed for motor vehicles. F) Beach & Park Cleanliness: More control over "activities" by the homeless. G) Density limits: Oppose efforts to increase height limits in Waikiki and surrounding areas. H) Crime Reduction: Police need stronger commitment to enforcement.


CHEN, David

David Chen strongly believes in putting the people of Hawaii first and being a true advocate for Waikiki residents. It's time to take action and get tough on crime and drugs.

David was first elected to the Waikiki Neighborhood Board two years ago, and is running again because he wants to make a real difference in the future of Hawaii. David cares for our community and will not quit fighting for safer streets, improving infrastructure, and a more responsible government.

 As a longtime Waikiki resident, David is noteworthy for his commitment to fairness and openness. He bases all decisions on merit without regard to politics. As a small business owner and working full time in the business banking field, David offers a fresh perspective, critical to the uniqueness of Waikiki. David will listen to your concerns, needs and solutions, and will do what's right with no hidden agenda.


COOK, Jonathan E.

Aloha Neighbors! I am a Radford High School graduate, now working in Internet Marketing. My memories go back to the days of Termite Palace and Aku Pupule. Like you, I believe our concerns have often been drowned out by the loud voice of the tourism industry. If that persists, we will lose a great neighborhood. Our neighborhood. I don't claim to have all the answers. No one does. What I do promise is to listen to your concerns and ideas with an open mind and a closed mouth. Better Infrastructure - Last year's sewage spill was preventable. We must learn from that to stop future problems BEFORE they happen. Better Planning – More, and bigger, buildings have an impact that's rarely considered before ground breaks. That must change. Now. Better Neighbors - We need coordinated efforts to get rid of the drug dealers and the problems they bring to our neighborhoods. I have an idea of how we can do this. Please join with me so we can preserve and improve Waikiki local life.


DUNCAN, Norman L.

My name is Norman Duncan.  I am currently an incumbent with the Waikiki Neighborhood Board.  I was in management with Sears and retired in 1999 after 35 years with them.  I currently do volunteer work through the Waikiki Community Center.  My wife Evelyn and I own a condo and live here year round. My primary concerns are noise pollution, graffiti and affordable housing.  I am committed to keeping Waikiki the best place to own and live. I would appreciate your vote. Mahalo!


MERZ, Jeff

Waikiki continues to be the most unique, vibrant and diverse neighborhood in Hawaii, not to mention its unrivaled status as the tax, wage and revenue generator for the state. Without Waikiki, our entire state economy would collapse.  Why do we not receive our fair share of infrastructure modernizations, police services, park and canal maintenance, social services, transit/bike improvements and good long-term planning and design?

Our enjoyment of our Waikiki lifestyle comes with the responsibility for Waikiki's long term future.  With your vote, I will continue to use my urban planning background, first-hand knowledge with local government procedures and officials, and my past two year's experience as your elected representative on the Neighborhood Board, to bring about OUR long-term vision for Waikiki. This vision can be neither short-sighted nor provincial.  It requires input from newcomers, kama'aina, college students, children, retirees, business owners/operators, service industry workers, families, partners, investors, politicians and visitors.  No one group has a monopoly on our Waikiki vision. Needed redevelopment continues in Waikiki and new projects are bringing vibrancy to our neighborhood.  Let's harness this energy to ensure a well-planned, equitable, sustainable, pedestrian-friendly, technologically-cutting edge and inclusive community built on a foundation of genuine Hawaiian design and culture.


PETERS. Michael


Aloha!  It has been a pleasure serving our community as an elected member of the Waikiki Neighborhood Board.  Since first being elected in 2001, I have gained extensive knowledge of all issues affecting our community. I understand Waikiki and will work tirelessly to create a more beautiful and safe community. This includes working for safer streets and bus stops, less unnecessary urban noise, and more choices for condo-owners, apartment renters, and co-op dwellers.  I am tough on crime, sensitive to our traffic and parking mess, and troubled about rising property taxes. Concerned about the environment, I was outraged by Waikiki's massive sewage spill and believe everything possible should be done to prevent another similar environmental disaster from ever happening again. This includes greater awareness of our carrying capacity and underground infrastructure limits before any additional large-scale development projects are approved. Active and involved in the community: C.A.N. (Citizens Against Noise); Let Honolulu Vote; Surfrider Foundation; Waikiki Aquarium; Read Aloud America; St. Augustine Church; Grassroot Institute; Hawaii Bicycling League. Current teacher and part-time visitor industry professional.  Maui C.C. and Hawaii Pacific University graduate. I humbly ask for your vote and please contact me anytime with your questions and concerns.  Mahalo!


SMITH, Mark                 

My name is Mark Smith. If elected to the neighborhood board I will do my best to represent Waikiki residents and their concerns about noise in our neighborhood. I helped bring back the organization called Citizens Against Noise and I am the groups Vice President.  In this role I have been meeting with government and elected officials to voice the concerns of people like you and me about the noise caused by modified vehicle mufflers and by bars and nightclubs that don't operate by the rules. As a child I attended Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and Washington Intermediate while living in Waikiki in the early 60's.  My ties to this neighborhood go back a long way and I have witnessed many changes, some good and some bad.  I am a retired financial manager having spent my entire career working for Silicon Valley firms in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Japan. Today, I run a family business in Hawaii and I am a resident of the Liliuokalani Gardens. If like me, you are concerned about noise in Waikiki, then I hope you will vote for me to represent you on the Waikiki Neighborhood Board.


Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus Board No. 10

SUBDISTRICT 01    (6 Seats available)                                            


Hawaii resident since 1983.  Makiki resident since 1985.  Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Fiji).  Masters degrees in Education and in Urban Planning (latter from U. Hawaii).  Employed as community and environmental planner, US Navy, 1986-present.  Part-time geography instructor, HPU.  Makiki Neighborhood Board member since 1980s.  Volunteer mediator.  Interests: community-based decision-making, transportation planning, environmental issues, noise pollution.


CAROLE, Charles H.  






SUBDISTRICT 02      (7 Seats available)                                         

HAURET, Philip C.

Please reelect Phil Hauret to the NB. A 6 year veteran of the Board, I bring to the table many years of experience in business and government affairs. I have lived in Hawaii since 1967 and first resided in Makiki in 1975. Graduate of Punahou and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I take responsible positions and believe government should focus on the maintenance and upgrading of existing facilities, not the building of mega projects. Acknowledging that everyone doesn't always get what they want, my style is to reach compromises.



3 years on the Makiki Neighborhood Board, 17 years of military service, (6 years United States Marine Corps and 12 years Hawaii Air National Guard), Fulltime employee for the Hawaii Air National Guard. Resident of Makiki for 12 years.


JAMES, John W.

I have been a Hawaii resident since 1963.  I worked as an Air Force officer, an English teacher at Farrington High School, and as a professional social worker in corrections. I am retired now, and would like to spend my time working on issues that face us. I believe in conservation and the protection and maintenance of our way of life. I am a past member of the Manoa Neighborhood Board. I worked to preserve Noelani Elementary School and was also involved with the group 'Save Manoa.' I have recently been acting in helping the elderly.


LEE, Allan W.H.   

Incumbent. 40 years ministry of counseling and pastoring. Certification in Family Therapy. Leader of numerous and various seminars.


LEE, Eloise   

Incumbent. 28 years with public schools as teacher, counselor, principal, and education specialist. Hawaii State Ethics Commissioner, 2000-2004. Former Trustee for the College Board.



Don't Vote for Sam Mitchell. He's a Blue Collar Liberal Labor Activists who has served on two Neighborhood Boards (Makiki 4 years & Liliha Board 11 years) He should be retired because he no longer represents the average rich voter. Sam's a condo renter who works as a Submarine Mechanic at Pearl Harbor Shipyard. He grad from Castle High (1976) and Honolulu Community College in 1980. Sam has no higher education degrees or special membership in any organzation that the Right Wing Media respects. In fact he was past President of the Hawaii Federal Machinists Union and was elected as a Democratic Party Presidential Elector in 2004. If you don't think Sam represent your point of view please vote for someone that does not have any information next to their name. All or are Makiki Board Members are highly qualified and a lot of them have no information next to their name because someone changed the forms.



Presently sits on the Neighborhood Board #10 – for the past 4 years. Past board member of #3 for 6 years. Capt. in the USMC. Past board member of the American Red Cross, Hawaii Chapter (Chair 1987-89 & 92), Chaminade University, Hanahau'oli School, Hawaii Public Television, Boy Scouts, Bishop Museum, St. Francis Medical Center and Honolulu Symphony.


TANG, Rock S. 


Rock Tang for the Makiki neighborhood board! I look forward to having the opportunity to serve on the neighborhood board and fulfill my responsibility to the community by listening to and understanding the concerns of the community and making informed recommendations to the appropriate government agencies.  We live in a busy society and I hope that my voice will represent others, especially young working professionals, who may care about community issues, but who may be too pressed with other obligations to regularly attend neighborhood board meetings. I hope that by working with other board members, we can help resolve the challenges that face our community. Stanford Law School, J.D.; University of California, Los Angeles, B.A.; State of Hawaii - licensed real estate salesperson;  State of New York - licensed attorney; Honolulu Academy of Arts – member; Sierra Club – member; I appreciate your vote and endeavor to serve to the best of my ability.


SUBDISTRICT 03      (4 Seats available)                                          


Hello friends and neighbors of Makiki/Tantalus. I am pleased to submit myself as a candidate for Neighborhood Board. I was born and raised in New England, but my dream has always to be a tropical forester. My work experience includes student/researcher (Costa Rica), Peace Corps Volunteer /forestry (Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands) staffer (EPA Washington, DC), administrator Majuro, Marshall Islands). Since 1992 I have worked as a forester with the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Forestry and Wildlife where I head the Planning & Information Services section. I have lived and worked in Honolulu since 1990. In 2002 I purchased a condo on Thurston Ave. I love this neighborhood for its beauty, cultural diversity and access to urban and natural amenities. Community service is important to me. I am proud to have volunteered and served as board member for the Honolulu Symphony Chorus, The Life Foundation, Save the FoodBasket and The Rainbow Film Festival. I am currently president of my condo association and recently filled a standing vacancy on our Neighborhood Board. As a member of the Board I am interested in recycling, mass transit, and issues that affect the quality of life, such as crime, traffic and noise.


HEBERT, Christopher L. 


KAWANO, Richard H.   

Makiki resident from 1977. We need bulk trash pick-up 2x month, noise controls, more affordable housing. President of my condo board, past-President Lincoln El. PTSA. Small business owner-R.K. Specialties since 1974. Concerned and committed to help make Makiki and beyond better for all of us. Thank you for your support.   


YOUNG, Susan Lai


Susan Lai Young has made her home in Makiki for the past 23 years.  She has served on our neighborhood board for the past 12 years.  Susan is currently a Financial Consultant for American Savings. She has previous experience in legislative staff positions, as a public school math teacher, a stock broker, banker, and fundraiser (for United Way). Historically, Susan has supported effort to protect Makiki as a cohesive neighborhood serving a diverse population.  She has consistently stressed using common sense approaches to resolving neighborhood issues.  Her years of experience on the neighborhood board lend a unique perspective and continuity to her view of our neighborhood. Susan Lai Young is committed to serving you. Mahalo for your support.


Ala Moana/Kakaako Neighborhood Board No. 11

SUBDISTRICT 01   (4 Seats available)                                             



Nancy L. Hedlund is committed to representing residents and small businesses in the Ala Moana/Kaka'ako neighborhood. This specifically includes supporting development of parks, bus transportation improvements, survival of small businesses, and development of middle-income housing. The community needs more open green parks and free recreation space because of increases in population density and costs from all the new high-rise condo development. One recent achievement was work with other citizens last Spring ("Save Kaka'ako") to block the state from selling precious shorefront land in Kaka'ako makai for private luxury residential development. Commitment to improving the community also includes maintaining a steady presence at monthly meetings of the HCDA, the Hawai'i Community Development Authority which is the state agency that has authority for Kaka'ako. And it means going to City Council meetings and regularly submitting testimony to state and city-county agencies on matters of community concern. Finally, commitment to the community means supporting bus guideways and other alternatives to the exorbitant costs of fixed rail that will burden citizens for decades and create an eyesore in our community. Serving on the Ala Moana/Kaka'ako is a privilege and an act of commitment. 


OKUMOTO, Steven K.          


SUBDISTRICT 02    (2 Seats available)                                            

HURST, Larry  


KADOTA, Alan K.     

Hi, my name is Alan Kadota. I'm a candidate in District 11 (Subdistrict 2). I was born, raised and currently living in this same neighborhood all my life. I attended Kaahumanu Elementary, Washington Middle, Mckinley High and Kapiolani Community College. I am employed by the State of Hawaii as a cook.  Married and have 2 children (19 & 16). Both attended public schools here in Hawaii and one still is. I, as well as my wife, have lived in the District 11 neighborhood for 40 plus years!!!  My wife's family has a family house that has been in the neighborhood for over 60 years. I have seen good and bad changes. I know a lot of people living in this neighborhood and would like to see things done that would benefit the people living in this neighborhood!!!  I'm just your typical guy who's married with kids and wants the best for everyone!!


LOYD, Richard C.   


SIH, Dyane Y.


SUBDISTRICT 03    (2 Seats available)                                          


Mr. Magaldi received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting from the University of Hawaii. His advanced degree is a Master's in Business Administration received from Pepperdine University. Mr. Magaldi is involved in community affairs and is past Chair of the Nuuanu/Punchbowl Neighborhood Board #12. Also, he is the Chair of the Civilian Advisory Committee to the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization. He is the Corporate President Emeritus of HOBY (Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership) Hawaii. Mr. Magaldi is President Emeritus of the Friends of Italy Society of Hawaii. Mr. Magaldi enjoys sporting events, the opera, symphony, and stage performances. He relaxes in his free time playing golf, jogging and traveling.



I would like to continue serving the community as a member of the Ala Moana Kakaako Neighborhood Board.  My primary focus is on the properly planned growth of our neighborhood, balancing the interests and needs of its residents.  Traffic and population density are issues that need continued discussion.  Our neighborhood needs to be more pedestrian-friendly, with well-maintained parks and a focus on resident safety.  There are many issues of concern to residents of our community and the Neighborhood Board is a good forum for bringing those concerns and suggested solutions to the attention of our elected representatives. 



Aloha.  My name is Anne V. Stevens and I am a 13 year resident in Hawaii.  I have lived in the Ala Moana/Kakaako area since 1993.  I am a veteran of the US Coast Guard, specializing in Search and Rescue.  Here in Hawaii, I managed a small business (steamship agency) for several years.  In 2006, Governor Lingle appointed me to serve in the State House of Representatives.  I represented House District 23, includes Ala Moana, Kakaako and Waikiki during 2006. My education:  Graduate of Springfield College in Springfield, MA, with honors.  In 2005, I attended Harvard University's Program for Executives in State & Local Government.  I have always been concerned with community issues, esp. homelessness, noise abatement, and elder care.  I have worked especially hard to preserve park space in our community and advocated for infrastructure improvements.   I have organized Ala Wai Harbor clean ups and recycling drives.  Most recently, I sponsored a series of Fall Prevention seminars for senior citizens and caregivers. Affiliations:  Rotary Club, Hawaii Ocean Safety Team, Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii, and St. Andrew's Cathedral. Personal:   I am single and enjoy tennis, cooking, and volunteer work.  I care for my mother, Florence, who has dementia.


Nuuanu/Punchbowl Neighborhood Board No. 12

SUBDISTRICT 01   (5 Seats available)                                             


Married with two grown children.  Lived in the area for the past 32 years.  Worked as an Outreach Counselor at Stevenson Intermediate for 13 years.  Both my wife and myself are retired from the Hawaii DOE.  Currently employed as an Educational Consultant for Pacific Resources for Education and Learning.



Versatile Local Portuguese Candidate seeks genuine friendship.  Elected six terms.  Elected Chairperson last two years.  I initiated online posting, and status reporting of all community concerns.  I made referrals and follow-up inquiries to appropriate government agencies regarding the status of issues raised by our community, promptly responded to all inquiries made by residents, and testified at the state legislature.  I provided board members reports from elected officials, government agencies, and private entities.  My efforts to serve in this elected capacity resulted in increased police presence; roadway resurfacing and maintenance; repairs of public restrooms and recreational facilities; elimination of abandoned vehicles, bulky items, etc…  I secured a safe and centralized meeting facility (Pauoa School) to accommodate more people with ample seating, and lighted parking.  I prepared meeting agenda items; coordinated with various government and private entities for presentations; facilitated our meetings in a fair, timely, and professional manner.  Achieved Doctorate Certification (Sports Medicine), and successfully assisted in organizing the 1988 Korea Olympics.  I'm retired from the Air Force, currently employed at City Council, and own several businesses.    Mahalo for the opportunity to represent our precious community!  E-Komo-Mai Papakolea and Punchbowl!  I wish you success in all your endeavors – Aloha!   527-5569 


CARREIRA, Richard "Manno" 

Local Boy" 5th generation.  Born & raised on Prospect St. Went to Cathedral, Royal, Kawananakoa & Roosevelt Schools.  24 years with City & County of Honolulu.  Real Estate investor and landlord.  Married 28 years to my beautiful wife Cathy and have 4 wonderful children, Tema, Heaven, Kelii & Kalino.  Elected to two terms. Helped to clean up our neighborhood of abandoned cars, drug users and prostitutes on our streets.  More police patrolling our neighborhood too.  It's been an honor serving you all and I look forward to serving you again.  I will always do my best for all of us! Love and aloha I pray that our homes and families will be safe and happy for generations to come. God bless us all and peace on earth.


JONES, Patricia M.

Became board member in 2001; elected in last term ending this year. Left the board due to personal/family issues. Am ready to resume with my civic duties for my neighborhood. There are many unsolved issues to be taken care of and need the community support to get things done. Born and raised in Punchbowl and very concerned in keeping this a safe community for old and young alike. The neighborhood board is the go between citizens and government, and together we can get things accomplished. Punchbowl/Papakolea have issues that need attention, please stand by your NBH representative. Aloha.


MARN, James Y.  

St. Louis HS, UC-Berkeley, BA, Busn Investor. I will be a watchdog and advocate for community; ensure bonds and residential character of district; ensure parks and streets are maintained and safe. My continued service on the Pauoa Neighborhood Board will mean listening carefully to concerns and input from all area residents including Punchbowl.


TOM, Bob  

I am running for the Neighborhood Board because I believe that our district is a unique place to live that is now being taken over by careless development, overcrowding, traffic concerns and crime. As a past candidate for the State House of Representatives, I am motivated at being a part of the community ( Pauoa/Punchbowl) where I was born and raised.  In 2004 and 2006, I walked over 4000 homes talking to people in the district, listening to their concerns and solutions. The major concern was…NO ONE IS LISTENING or HEARING THEM! I attended Cathedral School and went on to graduate from Saint Louis School. I continued my education at the University of San Diego with a Bachelors of Business Administration (Management) and specialized in food service at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. I am currently teaching Culinary Arts at Hawaii Job Corps, working with at risk and disadvantaged youths for the last ten years.  I am also working with my wife, Wendy Loh, in our company, Kona Paradise Candies located right in our neighborhood on School Street.


SUBDISTRICT 02   (5 Seats available)                                          

AIONA, Mason    


CRISLIP, Heather Mullins   


YOUNG, Sylvia K.G.     



5th generation resident of Pauoa.  Educated at the district public schools, UH & HPU. Currently employed by the U.S. Navy.  Mbr. NB #12; Former Pauoa School PTA Pack 215 Cub Scouts Den Leader; running for reelection to preserve the unique lifestyle & heritage of the district for my children to enjoy as the generations before.Trained Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer. Department of Emergency Management volunteer. Boy Scouts - Troop 35 Quartermaster and Advancement Board   


SUBDISTRICT 03      (5 Seats available)                                       


I have been a resident of Nuuanu for more than 45 years.  I love this neighborhood.  I am very concerned and willing to help preserve the goodness of this valley to the best of my ability.



Jay Fidell is an attorney and principal of Bendet, Fidell, Sakai & Lee.  He has been in the islands since 1965 and has been practicing law since the early 70's.  He's lived in Nuuanu since the early 90's and is very concerned about community issues.  He has served on various State and non-profit boards and is very interested in community and neighborhood issues.  He has served on the Punchbowl-Nuuanu Neighborhood Board since summer of 2006.


GARCIA, Alexander

Aloha, My name is Alexander Garcia and I have been a resident in Nuuanu for approximately six years, I am a single parent residing with my two young adult children, and I have been employed by the City and County for 19 years and serve as a police detective.  Traffic, crime, restricted development and deteriorating road conditions are concerns I would like to see addressed by the Neighborhood Board in the days ahead. Thank you for your consideration.


HARRISON, John T.       


Aloha.  I'm John Harrison, and I recently retired from a faculty position as Environmental Coordinator of the UH Environmental Center, where I served as a researcher and teacher for 23 years.  My expertise lies in Ecology and Environmental Management, and I remain a guest lecturer at the School of Law, where I offer the introductory lecture on Hawai'i's State Environmental Impact law.  I also remain active on the State Endangered Species Recovery Committee, and I am Treasurer of the Hawai'i Audubon Society.  Other research areas have included natural disaster planning and management, energy and climate change, and energy efficient remodeling for renewable production of electricity.  I have lived in Hawai'i since 1973, and in Nu'uanu since 1995.  I also currently serve as Vice President of the Nu'uanu Valley Association, and I would like to help the Board become a more effective advocate for the needs and concerns of our community.  I look forward to drawing upon many years of experience with the Legislature and with State and County agencies to bring a rational and constructive perspective to devising solutions to concerns of the Nu'uanu neighborhood. My wife is a retired DOE elementary school teacher, and we both are particularly concerned by the increasing inability of our children to remain in Hawai'i due to spiraling costs of living. Mahalo.


HIDANO, Audrey

Current active board member concerned about crime, traffic, environment and education.

Involved in community and would like to continue working for the residents in our district.

Business person eager to learn, participate and willing to devote the time on the board.

Willing to serve Nuuanu, our Board constituents, and our Board community.





Paula Kurashige: Chair/board member 92-07; 3 childred/6 grandchildren. Grad Northwestern U., Ret State Consultant Physical Therapy DOE 38 yrs. Peace awarde 94&96. Founder Neighborhood Security Watch 89; Community Policing 96-99. Stop speeding/Pali Hwy; wrote graffiti law; member CCFNS; sanctuary whale count supervisor; I will continue to work towards concerns of Nu'uanu Valley.


NERNEY, Philip S.

Thank you for allowing me to serve these past two terms. Please allow me to continue working for the protection and betterment of our community. I ask for and will appreciate your vote.  My professional qualifications include that I am an attorney and mediator, with a Master's degree in counseling psychology. Feel free to call me at 537-1777 if you have any questions. Thank you.



Downtown Neighborhood Board No. 13

AT-LARGE    (9 Seats available)                                   

AU, Alvin

Downtown NB Member-16 years; Attorney; Government and Military Leader; Vietnam combat veteran; Colonel-U.S. Army Retired; Life-long resident in the Chinatown community; Goal: To enhance and improve the quality of life for Downtown residents; and to promote, encourage and stimulate the neighborhood business and economy.


CORNELL, Dorothy I.


KIM, Bruce J.   


LAVOIE, Frank A.      

I am a resident of the Chinatown Gateway Plaza and own and operate a small restaurant, Kafe Europa, also located Downtown. My whole family enjoys the metropolitan lifestyle of our neighborhood. We walk to work, walk our son to preschool and walk to Chinatown for shopping. I will work hard to make our neighborhood an even better place to live. The drug and prostitution crimes are the foremost issues affecting our safety. The homeless that reside on our street corners and parks need more government and private support to improve their lives. Other items to watch include the new rail line that will change the look and feel of our city, the rapid growth of construction, the constant infrastructure repairs, and the overall economic vitality of our neighborhood. Current Board meetings have the tone of a memorial service, with very few regular attendees. Citizen proposals, with a guaranteed discussion and yes or no vote, are an option I will offer to help promote community involvement. My past work experience includes serving in the Peace Corps, working for the UN, employment with the State departments of Labor and Taxation, and also as a budget analyst for the State Senate.  


MARLIN, Anthony D.

I received my Bachelor Science in Business Administration at HPU 2004. Currently I am pursuing Masters Science in Information Systems part-time which affords me the time commitment needed to serve our Downtown/Chinatown and Neighborhood Board #13 community. Why even run? Nothing is going to change! You may have asked yourself these questions. I certainly have... many times. As a former US Marine, I know that giving-up is not an option. This time, I'm going to make a difference. My first priority will be Affordable Rentals in our community. I have an interest in improving conditions in our neighborhood because I have lived in Chinatown for nearly eight years and I want to continue to live here for at least eight more! Many people have told me that I have a lot of passion and energy but that I sure do ask a lot of questions. My response? "It's about time somebody did."  We need our community vote in order to win this thing flat out. Let's get me on the Downtown/Chinatown Neighborhood Board No.13 so I can make a difference.Aloha and Mahalo



I, Lynne Matusow, have been a member of the Downtown Neighborhood Board for 19 years and am its Vice Chair.  My top priority is making our area cleaner and safer by fighting crime, drugs and prostitution.  To that end I worked for the recertification and expansion of the Weed and Seed Program which has reduced crime in the community and the recent expansion of downtown's prostitution free zone, which hopefully will remove the prostitutes from Kukui Street so all of us can go to Zippy's, Long's and Safeway without being solicited by prostitutes.  I support increased police resources.  My other concerns are economic revitalization, expanding cultural activities, noise sanitation, pedestrian safety, better street lighting and parks.  I worked hard to get both the Smith/Beretania and Pele Mini Parks built and advocated that the repaving of Beretania Street not be done at night.  In response, the City said that no night construction will take place between Alakea Street and the Ewa end of A'ala Park.  I am also a Honolulu Tower director.  I will continue to ensure your voice is heard.



For two (2) years now, I have had the pleasure of being one of your voices on our neighborhood board.  Thank you.  Because we, as a community, have been successful, I wish to do it all again.  I would like to be re-elected.  I humbly ask for your vote.  I will be an independent thinker, planner and doer, again. Again, in the areas of safety and security I will press hard those leaders that are responsible for your safety and security.  I will ask the tough questions in order to maximize their cooperation. Keeping our neighborhood productive and profitable will also be one of my top concerns.  I will get the job done!



Board member 11 yrs.  Treasurer 8 yrs. Korean Vet. Ret. FHB 38 yrs.  Have lived Kukui Plaza 31 yrs.  Head of Citizen's Patrol 11 yrs. Work directly with our elected officials police and fire dept. to help make our community safer, cleaner and better.  We can and do make a difference.



I've been a downtown resident for the past 18 years; also from 1974 - 1978 while a member of the U.S. Army.   I feel the downtown neighborhood board needs new members to offer fresh ideas to deal with ongoing problems.  I am quite familiar with the crime, drugs, and homeless challenges that the area has faced for years.  Add to that litter, noise, graffiti, panhandling, traffic, etc that diminish the quality of life in the downtown area.  Clearly current actions are not solving the problems, so perhaps some new ideas should be presented.


SMYTH, Tom     

I have twelve years of Neighborhood Board experience, including several years as Chairperson.  Work for a state agency dealing with small business issues that are important to businesses in the Downtown/Chinatown area.  Community service includes Aloha United Way, Diamond Head Theatre and the Harbor Square Condo Board of Directors.  I will continue to work hard to ensure that our neighborhood is clean, safe and provides a full range of services and recreation opportunities.  I will listen to the concerns of our residents and try to help them achieve their ideas for a better community for all of us. We have come a long way in achieving our goals to make the Downtown/Chinatown neighborhood a better place to live, work and raise our families. There is still much to do to make our neighborhood what we want it to be and I pledge my time and energy in making that happen.


YUEN, Stanford 


Board Member 6-yrs.  Goal: make area safer, cleaner, enjoyable place to live; promote economic revitalization.  Member and Project Leader for State & City Downtown-Chinatown Master Planning, Task Force, and Vision Teams.  Chinatown and Chinese Community Leader.  Advisor to Hawaii Alliance for Arts & Education, The Arts at Marks Garage, Culture & Arts District.  Currently, Executive Assistant to the Admiral, Navy Region Hawaii.  Hawaii's 1998 Engineer of the Year.  B.S. Engineering, M.S. Systems Management, and MBA Degrees from UH, USC, and Pepperdine U.


Liliha/Puunui/Alewa/Kamehameha Heights N.B. No. 14

AT-LARGE   (3 Seats available)                                          


I am a previous employee of the NCO and appointed to NB#14 in 2006 – familiar with NB procedures. I am still a City employee, although I now work for the Real Property Assessment Division, so I am very familiar with City departments and procedures.


KUO, Loy

McKinley High School, 1989 - Cornell University, 1993 - civil engineer -wife and son. Have a good day!


UEHARA, Claude    


YOUNGQUIST, Arvid Tadao T.J.


SUBDISTRICT 02  (2 Seats available)  

FONG, Wesley F. 


Incumbent. He has been an Alewa Heights resident for 34 years. An Attorney, he now teaches law at the University of Hawaii. He is a former State Supervising Deputy Attorney General and City Deputy Corporation Counsel. A Vietnam veteran, he retired as a colonel in the U.S. Army. Currently president of Palolo Chinese Home, he was past president/chair of the Hawaii Arthritis Foundation, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, reserve Officers Association, West Honolulu Rotary Club and Maryknoll School Advisory Board. In late 1970 he served as Vice President of the Alewa Heights Association, which stopped the development of cluster homes on the site that is now Na Pueo Park. He would like to continue his public service to the community. He will diligently represent the concerns of our neighborhood's residents and make safety, security, and maintenance of the city's infrastructure in our neighborhood a priority


SUBDISTRICT 03    (4 Seats available)         

MOEPONO, Sesnita A. D.

I have enjoyed serving on the Neighborhood Board for the past four years.  I have had the honor of serving as the Board Chair for the past three years.  I am volunteering to run again for the Board to continue my work against crime in our community.  We cannot afford to let our guard down because we have too much at stake, for our families and our neighbors.  Mahalo nui loa for allowing me to serve you for the past four years.


NITTA, Donald K.

I have served on Neighborhood Board 14 for the past four years and will continue to listen to the community's concerns and support initiatives that will provide a safe environment.


THOMPSON, Edward K. III     


SUBDISTRICT 04  (1 Seat available)  


My name is Max Fowler and I am running for a seat in Neighborhood Board 14, Subdistrict 4.  I am concerned with bringing back a sense of community to Liliha.  Our community should be a safe place for people of all ages to enjoy and grow together in.  I'd like to work closely with the Honolulu Police Department and other groups to help eliminate drugs and other major problems we face in Liliha.  Living in the Kunawai area, I work closely with the Neighborhood Watch Patrol to help make the park and neighborhood more safe and visitor friendly.



Born on November 10, 1952, third generation to a Chinese mother and Japanese father. Raised in the Liliha and School Streets area. Attended Lanakila Elementary, Kawananakoa Intermediate, and McKinley High School.  My parents continue residing in Lanakila – Kuakini area. McKinley High graduate in 1970. Graduated from University of Hawaii – Manoa with a B.A. degree in Psychology in 1974 and Masters of Social Work in 1977. Taught special education at a private school for children with developmental disabilities, mental retardation and autism, followed by a limited term social work position with the DOE working with special ed. students.  In 1980 started my employment with the Department of Health at the Waimano Training School and Hospital in Pearl City as a special ed. teacher and social worker. Current position is with the Dept. of Health's Neurotrauma Supports, an office that provides information and assistance to individuals with neurotrauma injuries (traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and stroke) and their families. Interests: Music, running, going to the beach, sporting events, social hours. Concerns/Issues: Health and safety of our aging citizens – housing, health care, falls, vehicular/pedestrian injuries/deaths. Upgrades our schools and support of our teachers. Loss and displacement of small businesses


SUBDISTRICT 05   (1 Seat available)  

STUBBS, Robert S.           


Kalihi-Palama Neighborhood Board No. 15

SUBDISTRICT 01     (8 Seats available)                                        

AKAMINE, Kenneth A.    


DELL, John W.       


KOLIO, Feth T.   


LOUIE, Roland H.    


WAIHEE, Jennifer D.       


YOUNG, Bernadette S. M. (Bernie)

Director, Kalihi Community Council, St. Francis High School, the old Honolulu Business College.  Striving to work for the health, safety and welfare of our Community, especially concentrating on our elderly and youths.


SUBDISTRICT 02   (6 Seats available)  

IBAY, Rodolfo M. 





RONE, Jesusa M.       


YAW, David R.   


YAW, Shane


SUBDISTRICT 03   (5 Seats available)                  

HARDING, Ken                


Kalihi Valley Neighborhood Board No. 16

AT-LARGE    (9 Seats available)  

BRISTOL, Kanoa R.    


CHING, Wilton W

Education: Lanai High School, Univ. of Hawaii, B.S. Civil Engineer, Stanford Univ., M.S. Construction engr.

Professional: registered professional engr—Hawaii, registered professional engr—Calif. Appointments: State Contractors License Board – 8 years. (Two years Chairman) Experience: U.S Air Force base Installations Engr., State Harbors Engineer, Hawaii Housing Authority Engineer, Licensed Contractor for excavation, Roads, Pipelines, subdivision (forty five years).


CLEMENTE, Roger        

Reared and attended schools in Kalihi - Kalihi-Kai/Kalakaua Intermediate/ Farrington High School. Graduated and earned a Bachelors Degree from Hawaii Pacific University - Majored in T.I.M./Human Resources Development. Currently Employed by - The Federal Government -City and County of Honolulu - A major Waikiki Hotel. I would like to assist the community the government and be part of the link to communication.


DECAMPO, Anthony R.    


KOGA, Chester           


MATAUTIA, Vanessa Pule

Aloha, I have lived on Elua Street for the past 3 years.  Kalihi valley is a community of new and old and on the Neighborhood Board, I hope to bring these two voices together.  I believe the major concerns we face in Kalihi Valley are those that most impact our quality of life: The schools in which our children attend, the roads that are traveled by much of the island commuters and the businesses that support our community.  I humbly seek your support in serving the residents of Kalihi Valley.


TOMAS, Robert M.

Aloha, my name is Robert Tomas, and I am running for a seat in the 2007 Kalihi Valley Neighborhood Board election.  As someone who was born and raised in the heart of Kalihi, I believe I can contribute a great deal to the Board, as well as the residences of Kalihi.  Currently, I am a graduate student at Hawaii Pacific University, and obtained my bachelors degree in 2000 and my Associates Degree in Business Administration in 1994.  For eight years, I have been employed full-time as a customer relations specialist for a national insurance company that has been extensively involved in contributing to our country's communities.  Some other noteworthy organizations I am proud to be a part of include volunteering for Junior Achievement, member of the Young Business Council, member and volunteer of the Rising Phoenix Jaycees, and Treasurer and Board Member for the Friends of the Judiciary History Center of Hawaii.  Will you please consider me for a seat in the 2007 Kalihi Valley Neighborhood Board?  I look forward to serving our outstanding community and its residences.  Thank you very much.


WATLAND, Jory     




 A retired public health administrator with specialty experience with social, health, and environmental remediation programs.   Bill has served on our Kalihi Valley for about 9 years and as its Chair for the past three.  Serving community interest causes has been Bill's focus in work and volunteer projects. Bill sees the focus of the neighborhood board should be to identify current and emerging concerns that impact our community and to provide an open forum for discussion and promotion of advisory positions to government entities with a goal of helping make Kalihi Valley.  Bill was successful in encouraging the Board to expand its visibility and community involvement through video-taping of its meetings to be shown regularly on Olelo Community Access TV.  Neighborhood Board #16 regular meetings are shown each Monday evening at 9 PM on Channel 54. Bill serves on the advisory board of the Kokua Kalihi Valley Health Center's Nature Park; board member of Kokua Community Housing and Legal Services Corporation; and serves actively with numerous civil rights and political action groups. Bill received his BA in psychology from the University of Hawaii in 1971 and his masters in public health planning and administration also from the UH in 1980.


Aliamanu/Salt Lake/Foster Village Board No. 18

AT-LARGE    (9 Seats available)  

BAIRD, Larry       


EGGE, Dennis       


GILES, Grisel           


GLANSTEIN, Steve       


GODFREY, Lorene A.

Greetings.  My name is Lorene Godfrey, and thank you for bringing me on to the Board for the last two years.  It has been a privilege to work alongside the current board members.  We are concerned about the quality of life in our neighborhood, and we are here to serve you. I oversee matters concerning our parks.  I do the research and made the recommendations to the board on issues such as park closure times and noise complaints.  I also follow the progress with the city regarding the Salt Lake Boulevard beautification project, although it has seen little improvement since I began 2 years ago. Meanwhile, I find time to serve on the board of two non-profit organizations, the treasurer for my condominium association, and the music ministry at Moanalua Gardens Missionary Church.  I enjoy working with different groups of people and I have always been concerned about public issues. If reelected, I would like to be more involved in reaching out to you to participate in our monthly Board meetings.  I invite you to come to Aliamanu Middle School the second Thursday of every month.  Thank you for your vote.




SHIMIZU, Leslie G.

A new resident of Oahu, I am a former small busines owner from Houston, Texas.  As a ten year CEO/CFO of a software development company I have gained numerous skills in project management and community services.  In Houston I also worked successfully with several non-profit organizations such as the Decade of Nonviolence Houston and the Soka Gakkai International as Board Chairs and Board Leader.  I have substantial experience working with diverse communities and my strengths include problem solving and a commitment to dialogue and consensus building.  At this time I am a stay at home mother of a 13 month old son interested in working to support the community in which I live.


STROUT, Thomas J.           


Aiea Neighborhood Board No. 20

AT-LARGE  (1 Seat available)  

KAMIYA, Scott 


A resident of Aiea for the past 25 years.  Owner of Postage Plus in Waimalu and Fulfillment Werks by the Airport. A Realtor with Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties Ltd. (Hawaii's #1 Real Estate Company) for the past 9 years. Active with the Honolulu Board of Realtors - City Affairs Committee as well as the Government Affairs Committee of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. Currently sitting on the Board of Governors for the Plaza Club in Downtown and Board member of for the Select Services Systems (Military Draft). Also involved with the Boys & Girls Club as a Mentor to teens.



I have served on the Aiea Neighborhood Board for over 16 years and am currently its first Vice-Chair.  I am also a member of the Aiea Community Association.  I have owned and lived in area condominiums for over 25years and am currently on the Board of Directors of Pearl One and The Bougainville both located on Koauka Loop.  I have lobbied for over 20 years on leasehold reform that would allow condominium owners to own their units in fee and was actively involved for over 20 years in condominium governance issues, amendments to the condominium statute HRS 514A and enactment of HRS514B to improve the lives of apartment owners and residents.  I am currently involved with government And community groups to develop policies and enact laws to assist the elderly to age in place in their homes.


SUBDISTRICT 01   (4 Seats available)                                           

ARAKAKI, Tracy   




SUBDISTRICT 02    (3 Seats available)        



HO, Wilbert M.           


SUGIHARA, Silvia  


SUBDISTRICT 03   (4 Seats available)        

ALDINGER, Martha J.    


CLARK, William B.

Mr. William Clark served with the Honolulu Police Department for 34 years, retiring as its Deputy Chief.  Prior to his appoint as Deputy Chief, Mr. Clark held the positions of assistant chief of field operations and commander of the Kalihi district and the Honolulu Police Department's training academy. He has also served as the executive officer of the Human Resources Division and the Research and Development Division. In 1985, Mr. Clark served as the executive assistant to the Chief of Police. Mr. Clark serves as graduate faculty at Chaminade University and is an adjunct professor at Leeward Community College and the University of Hawaii-West Oahu teaching business administration and criminal justice courses. Mr. Clark is the current chair of the Aiea Neighborhood Board and is on the board of directors for the Kalihi Business Association. Mr. Clark received his Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration degrees cum laude from Chaminade University. He is the past president of the Psi Chapter of Delta Mu Delta, a national honor society in business administration, and is an honorary member of the IOTA Gama Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society. Mr. Clark lives with his wife, Joanne, in Aiea.


LUM, Danielle LKL.

Danielle Lum believes there is nowhere better to live than Aiea. A lifelong Oahu resident, Danielle has been an Aiea resident for the last decade. Communications is a priority for Danielle, who makes her living in public relations, marketing, and strategic communications. Much of Danielle's professional life has revolved around policymaking and coalition building. As Communications Specialist at the Hawaii State Teachers Association, she brought interested groups together and created campaigns to ensure passage of education-related bills. Upon election, she would be able to put these valuable skills to work on behalf of Aiea residents. Danielle is highly regarded for her work, receiving nearly 50 national and local awards for programs she created for the HSTA. Danielle serves on the Board of Directors of Helping Hands Hawaii. She has also served on the Boards of the Honolulu Theatre for Youth and Catholic Charities' Services to the Elderly. She was also chairperson of the Honolulu County Committee on the Status of Women. Danielle is a 1983 graduate of The Kamehameha Schools. She received a degree in public relations, advertising, and English from Drake University (Des Moines, IA), and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.



George Passmore has made his home in Aiea since 1998. George is an active member in his immediate neighborhood and has served on the board of directors of his homeowners association, Tropicana Villages Aiea II & III, as an executive officer since 2001. George is a State Employee of the Department of Human Services and has served on the Executive Negotiating Committee with his collective bargaining union in direct negotiations with the City, State, and Judiciary negotiators for collective bargaining matters for his labor organization. He is also involved in state politics currently he serves on the Executive Committee of one of the major political parties. George has served on the Aiea Neighborhood board #20 for the past two years and looks forward to serving you for the next two years. George would be honored to receive your vote and if elected will continue to diligently represent the Aiea community with vigor and common sense.


TEXEIRA, Monica L.

An Environmental Specialist at the Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) with 25 years of civil service.  In addition, I am Registered Environmental Manager (REM) and a Certified Environmental Auditor (CEA) with the National Registry of Environmental Managers (NREP).  I have served on the Board of the Tropicana Village Association for the last 6 years and on the Aiea Neighborhood Board for the last two years.  My goal is continuing to serve on behalf of the community in improving the "Quality of Life".


SUBDISTRICT 04   (3 Seats available)        


I would like to return to serve my community after a job forced hiatus from the Aiea Neighborhood Board.  As a current member of the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization, I will continue to represent your Aiea community during the continuing mass transportation discussions to ensure that our triangle of popular community's needs, labor union and business desires, are equally represented.  I believe that Aiea citizens have an unprecedented opportunity to maintain our lifestyle and quality of life, and at the same time, improve business and employment opportunities as a first class mass transportation hub.     


LEE, Ross C.Y.           


MOBLEY, Ron                 


Pearl City Neighborhood Board No. 21

AT-LARGE   (13 Seats available)  

CHING, Stanley



I arrived to Hawaii via submarine in August 1979, spending 15 of 20 years of a successful Navy career homeported at Pearl Harbor.  I retired from Active Duty to a career in the Information Technology field working as a System Analyst, IT Director, and IT Coordinator over the last 9 years.  I'm a graduate of Hawaii Pacific University with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Masters' Degree in Information Systems.   I have taken interest in issues that affect Oahu residents in general and my Pearl City neighborhood in particular.  After some 24 years as an observer, I am stepping forward to add my voice to those whom serve as stewards of our neighborhood.  It is my hope to bring to this forum, a new face with fresh ideas, and above all a commitment to serve on behalf of the true stewards of Pearl City, the families that call our neighborhood…Home.


DUNCAN, Solray B.

I have served my community well over the last two years on the Pearl City NB #21. I have attended most PCNB #21 committee and regular meetings within the last two years. I am Sol Ray Duncan who deserves another term on this neighborhood board.




P.C. Neighborhood #21 member, since 1977. Current and past Board Chair and Treasurer/DPZ Committee and TT Committee Chair. Former member DAO, Primary Urban Center-West and Island-wide Planning Forum for Development Plan formulation; Chair, Ad Hoc Committee for Pearl City and Pearl Ridge Mass Transit Station Design; Member and Interim Chair, City Council Pearl City Task Force for Manana Warehouse (Kuala Street) and Pearl City Junction (Home Depot) Development; Member, Trans 2-K Ad-Hoc Forum for Kamehameha Highway Transportation Corridor. Current President, Manana Community Association; Sustaining Member, Pearl City Hongwanji Mission; Member and Treasurer, Pearlridge Chapter, Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association; Member, Pearl City Community Association. EMPLOYMENT: Research Planner: Comm. Planning and Engr., Inc.; Attended UH, Manoa, C.E. COMMENT: Will strive and pledge to make recommendations based on grass-root input for meaningful, comprehensive and logical decisions to maintain the residential character and improve the lifestyle of our great and outstanding community.


FURUTANI, Kevin T.   


HOWTON, David R.      



PCNB former Treasurer, Currently the Publicity & Refreshments Chairman. 16 years PCNB Member, Resident of Twin View Terrace (Manana) for 37 years. Retired Special Education Teacher, 35 years DOE Service

All 5 children are PCHS and UH graduates. Goal:  A  very SAFE Community with the  best schools in Pearl City!


NYUHA, Myrtle H.   


PICKARD, James "Kimo" Sr.   


RABAGO, Amoreena P.         


TAKAHASHI, Davin      


VERAY, Larry 


VINA, Cruz J. Jr.           


Waipahu Neighborhood Board No. 22

AT-LARGE    (2 Seats available)  

ANDRADE, Maureen C. (Miguel)

My name is Maureen C. "Miguel" Andrade, '69 graduate of Waipahu High School, and a 55 - year resident of Waipahu.  Current member of Waipahu Neighborhood Board,  Village Park Community Association for 13 years,  President for 5 years, member of  Waipahu Community Foundation, Waipahu Business Association, Waipahu Community Association,  Han's L'Orange Park Council, and member of the Leeward Oahu Lion's. Previously, a Legislative Aide to 2 Councilmembers, including the current Mayor, Mufi Hannemann and an Office Manager for a Representative at State Capitol.   I am currently working in the Mayor's Administration, Culture and Arts Office. As a lifelong resident of Waipahu, the past and future of our community is my priority. It's important to continue to educate and encourage our children to take pride in this unique and special place we call home.  We need to continue to support the needs of our elderly and encourage economic development for the future of our keiki. I will continue to support organizations like the Leeward YMCA, and the Waipahu Community Association, as they provide the "stepping stones" that guide our keiki in the right direction to a brighter future. Your vote is most appreciated!



Aloha, my name is Daniel de Gracia II and I am running for the office of Neighborhood Board because I want to ensure that the people of Waipahu live in a safe, clean, prosperous, and citizen-controlled community.  Freedom and security begins with responsible, informed citizenry.  I believe that together we can foster bold, courageous, patriotic and virtuous values needed preserve freedom, honor, and prestige for the Waipahu community. I love the people of Waipahu, the State of Hawaii, and the United States of America. I hold a Master of Arts in Political Science from Southwest Texas State University, and I have experience in the community and local government both as a former candidate for State Representative and a policy advisor and aide at the Hawaii State Capitol.  My education and immersion in local politics presents an unprecedented combination. If elected to Neighborhood Board, I will represent the people of Waipahu with intelligence and youthful devotion.  The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.  I believe in Waipahu, and I believe in us – please vote for me!


DOMINGO, Constante A.

As a current member-at-large of the Waipahu Neighborhood Board, candidate is fully aware of the problems and needs of the district.  If elected, he will continue to serve with commitment, dedication and enthusiasm.  He holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Political Science and a Master's Degree in Political Science from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  He was a law student in Manila before coming to Hawaii in the 70's.  A community oriented person; he is also a member of different civic organizations.  A former City employee, he now helps run a small family business.


MACHA, Darryl M.

Aloha my name is Darryl M. Macha. I was born and raised here in Hawaii. I am a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies: Teaching English as a Second Language and an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts. I have been serving the local community for over 13 years with Times Supermarket LTD in the Waipahu districts. Because I live and work in our community I want to participate in helping our neighborhood focus more on the issues that directly impact the quality of our lives on a daily basis. I want to be available to the community so that together we can assist each other and improve upon our neighborhoods for today and especially for tomorrow. Finally, as a member of the Honolulu Board of Realtors, Hawaii Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors, "I pledge to strive to serve well my community, and through it, my country." I humbly as for your support. Thank you!


MAGLINTI, William Jr.    


Willie will bring a broad background in construction, career training, community service and youth athletics to Board #22. A lifetime resident of Leeward Oahu, his primary concerns are career training and new employment opportunities for graduates. He believes Waipahu needs greater focus on crime prevention, public safety, improved schools, relief from endemic traffic congestion, and improved planning for more affordable housing and smart growth. Willie is a Field Representative for the Hawaii Carpenters Union, also a union and Honolulu Community College instructor of journey carpenters and apprentices and a CPR/First Aid instructor for the American Red Cross. A participant in high school career days and public service projects at schools and senior centers in Central Oahu. Active with the Honolulu Community College Construction Academy; has coached Pop Warner football and T-Ball, Little League and senior minor league baseball teams in the Waipahu-Pearl City area. Along with wife Barbara, has three children and eight grandchildren. "I've trained hundreds of young adults to earn a living with their hands and to have more fulfilling lives." says Willie." As a Board member, I want to better myself in service to my community, and contribute what I can to make Waipahu a better community."




Aloha!  My name is Rito Saniatan and I am currently the Treasurer of the Waipahu Neighborhood Board.  I am honored to have served and to represent you on the Waipahu Neighborhood Board since 2003. I graduated from Waianae High School and the University of Hawaii-Manoa with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  I am currently the President of First Choice Insurance here in Waipahu.  Previously, Agency Owner Allstate Insurance and President of International Mortgage.  I worked and lived in Waipahu for the past 20 years. I strongly believe in giving back to the community.  Past Treasurer  Royal Kunia Association; Coach, Commissioner-West Oahu AYSO Soccer; Basketball Coach-St Elizabeth; Waipahu Business Association; Filipino Chamber of Commerce; Hawaii Jaycees. I would be honored to continue to represent you on issues that affect our daily lives and our community: improve EDUCATION system, solution CRIMES AND DRUGS problems; solution TRAFFIC problem;   more AFFORDABLE HOUSING. TOGETHER, we can build a better Island Community.  I humbly ask for your VOTE of confidence.


SUBDISTRICT 01    (3 Seats available)  

CHUN, Cory M.               

Aloha. I want to thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me. I consider myself a locally grow, mainland educated boy. I have spent my professional life as a civil rights advocate and also spent some time working in the State House of Representatives. Currently, I am interested in making the Waipahu community a wonderful place to raise my family. Hawaii is in the crossroads of losing all of its old town charm to modern development and mainland influences. We need to make important decisions now to ensure that any changes reflect how we see our community in the future. Thank you for voting and supporting the Waipahu Neighborhood Board. Cory.


CONROY, Michael J.




Born in New York City, raised in Europe, & permanent resident in Hawaii. Married w/ one daughter.

EDUCATION: B.A. in International Relations w/minor in Journalism, Hawaii Pacific University. M.S. In Information Assurance (Information Systems Security), Norwich University. PAST WORK EXPERIENCE (LAST 20 YEARS):Technology journalist, University Instructor,  Investigator & Security, Small Business Owner.

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES (LAST 20 YEARS): FEMA: Disaster & Humanitarian Assistance / Incident Command Structure, Civil Air Patrol: Air SAR, Disaster & Humanitarian Assistance, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Disaster & Humanitarian Assistance, Hawaii Mason, various charitable works such as special Olympics. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: ISSA (Information Systems Security Association), TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages), SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists). THINGS I WOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Neighborhood safety, home & auto security, traffic noise and respect for quiet hours.


GLENN, Raymond Jr.    




Incumbent seeking third term, served as Treasurer for a year, is the NB representative to the Citizen's Advisory Council for OMPO (transportation planning).  Village Park resident for 11 years.  Attended UH Manoa.  Licensed Supervising Electrician for a union contractor.  Secretary of labor union.  Treasurer of VPCA.  Will continue to work to make our neighborhood a safe, clean place to live.  Want to help improve the traffic situation, fight graffiti and maintain & improve programs, both educational and recreational, for our children.  Mahalo for your past and future support.  Together we can make the Waipahu area better.


OSHIRO, Richard H. 


He is the current Chairman of the Waipahu Neighborhood Board and has been a member of the Board since 1989.  He has chaired the Board's Planning & Zoning Committee and has served on the Board Managers of the Leeward YMCA.  He earned a masters degree in Public Administration from the George Washington University in Washington D.C. and is currently employed by the Queens Medical Center as Labor Relations Coordinator.  As a Neighborhood Board member, he wants to continue working to help improve our community by reducing crime; improving our schools; easing traffic congestion; and making sure that we carefully plan for the growth of our community.


SUBDISTRICT 02     (2 Seats available)    

ALFONSO, Edmund G 

My name is Edmund Alfonso, I graduated from Aiea High School, and retired from Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.  I have lived in Waipahu for more that 25 years now, 6 of my 7 children graduated from Waipahu High School, and 3 grandchildren also graduated from Waipahu.  I am a member of the Pearl City Elks Club, and a member of NARFE (National Active and Retired Federal Employees). I want to help our community with problems that I see daily like, traffic, graffiti, kids hanging out late at night, and business leaving our community.  I also want to try to keep our neighbors informed of what's going on here in Waipahu because many of my neighbors claim that no one is telling them anything of what's going on.  And since I am retired I can dedicate the required time need to completed projects for our neighborhood board. Some times we need to change the way we look at things, and I will look at things in a difference way. In closing I ask for your vote, I may not have the experience as the incumbents but I am willing to learn and do my best. Thank You.



I am a resident of Waipahu and currently an owner-operator of a small business since 1995.   I am married and we have five adult children. My concern for my community is that of crime and drug problems, housing and the homeless. I have seen a lot of changes to this community, most striving for the good. However, there is still a lot to be accomplished and I believe that I can help make a difference.  Hopefully, I can and will make a difference for my community in representing them, by meeting the needs in accomplishing what must be done to enhance the community for all who live, work, school and visit here. Community Activities include St. Joseph Catholic Church Unity– Waipahu; Knights of Columbus Fraternal Organization, Better Business Bureau of HI Member, The American Legion, Waipahu Community Association, Former Chamber of Commerce of HI, Former Mililani Toastmaster Club Member.



WNB #22 member- 1st term; OMPO COUNTY REPRESENTATIVE – Waipahu, WNB #22 – CMTE ON ZONING OFFICER; If reelected, I wish to proudly serve our Waipahu communities with a successful, sustainable, and state county efficient quality-of-life achievement standards to maintain our country growing population development and future living transitions that lies ahead. My state county-aimed goals that I wish to advocate:


1)      Re-invigorate public education improvements and establish a student achievement standard program that will meet state qualifications and well-diversify a classroom instruction learning process system for low level students to high level students.;

2)      Establishing a Waipahu Town Plan to re-stabilize our state economic dependency special needs and interest by popular citizen demand;

3)      Strengthening public safety management practices to keep our communities safe. Enjoyable, and a great place to live and work;

4)      Effectuate a public transportation solution(s) plan to reduce commuter congestions as well as increasing traffic service improvement projects;

5)      Establish funding appropriations for City park improvements and other additional services;

6)      Establish living facility service projects to support Hawaii homelessness dependents within the city;

7)      Keeping our environment and natural visual resources healthy and safe in public and private sector areas;

8)      Re-structuring Waipahu as a "Oahu Second City."












SUBDISTRICT 03   (1 Seat available)          

ELSTON, Irene R.


SUBDISTRICT 04    (1 Seat available)         


Bachelor of Art degree from UH West Oahu – Emphasis in Public Administration.  Retired (EMS) Emergency Medical Services.  HGEA/UPW member.  Lifelong Waipahu resident and Air Force veteran.  Concerns about pedestrians, safety, environment and knowledgeable city policies and community issues.


HUNKIN, Joe Jr.  

Joe Hunkin is the Senior Pastor of the Lighthouse Outreach Center Ministries in Waipahu.  Retired First Sergeant, US Army.  President of the  Bless-A-Block Ministry who gives food and furniture to the community whenever needed.  He runs a staffed Homeless Shelter with about 100+ homeless people a night and it's supported by the State.  Pastor Joe also runs Hawaii's Food Bank for the Leeward Side twice a month by giving food to the low income families.  During the past four years, grafitti in Waipahu has been cleaned up by a ministry Pastor Joe calls Grafitti Busters.  He has heart for the community and always put others first than himself.  He also sends out a message to the communities in Hawaii by having countless outreaches and activities at the Lighthouse Outreach Center.  Pastor Joe always thinks the "out the box" mentality.  He believes that the church is to go out into the community to reach, teach and lead them to the right path in life.


SUBDISTRICT 05     (1 Seat available)       



SUBDISTRICT 06     (1 Seat available)   

PAGAN, David L.M.

Re-elect David Pagan. Good public safety. Help public, City to make strong plan. Working with Waipahu area residents and Neighborhood area public schools on education and traffic safety. Waipahu comm., good people making change for Waipahu District. Get the job done.



I was born and raised in Waipahu.  I'm the daughter of a sugar plantation worker who believed in giving back to the community. Currently, I'm employed with Councilman Nestor Garcia as his research assistant and his liaison for the Waipahu community.  My position as his liaison in Waipahu allows me to work in the field and assist our constituents with whatever concerns they may have.  This is the part of my job I enjoy the most, helping people in our community. I'm a member of the Han's L'Orange Baseball Park Council, and the Waipahu Community Association.  I've assisted on all of the Waipahu Graffiti Paint Out's, the Taste of Waipahu, and most recently, the Ohana Day at the Pupuole Park. It's important that the people of Waipahu have representation to have their voices heard and I am appreciative that I have been able to do this on their behalf. I've served on the Waipahu Neighborhood Board for the past 3 years and I look forward to continuing my participation to ensure that our quality of life is always protected.


SUBDISTRICT 10     (1 Seat available)       

GARCIA, Romeo Aguinaldo

Waipahu resident for 24 years, foster parent. Active in community projects. Works in the City's Neighborhood Commission Office since 2005 and in the Hotel and Tourism Industry for the past 25 years. Currently a supervisor of the Front Services at resort Quest Waikiki Beach Hotel. Also works as a Mortgage Solicitor for Total Mortgage since 2001. Business Manager for the non-profit Sirmata, which acquires medical equipment and supplies to be donated to medical facilities in the Philippines, Vice-President of the Pasuquin Association of Hawaii.


SUBDISTRICT 11    (4 Seats available)   

BURKE, Marty 


HEALEY, Terry D.

Happily married 50 years to my High School sweetheart Pat, 5 children. Graduate of Hotel and Motel management School. Served 22 years in the United States Air Force. Played and coached basketball and baseball teams for the Air Force. Have lived and worked in Hawaii over 30 years. Private contractor servicing Military commissioners and exchanges for over 30 years. Served as President and Vic President of townhouse and condo associations. Served on Neighborhood Board 22, subdistrict 11.


NISHIMOTO, Kerry M.      


ROLLER, Russell F.          

Served on NB#22 since 2000. Retired USAF Officer, 30yrs in computers, studying for Doctorate in Education. I led successful community effort to obtain support to construct Waikele Road improvement project to provide safe learning environment for our children at Waipahu Intermediate School. Working to improve Emergency Medical Services for Waipio-Gentry, Crestview, and Seaview. Serve as Board Representative to the Waipahu Community Foundation, which ensures Waipahu youth have the opportunity to participate in cultural, health, recreational, educational programs, and other programs to combat juvenile delinquency, promote anti-drug, and support crime prevention.  Help me to continue serving you.


Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23

SUBDISTRICT 01    (5 Seats available)  

AH SOON, Clay W.K.

Clay Ah Soon is committed to making a difference in our community. He coaches flag football to five and seven year olds. He works at parents and Children Together (PACT) helping fathers to be the best fathers they can be for their families. He serves on the Steering Committee of the Hawaii Coalition for Dads. He is a homeowner in Ewa Beach. He and his wife, Kim, who is an elementary school teacher, have six children (ages 16, 15, 12, 10, 6, and 3). He is pursuing a degree in psychology at Chaminade University. He serves as a soccer conditioning coach and a baseball umpire. His major concerns are traffic, inadequate infrastructure, and education. His goals are traffic relief and improving our schools. As a native Hawaiian, his priorities also include preserving our environment and carefully planned development. He believes that government and developers must be held accountable to the people. Clay is a first time candidate and would bring a new point-of-view to the Ewa neighborhood Board. Clay is a dedicated father and will work to build a brighter future for our children.



I grew up in Ewa Beach, on Board since 1993, Chair 2001-2003. Have been active 15 yrs. My main goal is to get what we need in the district: repair the roads, parks, schools and get new roads built. I helped expose the Ewa Villages scandal, filed a lawsuit on the Honouliuli Sewage Plant and exposed the illegal dump in Ewa.             


AMOSA, Sai T.               

Received BSBA in Business Admin from HPU, teaching credential from Chaminade University. Masters in Educational Foundation @ UH, Doctorate in Cognitive Studies from Canterbury University. Taught @ Ilima Inter. for about 6 years, taught in private sector w/Child & Family Svc, Community Liaison & Legis. Aide @ Capitol.


BEAMER, Charles R. "Dick"

Dr. Charles "Dick" Beamer, 30 year resident of Ewa Beach.  Vice President, Ewa Beach Community Association, member, Ewa Beach Lions Club, Advisory Board, Hale Pono Boys and Girls Club of Ewa Beach; Chairman and Camp Director of the Hale Pono Youth Leadership Camp; recipient of the Koa  for Volunteer Service Award; the Koa Award for Lifetime Service;  the Mayor's Senior Citizens Volunteer Award. A Veteran of World War Two and Korean War.   Recipient of the Bronze Star and Army Commendation Medals and Combat Badge. Also, a Ph.D. South East Asian History from the University of London. As a member of the Ewa Neighborhood Board No. 23 I would be a team player, working with the other Board members in recommending to the State of Hawaii and City and County of Honolulu officials, possible solutions to the many problems that plague the Ewa area and not use the Neighborhood Board as a springboard for political office. I also believe that, each board member should be open to the residents' concerns and make recommendations to the other board members, of possible resolutions to their concerns.



The Neighborhood Board is your best opportunity to reach Hawaii`s elected officials and government representatives.  It is your local voice.  I want to represent you on this board and hold our State, City, and Federal officials accountable to the interests of Ewa.  They need a tough and tenacious person to remind them of our needs. I have resided in Ewa for many years. I have already demonstrated my commitment to the community by attending nearly every Board meeting, managing the office of our State Senator, and running for Hawaii's House of Representatives.  Through the work of my charity, HOSEF, I have put computer labs in the City Park on North Road, the Boys and Girls Club, Westloch Elderly Village, and in James Campbell High School.  I understand what our needs are, and I have an innovative history of getting things done in spite of the obstacles. As your representative on the Ewa Beach Neighborhood Board, I will ask the City for more buses in our community and that they serve all of Ewa. I will advocate for sidewalks in communities where they were promised long ago.  I will work with our police for a safer and more stable community.  


BOLO, Patrocinio Cariaga  




Member of the Ewa Beach Lions Club, Community Association, Weed & Seed Community Patrolling, Chair of Ewa Neighborhood Board, Chair person for Bash at the Bush, Youth Jam and Youth Jam dance. Soundman for Easter Egg Hunt, Campbell Complex Concert and tows Santa's float for Christmas Parade. Loving husband and father.


KNAUER, Steve "Kia'i Ola"

Over 40 years of community service in public safety. Over 45 years teaching youth in aquatic sports and recreation.  Strong advocate for better schools and making our communities a place where we are proud to live and raise children. Over 45 years in environmental and non-profit organizations. Our community, our board, our kids.


LYNN, Coby M.

Married Father of two, Small buss. owner, Lion's Club President, Weed and Seed Planning Committee attendee, Boy's and Girl's Club volunteer. Served V.P. Ewa Beach Comm. Assoc. Served one term previous Ewa Beach N.B. Regularly attend Board meetings. I am willing to work with others toward improving our community.


MINDO, Romy M.   

Current and past experience: Knights of Columbus / Ewa Beach Lion's Club / Major, Civil Air Patrol / Rep. 43 district, Ewa Beach / Pres. Emeritus, H.E.R.E-UNITE local 5 AFL-CIO / Commissioner, Hon Police Dept. / Commissioner Housing and Comm. Dev. C&C of Hon. / Director, Hawaii Job Corp / Director, Kahuku Hospital / Member, Int'l Asso. Of Chief of Police. Our Motto at the Lion's, "WE SERVE"


SMITH, Garry P.

Aloha, my name is Garry P. Smith. I am a retired U.S. Navy Commander. You may remember me as I was elected to two terms on the Ewa Neighborhood board from 1999-2003. Ewa beach has intolerable traffic problems, development is out of control, the city and state appear to have forgotten about us and the schools are overcrowded and hot. Our state senator Willie Espero works for developer D R Horton and he wants to increase our traffic problems getting to H1 by building 11,700 more houses in the Hoopili development in Waipahu. Rep. Rida Cabanilla and her office manager Tom Berg want to build a tunnel at Iroquois point that will bring 4,000 more cars into ewa beach every hour. Mayor Hannemann has doubled our property taxes in 3 years and increased the General Excise Tax in order to fund the rail system costing each family of four over $450 per year forever and the rail will not even have a station in ewa beach. On each of these issues the ewa neighborhood board has remained silent. It's time to restore a voice to the ewa neighborhood board who will speak for our needs. Please vote for me.


SUBDISTRICT 02     (6 Seats available)     


I am a present member of the Ewa Neighborhood Board and I am seeking your support for re-election for another term.  My name is Luriano Bautista a.k.a. L.Gary Bautista.  I was born and raised in Waipahu near August Ahrens School.  My father worked for the Oahu Sugar Plantation Company and when the Plantation closed, they moved my parents to the Ewa Villages in 1976.   I worked and lived in the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East for many years.  I returned from the Middle East 14 years ago (1993) and have lived in the Ewa Villages since then.  A few years after my return, many of my friends said "you have been gone so long that it is now your turn to give back to the community – just like what we did and what your father did".  Tanx for your support.  Cheers.


BERG, Thomas

I seek your support for a third consecutive term.  My priority is to bring transportation projects within 96706 to completion.  For instance, we should be connecting Keoneula Blvd. to Coral Sea Road through Ocean Pointe, Keaunui Drive to Renton Road through Ewa by Gentry, and the Child and Family Service complex to Old Fort Weaver Road. It should be required that the proposed East West Connector Road that will link UHWO in Kapolei with Ft. Weaver Road near Aawa Drive be constructed first prior to any additional commercial or residential development being permitted to take hold. The developer needs to complete the widening of Geiger Road to Roosevelt Ave. and the State Ft. Weaver Road all the way to Papipi Road.  Safety measures such as adding traffic signal at Auwaha Street with Renton Road and a street light at the Renton/Roosevelt Gate should be erected as soon as possible.  In addition to Legislative Chair for the Board, I volunteer for the Oahu Resource & Development Council and produce television programs on Olelo such as "For Ewa Today" (Sundays at 7PM, Ch 54) and "Community Association Living" (Wednesdays at 4:30PM, Ch 52). Thank you for your consideration.


DOWLAND, Philip N.

My name is Philip Dowland and I would appreciate your support in my efforts to serve on the Ewa Beach Neighborhood Board. I'm a retired U. S. Navy Chief with (28) years of loyal and faithful service to our Country. My wife and I have (3) children and (6) grand-children of whom we are very proud. Although not a career politician, I feel it's time to become involved to ensure that the voice of our "collective community" is accurately conveyed to our local government. While there are a myriad of issues facing our community (crime, traffic congestion, graffiti, education, etc.) there are not adequate resources to simultaneously address these issues. If allowed to represent our community on the Ewa Beach Neighborhood Board, my pledge to you is that: (1). I will solicit your opinions on the issues facing our community. (2). I will prioritize them in order of importance to you (the community). (3). I will present our community's unified, prioritized concerns to local government officials. (4). Most importantly, hold local government officials accountable for their actions in addressing our community's concerns. Please cast your vote for Philip Dowland as I welcome the opportunity to work with you in our endeavor to make Ewa Beach the best community on O'ahu. Thank you and GOD BLESS.


HARGRAVE, Rich     


TYNANES, Mitchell M. 


Mitchell sees even greater and faster growth for Ewa when the new transit system begins construction in two years. His goal as a member of Neighborhood Board #23 is to see that the community's residents have full input into the project's particulars and Transit Oriented Development (TOD), and that the many new residential and commercial developments planned for the district contribute to, rather than detract from, Ewa's affordability and sense of community. Further relief of traffic congestion on Fort Weaver Road, crime prevention and youth programs, school repairs and maintenance, truly affordable housing, and local job creation are also priorities for Mitchell. A Field Representative of the Hawaii Carpenters Union, responsible for a number of union services to members, including jobsite safety, hiring, training, grievances, and wage and contract procedures on Oahu. Mitchell is very involved in community and workforce development programs such as counseling at high school career days and at Honolulu Community College's Construction Academy. Has volunteered for many community projects such as building wheelchair ramps at local schools, fundraising for local sports and other youth activities. A graduate of James Campbell High School and a life-long resident of Ewa. He and his wife Tennille have three daughters.


Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board No. 24

AT-LARGE     (2 Seats available)                                        

BROWNE, Vincent S. "Cousin Vinny"

Aloha. As someone who has dedicated his entire life to law enforcement, I am concerned with the safety and security of our community and our children. While our representatives play politics as usual, ice and other drugs are becoming an epidemic here on the Waianae Coast. We cannot continue to move backwards. We need new and strong leadership so that we, as a community, can solve these problems together. This is why I am asking for your vote, so that we can move forward together. Mahalo.


CABRAL, Tammy M.M.


Hi My Name is Tammy M.M .Cabral (Simbahon), age 43, graduated from Waianae High School in 1981 married to Antone Cabral, I have 7 children and 3 grandkids. I am the Store Manager at Radio Shack in Waianae, I started working in the store when the store opened back in 1993, I love working in Waianae and being able to help our community with Electronics and wireless needs. I believe in Customer Service and taking care of "our Local People", and understanding the needs of the Waianae Coast. I am new to all of this. However I want to be a part of the Neighborhood Board because I feel that I want to get more involved in helping the community. I want to make a difference!


KELII, James Kimo

Born and raised in Nanakuli; Large Polynesian Ohana (Waialae, Akau, Kawaakoa, Afoa-Lutu); Two sons; Graduated from Nanakuli High School (NHS) –1979; Graduated from Hardin-Simmons University (Abilene, Texas) Bachelor of Arts Degree – 1983; Currently pursuing Masters of Education Degree from University of Phoenix; English Teacher at NHS; Freshman Class of 2010 Advisor; Pikake Farm Business Owner; Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board (WCNB) #24, Board member; WCNB Education Committee, chairman; WCNB Sustainable Plan Committee, chairman; WCNB Parks & Recreation Committee, member; WCNB Planning & Zoning Committee, member; WCNB Transportation Committee, member; Nanakuli Hawaiian Homestead Community Association (NHHCA), member; NHHCA Education Committee, member; NHHCA Cemetery Committee, member; Nanakuli Community Parks Committee, chairman; Nanakuli Economic Development Committee, chairman; NHIS-PTSA, Sergeant-at-Arms; NHIS-PTSA, Legislative Committee chairman; NHIS Alumni Association, President; Ka Waihona Public Charter School, Local School Board member; Nanaikapono Hawaiian Civic Club, member and Police Activities League (PAL) Volleyball coach.


PERRY, Johnnie Mae L.

As a viable candidate, I would like to offer families an opportunity to own their own homes through "self-help ownership." My proposal was sent to our 2007 legislators to mandate a law whereby developers must designate 30% of their master plan to self-help development.  Next, continue to attend BOE community meetings and education meetings to improve our public school system.  Continue to work with children at Kaupuni Park in Wai'anae Valley Homestead with my free reading program.  Monitor land use and not misuse is my third concern. Since 2003, I have been an active participant at the WCNB #24 regular monthly meetings, and as a result have become well known on the 'Olelo station, so people say.  Fourth generation of Wai'anae.  College graduate. Dedicated and committed to 96792, vote PERRY! 


SILVA, Albert H. Alapaki 

Native of Waianae. Graduate of Kamehameha School for Boys Class of '48.  Presently, Class President (2006 – 2007).  Retired Federal Civil Service.  WCNB #24 (26 years). Board member of the Waianae Coast Rotary Club.  Board member of St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii (Foundation). Board member of "Ka Waihona o Ka Na'auao" (Public Charter School). "Paniola Hall of Fame".  Oahu Farm Bureau (West Oahu). GOAL: Mauka Highway


SUBDISTRICT 01     (4 Seats available)  


Aloha! My name is Hanalei Yukutaru Aipoalani and I am here to serve your interests as a member of the Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board. Please find below a bullet point summary of my credentials and qualifications.

-                     20 year Nanakuli resident

-                     6 years of progressive executive operations management experience

-                     6 years of government relations experience (notably, former Staff Assistant to late Congresswoman Patsy T. Mink)

-                     Nanakuli High & Intermediate School alumnus, 1997

-                     Educated in Organizational Psychology, Business Management, and Government Philosphy

-                     In-direct participant of the WCNB since 1983 (observed meetings as a child)

-                     In-depth knowledge of Nanakuli and the Waianae Coast at-large

-                     Public servant with no personal agenda

I am proud to be from Nanakuli.  More importantly, I am proud of who I am because of where I come from.  As one of your four sub-district representatives, you can rest assured that I will advocate and work tirelessly on all issues of importance to our community, to include transportation, transit, housing, homelessness, education, public safety, and environment to name a few. I thank you and your family for supporting my candidacy, and I look forward to serving you well. Mahalo nui loa, Hanalei.


HOOHULI, Josiah "Black" 


KU, Tercia L.           


MAHELONA, Nohealani L.A.



TERUYA, Patty Kahanamoku

Resident of Nanakuli over 30 years. Board member since 1995 - Current Board Chair, former Board Secretary and Planning and Zoning Committee Chair. Active in many community service projects along the coast. Very committed to serving my community & our people. Employed with the Mayor's admin. Would like to continue serving on the board and serve my community which I truly love! Mahalo & God bless.



Lifetime resident of Nanakuli. Retired from D.O.E. after 35 yrs. Member of Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board #24 from 1987 to present.  Board Sgt at Arms.  Waianae Lions Club -- current President, 2 years.  Waianae Golden Age 2nd Vice-President.  President of the C.A.R. program for the homeless.  Live and Let Live area coordinator. I would like to continue serving on the board.


SUBDISTRICT 02   (3 Seats available)  

HEWLEN, Kehaulani D.


My name is Kehaulani Hew Len and I am a Maili resident. I'm honored to serve as a member of the Nanakuli High & Intermediate School Parent Teacher Student Association; voter registrar; Secretary, Waianae Coast Culture & Arts Society, Inc.; Board member, Waianae Kai Hawaiian Homestead Association; member, SCHHA & Oahu Ahapua'a Associations. I also volunteer for the Leeward Coast Beautification and Feeding the Homeless Projects. I'm a strong advocate against landfills. My objective is to assure that the community has a solid voice keeping the resident's and environment safe and healthy.


POMAIKAI,Paul Kaipo Sr. 


REZENTES, Cynthia K.L.

Raised on the Wai`anae Coast, I attended Wai`anae Elementary and Wai`anae High Schools. After graduating from public school I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering. I then worked for a number of years for IBM in Boulder, Colorado and Tucson, Arizona in Facilities Management and Product Development as an engineer and supervisor. Upon returning home in 1993, I became involved in community issues and joined the Neighborhood Board in 1994. Since then I have held various positions on the board, including many years as Chair of the Neighborhood Board. Working on putting a Sustainable Communities Plan together for Wai`anae to continue to realize our desire to continue to maintain our rural character and keep Wai`anae country but still allow for controlled growth.  I have fought to close the Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill and will continue to do so until new alternatives are implemented to take care of our municipal solid waste without having to put it into the aina. Providing solutions to our homeless/houseless problems on the coast is important but I also believe that every community needs to share in the solutions. I want to continue serving the Wai`anae community and ask for your vote.



Waianae is rich in many things, for instance its loving and gracious spirit – the aloha spirit.  My husband and I have been the recipients of much of this aloha and I would like to be a part of sharing this spirit by making this contribution to our community. I, Denise Saylors, a resident of the Ma'ili area of Waianae, want to serve our community and humbly ask for your vote for the Waianae Neighborhood Board.  Some people have told me that I haven't lived here long enough to run for the Neighborhood Board.  My reply to that is, "How long does a person have to live in a community before they know they care?" In 2006, my documentary about homelessness in Waianae, "This is Paradise?" showed on Olelo.  My goal with that film was to help call attention to the crisis. My private and public sectors work experience has taught me management, budgeting and goal achievement.  My Bachelors of Science degree is in Business Administration, from the University of California, Berkeley. Waianae has so much potential and I'd like to participate, along with all our neighbors, in helping our community attain more of that potential. Mahalo for Your Consideration, Denise.


SILVA, Adrian Jr.

1) Education Saint Anthony's School (8 years), Waipahu High School (4 years), Leeward Community College (2 years). 411 Army Engineers (10 years). Waianae Jaycee (7 years). U.S. Air Force (4 years). Legislative aide, House and Senate (3 years). Presently a Board member with Board #24 Waianae Coast (7 years). I enjoy helping our community and keeping it safe. YES I DO NEED YOUR VOTE!


SUBDISTRICT 03      (3 Seats available)      

AWO, Alvin K.

Resident: 33+yrs.  WCNB #24: 8yrs. CONCERNS: Education,Traffic, Jobs, Crimes, Homeless.

PAST MEMBER:  AARP, Nani O *, Ho O Mau Ke Ola, Hawaii Addict. Cntr., Vision Team, Lualualei Hmstd. Rd. Clean. Comit.,  *Coast Coalition, *Ahupuaa,  VFW, YMCA Adv.Cncl.

   * = Waianae


BROWN, David L.

Aloha. My interest in serving on the Neighborhood Board, District #24, stems from a genuine care for the people and place we all call home. As your Hawaii State Archaeologist from 2005-2006, against powerful political agendas, I quickly realized the desperate need for honesty and integrity in our current political situation. Now more than ever, we need councilpersons that serve public interest, and adhere to rules and regulations. I state publicly that I am of sound ethical/moral character and possess the credentials, capabilities, philosophy and necessary experience to represent our community. I appreciate rural community ideals. I attended public schools, served in the Army, and hold a BS and Master's in Anthropology. My occupational experience includes construction, US Forest Service, and currently with a Native Hawaiian Organization owned company. I am dedicated to finding solutions to the many vital issues we face and am sensitive to our community's ability to maintain its rural atmosphere and values amidst progress and change. I bring a new voice, vision, and passion, and can implement improvement for the better, while preserving our Coastal District and keeping it pono. I am humbly and respectfully asking you for the privilege and opportunity to serve you. Mahalo.


BROWN, Rodlyn

My name is Rodlyn Brown and my husband Ed and I reside in Waianae. We bought our current home in 2002 and hope to be able to remain here for the rest of our lives.   I first came to Waianae in the winter of 1948 to surf Makaha.   I was a surfer from Santa Cruz, CA and the boys allowed me to surf back then because I could carry my own 10 foot wooden board. I have owned a variety of businesses in the past years from a winery to a gourmet food store to a wholesale gourmet food distributorship.   I sold all of them to move permanently to Hawai'i.   I am retired from jobs that pay, but I now hold many volunteer positions.   I am currently the President of the Waianae Chapter of AARP and the treasurer of PAI (People Against Ice) here on the Waianae Coast.   I would like very much to serve my community on the Neighborhood Board as well. I raised 5 children (2 girls and 3 sons -- all grown and parents themselves) as a single parent. My husband and I have been married for over 20 years and I am a grandmother and great grandmother and I also have 2 step daughters and their families.


JORDAN, Georgette "Jo"

I'm a Waianae High School Graduate, an owner and operator of Services Inc, The Tax Lady which has been part of the Waianae Business community for over 33 years as well as a Waianae resident for over 35 years.  I'm a current Waianae Coast Neighborhood Board Member as well as the Park and Recreation Committee Chairperson.  The Waianae community has multi layers of issues pressing the community from protecting conservation and agriculture lands to natural resources such our ocean and its shoreline, to balancing the development of small local business with affordable housing but yet keeping a rural country feel.  The focus should always be for the community as a whole and the best interest for our future and its residence. I would like to request your support in allowing me to return to the Neighborhood Board to continue my work with our many community issues.


LEONIDA, Suzanne E.

Resident of Waianae (52 years) Graduate of Waianae High School.  WCNB #24 (4 years). Member of the Waianae Coast Rotary Club.  Board member of (WMCAC) Waianae Military Civilian Council.  Member of Ladies Auxiliary (Veterans of Foreign Wars) VFW-Post #849. Board member and volunteer of St. Francis Healthcare System of Hawaii "Our Lady of Kea'au" GOAL: Serving our Waianae Coast Community


YOUNG, Ronald A.  


SUBDISTRICT 04          (3 Seats available)  

ENDO, Calvin M.

I grew up in Palolo Housing. Graduate of Kaimuki High School, 1969. Worked at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard after graduation. Enlisted in the U.S. Army, serving 2 1/2 yrs. in Germany. I returned home to continue at Pearl Harbor. I worked in the shipyard for 32 years, was a Zone Manager my last ten years. God lead me to retire early to help Waianae High School. In 2003 at age 51 I retired and started helping the school. Most of my time at the school is volunteer work. I'm married to a beautiful woman I met in Germany, married 33 years. We bought a home in Makaha in 1980. We have 11 wonderful children, 6 boys and 5 girls. My wife and I are very active in the community. Served on the Weed & Seed Program, Job and Training Committee. Working with the Waianae Complex Schools to get parents and the community to partner with the schools. Active with churches, working to help the homeless. But my big concern is our children and youth. I want a better Waianae so our young people can be proud to be from Waianae and have a positive view of their future.



Aloha! I am Clyde, an LCC student and legislative intern, and I am running for the Waianae Neighborhood Board because I believe I can bring new ideas and perspective to the process. The neighborhood board is crucial in offering advice on issues to the powers that be. Many such issues affect you personally and directly: traffic, our single access road, civil defense, and many others. Fortunately, there are solutions. Makaha residents typically deal with the worst traffic since we have to pass through all the traffic lights on the coast. Perhaps we can reduce the problem by better synchronizing our traffic lights and finding other creative solutions. We should not settle for anything less than a second access road, and the laughable "bridge to nowhere" in Nanakuli is not enough. With the recent tsunami scare, it has become even more apparent that it would be difficult to evacuate our low lying areas in a short time span. An updated evacuation plan and another exit from our coast will save many lives when disaster strikes. Do you have any questions or ideas? Please contact me at!



Wai`anae is my home and I am proud to be part of our community. As a committed teacher at Kamaile Elementary School, I see our children as our future.  The decisions that we make today will rest upon the shoulders of our children tomorrow.  Our community's vision of a sustainable future is of utmost importance.  I would be honored to serve as a member of our neighborhood board.


KURSHALS, Maralyn A.

I have served several terms on the Wai`anae Neighborhood Board. I was the chair of the Education Committee and I am currently chair of the Housing Committee.  I have lived most of my life in Hawai`i and my two children were born and raised here. I have worked with non profit organizations for over twenty-five years. I believe that community involvement and listening to one another is critical for positive change and solutions. No-one person or agency can do it alone. The Wai`anae Coast is undergoing rapid change and we need to make sure those changes are in keeping with our community based visions and goals.  Integrity and sustainable planning will assure that our beautiful community endures. By working together, being honest and fair and utilizing all our resources, we can give our children, kupuna and all the people on the Wai`anae Coast quality education and health care, affordable housing, accessible transportation and a safe and drug free community.


PRESTANO, Charles P. 

If elected to the Neighborhood board I promise to effectively listen to the community' s needs and respond. I believe that there are many changes going on in our district that need to be addressed including but not limited to traffic, crime prevention, homelessness, environmental concerns, and transit improvements. Vote for me to protect the future of the Waianae Coast.



Ret. US Secret Service Agent + Army reserve colonel. Former HS teacher. BA and MA degrees. Two terms State crime commission. Main interest crime + educational efforts to stop our community being a dumping ground for state problem sex offenders, parolees, homeless, etc. Seeking re-election.


SMITH, Bob R. 


Born in Visalia California, graduated from Exeter Union High in 1968, enlisted in the United States Navy on January 14, 1969. Arrived in Hawaii August 5, 1969, stationed at Naval Air Station Barbers Point until Honorable discharge on March 13, 1975.                                                                 

          Education/Training:         Supervisors Role in Personnel MGMT

                                                Getting Things Done Through People

                                                Situational Team Building

                                                Quality Assurance, Evaluator

                                                Customer Relations Training

                                                Public Works Management

                                                RSMeans, Facilities Estimating                                     

Retired from NAVFAC HAWAII (Public Works Center Pearl Harbor) January 2, 2006 as a Transportation Equipment Operations Foreman with a total of 32yrs 8mo. Service              

            Presently: Associate Pastor/Secretary Board of Directors, Waianae Assembly of God, Makaha

                 Co-Director w/wife, Healing Rooms of Waianae, located at HCAP

                 Equip. Operator, Pueo Trucking                                                                           

        Moved to Nanakuli in December of 1973 after marring my beautiful wife of 33yrs, Rebecca Kealoha Pu'ulani (Kahawai) Makekau. Later moving to Haleakala Ave we raised my 7 stepchildren and were blessed with two more, for a total of 9. We have 27 grand and 18 great grandchildren. We moved to Makaha in 1986.                                                            

This beautiful Waianae Coast is my home, I can't imagine living elsewhere.                      

Because of my love and strong commitment to my community, I wish to serve as your Waianae Neighborhood Board Representative.


Mililani/Waipio/Melemanu Neighborhood Board No. 25

AT-LARGE   (4 Seats available)  

ANDREWS, Elizabeth A.

As a 30-year resident of Mililani Town with a deep interest in the local and physical development of my "home town", I am happy to continue to serve on this Board. My work experiences involved teaching at several military and non-military elementary schools here in Hawaii. And my volunteer experiences centered around Girl Scouts (Central Oahu Unit Chairperson), Boy Scouts, and teaching and coaching tennis both in Mililani and surrounding areas. My main concerns are the present traffic problems facing working people and students who endure the gridlock every weekday on H-1 and H-2; and the overcrowding in our community that is threatening our life style and welfare because of unwise overbuilding of more houses.


CHUN, Erik 


As a 24 year old born and raised in Mililani, I offer a new and much needed perspective to this neighborhood board.   I believe my generation needs to be involved in the process of addressing the challenges that face this great community. I attended Mililani Uka Elementary School, Wheeler Intermediate School, and Iolani School. I have a B.A. in economics from the University of Washington. Currently I am working as a legislative aide for State Representative Bob Nakasone.


HOUGH, Susan R.E.

Long time resident of Mililani.  Wish to serve the people of Mililani. Retired Federal Civil Service employee. Masters degree in Public Administration. Some of our concerns are traffic, education, safety and community growth.  Have served two terms.  


MACKEY, Michael S.


I have been a resident and home owner in Mililani since 1977. I also own a rental unit in a separate subdistrict of Mililani from the subdistrict I reside in, which is one reason I decided to run as an At-Large Candidate. I also am concerned about our community as a whole, and would like to participate in our local community government at any level. Currently, I am serving as President of the Mililani Toastmasters Club. As a Realtor, I am also concerned about the economic issues which affect Mililani, and by serving on the Neighborhood Board, I hope to give a positive voice to the wishes of Mililani residents, and to uphold the best interests of our community. Thank you for your confidence in me, and I look forward to serving as your Neighborhood Board representative. 




OBINA, Chuck

Mr. Obina is CEO/President of LEAD Hawaii, Inc., a leading emergency safety training company.  He has over 15 years experience in non-profit management.  With his heart in community service and as a public servant, he believes in leading by setting an example: take pride in what you're doing, bring talented people together and provide personalized service in every task.  By leading by example, he was one of the first to receive both The President's Volunteer Service Award and The President's Call to Service Award.  His family roots have a deep local foundation spanning generations from Kohala on the Big Island of Hawai'i.  Mr. Obina is a graduate of the University of Washington, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.  He is also a Veteran of the U.S. Army.




Current Board Chair; Retired State Planner; MA Urban & Regional Planning. My concerns for insuring that Mililani continues to be a "special place" have not diminished since moving here in 1969. Although our Board has accomplished much, there is a lot more to be done in addressing community problems, issues and opportunities.


SUBDISTRICT 01       (5 Seats available)       


Qualifications: Served on Neighborhood Board 25 for two years. In that time I was the liaison with the military community, and have served on the Public Relations Committee. A retired Lt. Col. with 28 years of military service, I have managed diverse teams of people, managed budgets, planned and executed large events, worked with political, business, military and civic leaders, at national and international levels. I know how to get things done, how to solve problems - big and small, and how to resolve conflicts. Intentions: If elected, I will do my utmost to continue the important work of this wonderful board; serving as a voice for the community to our elected officials and as an advocate for less crime, better schools, the protection of our aina, good public transportation and sustainable growth in our neighborhoods. Memberships: Daughters of Hawai'i, Hawai'i Women's Coalition, Democratic Party of Hawai'i Women's Caucus, AARP, Association of the US Army and the Women's Veterans Network. Also serve as Secretary on my Condominium Board. Education: BS, University of Rochester, Major in Sociology, Minor Political Science, graduated with Distinction; BA University of South Florida, Major in Broadcast Journalism. Certificates from several seminars on condominium law and management.


IULI, Barbara "Pua"      


SIEGEL, Carole M.      


THOMAS, Douglas C.

Incumbent Board member. Retired Army officer. MS Degree in Government. Currently employed 14 years as a high school teacher. Top concerns for Mililani are education, regional planning, and transportation. I believe our Board must continue to work closely with C&C and State officials to protect Mililani's interests


WONG, Alvin L.  


SUBDISTRICT 02    (4 Seats available)         

GARRETT, Andrew Takuya  


KAANEHE, Josie Hart         


SELANDER, MaryAnne       




SUBDISTRICT 03    (4 Seats available)   


As a member of the Public Health and Safety Committee on NB #25, I support efforts to encourage residents to make Mililani a safe and enjoyable place to walk and enjoy outdoor activities. Traffic calming and speed limit enforcement can help to encourage courteous and responsible driving. The City also can stop stalling and open the Old Kamehameha Highway right-of-way through Kipapa Gulch as a pedestrian-bicycle pathway linking Mililani to the Central Oahu Regional Park. Keeping Oahu beautiful needs to be a City priority, and curbside recycling should be at the top of the list. I also favor an expanded bus service with dedicated bus lanes, and I doubt if the proposed rail system will be successful. After all, if the City can't even figure out how to pick up old newspapers, cans, and bottles, how much confidence can we have that it can build and operate a railroad? With your vote, I'll keep on advocating for responsive government and a healthy community.



Aloha! My name is Mary Jean Castillo-Barkley.  I humbly ask for your vote of confidence in electing me to represent you on the Mililani Neighborhood Board. As a professional small business owner and operator, I have had the fortune of partnering with numerous nonprofit organizations on projects that benefit our children.  From O'ahu Pop Warner to Law Enforcement publications, I have seen most of what impacts the lives of each and every one of us. As a mother and wife, I dedicate my life's work to improving the living conditions and opportunities for my family, which includes you and your family.  I am the Vice Chair for Weed and Seed Site I and also serve on the Statewide Leadership Committee.  More over, I have been active in advancing the mission and vision of Mother Earth Foundation Environmental Charities, a Hawaii based 501(c)(3) public charity that I founded in 1998. I look forward to serving you and your family on our Neighborhood Board. Mahalo!


HAMADA, Keith K         

I am a resident of Mililani for over two decades and I want to raise my family here.  I believe in the Neighborhood Board system and I want to be a part of it.  I want to ensure that Mililani continues to be the thriving community for my children.




SUBDISTRICT 04       (6 Seats available)        

ARAKI, Noel           



Tara Lulani Arquette has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the private and public sectors.  She is the current Executive Director for the Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association (NaHHA), a nonprofit committed to perpetuating authentic Hawaiian culture, arts, and traditions in the visitor industry, and developing new responsible models of tourism.  Prior to NaHHA, she was President/CEO of Alu Like, Inc., the state's largest private, nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of Native Hawaiians through education, social and economic development initiatives.  Ms. Arquette is an alumni of the University of Hawai`i and has an MA in political science. Lulani enjoys reading, writing, going to movies, playing ukulele and singing, culture and history, and interior design.  She makes sure to allow time for family which includes her husband, two sons, a great dane, and two cats.  Lulani is committed to helping ensure that Mililani remains a safe, affordable, and desirable place to live.  There are important issues that Mililani residents need to address related to traffic, sewer, water, affordable housing, and crowded schools.  Responsible, planned growth needs to occur that addresses the above-mentioned issues in order to maintain our quality of life and keep Mililani and Hawai`i special. 


BASS, William M.

Ret. Navy Cdr.; BS & MS in Civil Eng.; NB#25 member since 1997, currently Vice Chair; specialize in urban and transportation planning and federal, state and local government operations.  


LOOMIS, Karen L.

I have been a Mililani resident since 1976 and am a current Board member. I recently retired from my position as a Labor Relations Officer for the State Department of Human Resources Development.   I am most concerned about transportation and quality of life issues here in Mililani.


NILSEN, Hallah     

Education: BA- Bob Jones University/BA- Chaminade University. Pursuing: Masters in Communication from Hawaii Pacific University/Masters in Public Administration from Central Michigan University Work Experience: Legislative Analyst- State Legislature, Military Technician for Hawaii Army National Guard, Teacher- Hanalani Schools. Military Service: Presently- 804th Signal Company, Commander. Previous Service: Hawaii Army National Guard - Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran. Interests: Education, Military Issues, Environment, Public Safety, and Quality of Life Issues affecting the community. Hobbies: Reading- Traveling- Exercise. In 2003, I was elected to Neighborhood Board # 25 for the first time.  A little over a year later, I resigned due mobilization and pending service in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Upon my return in 2006, I was asked to fill a vacant position.  I presently represent Sub district 4 and desire to continue this representation. 



Current Board member seeking re-election.  Being involved with the Neighborhood Board allows me the opportunity to voice my concerns and those concerns of my neighbors in decisions affecting our community.  BS degree in Business Administration, MA degree in Management & Supervision.  Employed as a Community Association Manager.



Wahiawa Neighborhood Board No. 26

AT-LARGE   (9 Seats available)  



Being a lifelong resident of Wahiawa, Acohido strives to serve his community by working with his neighbors to improve the quality of life of their home town.  As a board member since 1989, he listens to the issues of the residents and reflects their concerns to governmental agencies at the Local, State and Federal levels. Acohodo's travels and occupations gave him a global view of the environment, education and economics.  He is focused locally on the impact of these 3 E's on the people in Hawaii, especially for Wahiawa families. He attended Leilehua HS, local universities, and the Army C&GS College. He has a MA degree in Educational Administration.  He performed as a military operations officer; worked as a bank vice president; and is a retired special education teacher.  Acohido is an adult educator at Wahiawa Community School.  He is a volunteer at the US Arizona Memorial and a Vietnam Veteran.  He supports youth athletics and multi-cultural and multi-generational programs.  He serves as a church lay minister. "Thanks for allowing me to serve you in the past. May I have your vote to serve again!"


BENTLEY, Sheri R.       





Joe Francher has lived at 129 Rose Street in Wahiawa since 2005.  Currently, General Manager of Hawaii Instrumentation & Controls, Inc.; former Operations Manager with General Growth Properties (on Oahu and on Maui) and Facilities/Operations Manager in the Bank of Hawaii Facilities Department; Board Member of Hawaii Public Radio since 1996.  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1983; US Navy enlisted 1970 to 1980.



As the newest member of the Wahiawa Neighborhood Board, I recently volunteered to begin researching and implementing a beautification project for our town. Please allow me to see this project through for the benefit of our community and the future of Wahiawa. Born and raised in Wahiawa; my family has lived here for three generations. Graduate of Leileihua High School and Boston University (B.S. in Journalism). Member, Wahiawa Neighborhood Board since September 2006.  Former Board Member, Wahiawa Community & Business Association (W.C.B.A.). Charter Member, Song & Daughters of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Member, our First lady of Sorrows Church (Wahiawa); Confirmation II High School class teacher; member of the "Rejoice" Choir and the Alter Society . Employed as a Business Agent with the Hawaii teamsters Union, Local 996 representing teamsters in the movie/production industry and the cement/hospital sectors. Appointments: Hawaii Film & Entertainment Board (H.F.E.B.) and Hawaii Representative, International Brotherhood of teamsters Human Rights Commission. Worked as a Production Coordinator on Walt Disney, Warner Bros. And Universal Studios feature films and also on numerous national and local commercial productions. Former news radio reporter for WBZ in Boston and KHVH News in Honolulu, former television news producer for KHON2 and KGMB9 News.


KOCH, Silvia Manley

Lifelong Wahiawa resident.  School counselor and college instructor.  I am committed to preserving Wahiawa's diverse culture by working on issues such as the homeless, education, and crime.  We need to move toward positive change that is in the best interest of Wahiawa's heritage.  Let me continue to serve as a board member.  Thank you.


LEE, Mary Jane Y.S.

Graduate of Leilehua, U.H. and Columbia University. Retired First Circuit, Family Court Director. Member of Board since its inception Please vote and permit me to continue to serve our community. I believe I am sensitive to the needs and problems of the Whitmore Village and Wahiawa residents.


MASUNAGA, Kathleen H.


It has been an honor to serve on the Wahiawa Neighborhood Board for two terms, and to have been elected as Chair and Secretary by my peers. My vision for Whitmore Village and Wahiawa is to retain our "small town"

character while improving our community as we face the challenges of an aging population, homelessness, crime, traffic and transportation, military deployments and life long learning. All too often, other communities around Whitmore Village-Wahiawa are more successful in getting its share of community funds, services, enhancements and commercial investments. We can do BETTER. I am results oriented, and am often frustrated by the advisory nature of the Neighborhood Board system. Citizens often attend the meetings for solutions to their problems, only to learn that it must be referred to the appropriate city, state or federal agency. We can do MORE in creative ways. Each Neighborhood Board member must do more than just attend 10 meetings per year. Your vote would be appreciated. In the upcoming two-year term, your Neighborhood Board must cohesively take ACTION to increase the quality of life for Whitmore Village and Wahiawa and its multi-generations. Mahalo for your support!



Life long resident of Wahiawa.  A member of the board since 1998 and the current vice chair. Retired from the Hawaii Army National Guard and currently a civilian worker with the Army Corps of Engineers. Will work for the economic revitalization of Wahiawa.  Favors the basing of the Stryker Brigade at Schofield. Wants to see Wahiawa get it's fair share of dollars for capital improvements.  


North Shore Neighborhood Board No. 27

SUBDISTRICT 01     (2 Seats available)  

ALAMEIDA, Jeffrey K.

Aloha – my name is Jeffrey Kalani Alameida and I ask for your vote to continue to represent Sub district 1 on the North Shore Neighborhood Board. I was raised on the North Shore; my family has been residents of Mokuleia for many generations. I currently serve as a member of the Neighborhood Board, trustee of the Waialua Community Association, North Shore Chamber of Commerce member, and volunteer with a number of local groups. I'm a parent; grandpa; teacher; businessman. I think balance, rational discussion, and a willingness to listen, work together, and advocate for Mokuleia is important. Mahalo for your support.


JOHN, Nancy

I have been an active volunteer and community participant since moving to Mokuleia in 2001.  I've been a member of the North Shore Outdoor Circle since 2002, and was President of that group in 2005. I have been on the Waialua Library Board since 2003 and I am currently a Volunteer Recruiter for the Honu Guardian Program.  My motivation in seeking election to the North Shore Neighborhood Board is to serve the Community and to help preserve the country atmosphere we enjoy here.  I believe we have substantial growth issues and we will need to deal with these issues in the near future.  I am concerned about uncontrolled growth on the North Shore without adequate environmental impact planning, and I'm concerned about the damage excessive growth will have on our standard of living.  We are all privileged to be part of the North Shore community... I would like to also be a part of enabling solutions to the issues we face in maintaining those qualities that have brought us together in this place.



Born, raised and still living in Mokuleia and the moku of Waialua. Worked at Council as aide for 8.5 years

Formerly 26 years as an Independent Insurance Agent and Real Estate Salesman. Trustee for several individual land trusts. Father of Sonyei and Kalani.  


SHIRAI, Thomas T. Jr.  

Lifetime resident and descendant of Kamaaina Ohana dating back over 250 years at Kawaihapai.  Raised by my

Grandparents David & Abigail Keao in Mokuleia.  WHS graduate.  Decorated USCG veteran.  Employee of

Airports Division as an Airport Operations Controller at Honolulu International Airport.  Active constituent

lobbying at State Capitol.  Regularly attends Neighborhood Board 27.  Served on Oahu Island Burial Council

(DLNR) and now serving on OHA's Native Hawaiian Historic Preservation Council.  Seen changes and perenial issues dating back to childhood or earlier within Sub-District 01.  Malama Aina.


SUBDISTRICT 02     (4 Seats available)  

HIROTA, John H.        

Present member NSNB#27; past member NSNB#27, 20 yrs; born & raised North Shore; former Industrial Relations Director, Waialua Sugar Co; present Program Director, Oahu Rural Development; Moderator, Liliuokalani Protestant Church; various community organizations.        


LUNASCO, Ollie      


NG, Jacob Y.W. (Jake)

As a candidate seeking reelection to my fifth term, I feel satisfied that I have endeavored to articulate and responded to the many issues and concerns of my constituents in the Waialua Sub-district.  As an example, I championed the recent completion of the Waialua Beach Road Bikeway and Sidewalk Project, which extended from Crozier Loop to Weed Circle, after almost 4-years of efforts.  I initiated efforts to mitigate flooding in Haleiwa, Paalaa Road, Haone Street and Otake Camp areas, participated in environmental and Wet Land programs, and a leader to improve our schools.  However, there are major challenges facing the Board and the community:  As a member of the Fire Commission, I am working to locate and build a new Fire Station.  The station is about 70 years old, in a flood zone area, and cannot be updated.  We need modern fire fighting equipment and technology because of the vast open lands vacated by sugar and pineapple and also for growth potential in our area.  I am working to preserve and protect our diminishing agricultural land from development.  Especially, our loi, hasu patches, and aquifers are vulnerable.  Another major concern to the Board is the mauka watershed areas and the potential contaminants into our rivers and wetlands from prior agricultural uses.


OGA, Alfred "Barney"     



With the support of my dear wife, Liz, and our two children, I humbly ask the residents of Waialua to select me to represent them on the Neighborhood Board.  My goal is simply to help the North Shore remain a great place to live and to help make it even better for the future. Besides helping Liz raise our children to be good people, I serve as Chairman of the NSNB Traffic and Transportation Committee, President of Keep the North Shore Country, President of Let's Surf Coalition, President of Hukilau Loop Association, I coach kids' soccer and I volunteer for various charities as time permits.  My mortgage company, Town and Country Mortgage, LLC, is based in Waialua. The Traffic Committee is working to fix traffic problems like the Laniakea bottleneck and lack of walkways in Haleiwa.  Keep the North Shore Country is working for sensible review and public comment on the Turtle Bay Resort expansion plans.  Let's Surf Coalition protects public access to surf spots.  All of these efforts improve our precious North Shore.  I look forward to serving on the Neighborhood Board.  Thank you.


SUBDISTRICT 03        (4 Seats available)       

AWAI, James L. Jr.


LYONS, Michael

Current NHB Chair .Past Vice Chair / board member Self employed. Served over 31 years with Honolulu Police Department (Ret. Sergeant). Involved with other boards Past WCA board member. Past Waialua High scholarship committee member. AYSO soccer coach Attended BYU(Church college); Leeward; Waialua High School. Resided in Haleiwa past 42 years. Married; Father; Grandpa. I live in and love our community.  The best for our community and town is a desire shared by myself and family.



Aloha. Currently I serve as the secretary for the North Shore Neighborhood Board and humbly ask for your vote to allow me to continue to serve on the board. I have lived in the country for 37 years (most of my life) and have spent many of those years dedicated to helping us retain the quality of life we all cherish out here.  Most recently I'm working as a legislative aide at the State Capitol. I've also served on the Governor's staff for 2-1/2 years, resigning to run for state office in 2006. My concerns for our community include; over development, affordable housing, traffic and cleaning up Kaiaka Bay.  I'm a graduate of UH, an avid bodyboarder and resident of Haleiwa. Please feel free to contact me at Mahalo, Carol Philips


SUBDISTRICT 04     (1 Seat available)        



SUBDISTRICT 05     (4 Seats available)    

LEINAU, Roberts G. "Bob"   



Raised in Pupukea. Support natural areas, well-planned dev., & working farms that respect community values, improve quality of life, & provide opportunity. Drinking water, air quality, ocean, & community health must improve for the security of families & children. Unity on shared values will strengthen our community.


MEADE, Geraldine "Gerry"

Resident of Pupukea, North Shore for 37 years. Educator for 40 years creating and implementing programs and a school administrator. Participator in various community groups from the North Shore to Koolauloa (i.e.Waialua Elementary School Community Council, Save Waimea Valley, Koolauloa Community Health and Wellness Center). Sub-District representative and Chair of Neighborhood Board No. 27. Advocator of sustainable communities plans and positive change. Practitioner of good health and wellness and a believer of family cohesiveness.


MILLER, Antya L.            


Koolauloa Neighborhood Board No. 28

SUBDISTRICT 01    (2 Seats available)  


My name is Jimmy Pua Kaioe Leonardi.  I was born July 14, 1947, in Honolulu, Hawaii and grew up in Kapa'a, Kauai. I have been a resident of Walkerville, Kahuku for the past twenty five years.  I am married to a "Kahuku Girl" and have two daughters, both currently attending college.  My personal interest includes fishing, diving, body-boarding and collecting Hawaiian antique soda, and milk bottles I recently retired from the Army Reserves with the rank of Sergeant Major after serving for 29 years. I attended the University of Hawaii and received a Bachelor's Degree in Education and received a Professional Teaching Certificate from Brigham Young University- Hawaii Campus. I began my teaching career at Kahuku High School in 1974 teaching social studies, with special interest in Hawaiian History. I am currently teaching Guidance and also hold the position of "Kahuku Intermediate Student Activities Coordinator." My community service includes being a board member for Malama Ohana from 1996-current and Kahuku Village Association Vice President from 1996-current. Because of my background in history, I have written several papers and lectured on the Ahupua'a of Kahuku, the history of Kahuku town and Kahuku School to a variety of community groups and organizations.



Aloha, My name is Maria Pacheco.  I have lived in Kahuku for 23 years.  From1984 to 1994 I owned and operated a popular breakfast restaurant called Huevos.  During those years, I participated in numerous community organizations. I am presently working as Resident Manager for Kuilima Estates East Condo's were I manage 168 units.  Prior to this position I worked as Human Resource Manager for HMAA medical insurance group with 150 employees and most recently as a Real Estate Agent, where I served as Chairman of the Land Use Subcommittee for the Hawaii Association of Realtors testifying in the Legislature on behalf of 9,400 Hawaii members. My involvement with the Legislature, as well as, my knowledge of law having a paralegal certificate is a benefit in understanding procedure and knowing what questions to ask. Our community will be growing and changing as the developers in our area put their plans into motion.  We need to look closely at the effects these plans will have on our community and evaluate if these changes will benefit us today and in the future. I look forward to hearing your concerns and passing them on so that your voice is heard. Mahalo!



I was born and raised in Kahuku, graduated from Kahuku High and am a Vietnam veteran.  I worked for the Kahuku Sugar plantation for 17 years.  I served on the ILWU negotiating team that provided benefits for all sugar workers in Hawaii. I have 40+ years of experience in community affairs, water issues, planning, financial, non-profit and land management. I am on the Kahuku Elderly Housing Board of Directors and the Kahuku Community Association Board of Directors; a former member of the State Department of Regulatory Agency-Board of Engineers and Surveyors; a former member of the Windward School Advisory Council, as appointment by the Governor; the former Chairman of the Kahuku School Advisory Committee and former General Manager of Kahuku Housing Corporation. I also served for several terms on the very first Neighborhood Board in our community. I believe Kahuku will have many new concerns in the coming years; we have seven new landowners who are seeking development. I would like to serve on the Neighborhood Board to address concerns and issues, and bring parties together to solve challenges.


PRIMACIO, Margaret M.

Aloha Kakou, I have lived and raised my family here for over 50 years.  My paternal family immigrated here from the Phillipines in the 1920's and have had seven generations living in Kahuku. Koolauloa is a special place to live, work and play in and we must preserve what we hold most dear to us for the next generations. Daily in Kahuku I see families unconditionally extending their homes to family and friends less fortunate to share meals and fellowship.  I see ordinary folks standing up to preserve our natural resources; speaking up for low cost homes; and helping protect our makua and kupuna and I am a proponent of these attributes as well. Along with my experience in the business office at Kahuku High & Intermediate School, the best school in Hawaii, having served as a former community association secretary, legislative aide, chair of planning groups and treasurer for two community groups enables me to understand issues before the Neighborhood Board. I would be honored to serve our Kahuku Community as a board member. Mahalo!


SOH, Warren                 


VAIOLETI, Stephany K.


SUBDISTRICT 02   (4 Seats available)  





STEWARD, Les          



Dawn Kahalaomapuana Tautafa Wasson age 62, born in La'ie, seventh generation Kanaka Maoli. Mother of four sons, twenty-four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  Hawaiian historian, genealogist, volunteer educator in Hawaiian history, storyteller, published writer of Hawaiian children's books in the Ko'olauloa area. AA in liberal studies, BA in political science.  Currently taking graduate courses at UH Manoa.  Husband and I recently returned form a trip to India.  I have been to England, Scotland, South Africa, Germany, Japan, Okinawa, Samoa and New Zealand and lived in Idaho and Utah.  I have twenty years of oral history from the kupuna of Ko'olauloa and will publish their stories.  I have thirty years of land title research with mo'olelo (stories) Mo'oku'auhau (genealogy) with native testimonies describing their lands.  I enjoy reading philosophy, history and especially literature.  I have a passion for writing poetry.  Volunteer with a youth programs teaching Hawaiian cultural values.  Working with an adult correction program from New Zealand to be implemented in Hawaii.  Coordinating a kupuna group in the Ko'olauloa area as keepers of the knowledge by writing stories from their perspective.  Currently working amicably with the La'ie land management team and kuleana landowners.


SUBDISTRICT 03      (3 Seats available)  

ALO, Lefty N.    


HEATH, Kathryn C.   


KAHANA, Barbara A. 


SUBDISTRICT 04       (1 Seat available)  

MATTOON, Creighton U.

Supports: Preservation of our Rural Lifestyle --- Keep the Country Country, Safe and Drug Free Communities, Safe Highways, Protection of our Natural Resources --- Land, streams, estuaries, near-shore waters, and reefs, Sensible Land Use and Development --- Agriculture on Agriculture Land, and First Class Schools, Fire, Police, Hospital and  Emergency Services. Experience: Ko`olauloa Neighborhood Board, 24 years, 10 as Chair, Ko`olauloa Hawaiian Civic Club, Ko`olauloa Youth Organization, Chair, Ko`olauloa Community Council, Chair, Punalu`u Community Association, President (Current), St. Francis Ko`olau Health Center, Chair, `Aha Ola Pono O Ko`olauloa (Health Conference) Chair (Current), Malama `Ohana (Holistic Health Issues), Hawai`i-La`ieikawai Association (Environ., Hawaiian Cultural Issues), Chair, Keep the Country Country, Inc., President (Current),


SUBDISTRICT 05       (1 Seat available)  


Formal Education: B.A. (with Honors) Political Science, University of Hawaii, Manoa, 1964; M.A. Political Science, UH, Manoa, 1966; Ph.D., Pacific history and Politics, Australian National University, 1971. Ka'a'a'wa resident since 1976 – 30 years. 20 years of community service: Windward O'ahu, O'ahu, neighbor islands: water issues, protection of Hawaiian sacred sites, watersheds, stream protection. Extensive experience with issues related to Federal Clean Water Act and Federal Safe Drinking Water. Ko'olau Loa watershed protection plan 2005 – present – community stakeholder representative. 20 years of experience dealing with community issues before Land Board, the State Water Commission and issues before the Neighborhood Boards. 20 years of experience as an environmental educator, activist. Community related work with local fishermen particularly on gill net issue. Former President, Ka'a'awa Community Association. Former President, Ka'a'awa Fee Purchase Association. Chief negotiator/liaison with attorneys in lawsuit against BYU and Zions Securities, La'ie in Federal Clean Water Act lawsuit - $2.25 million dollar settlement to set up non profit organization. Currently working on major effort concerning cumulative impact of development on windward coast on this and future generations. Currently working on book on water in Hawaii with emphasis on public trust doctrine.


LETTS, Dee Dee D.

Chair Ko`olau Loa Neighborhood Board and member for over 24 years - member of the Ka`a`awa Community Association - Board member Mediation Center of the Pacific, Hawai`i Nature Center and Mutual Housing Association of Hawai`i - currently employed by the Judiciary as the Treatment Court Coordinator providing program oversight for drug, mental health and other specialty courts.  My continuing interest is to work with members of the Ko`olau Loa area to balance the educational, health & economic needs of our moku.  As one of the few rural areas left on O`ahu we have a unique opportunity to work to build a future that respects our ohana, the `aina, and our cultural heritage. To accomplish this informed advice must be provided to decision makers regarding what is in the best interests of our communities.  The Board recently completed the Sustainable Watershed Management Plan which provides guidance to and informs land use planning and resource protection.  The review of the Sustainable Communities Plan will occupy much of the Board's time this term.  These two documents will be critical to the future of our community and our children's children.  I ask for your vote to continue the work we have started.


ROWLAND, Gregory T.


My name is Gregory T. Rowland, my family has resided in Ka`a`awa since 1959. I come from a family that has long been involved in politics in the State of Hawaii. My grandfather, John Gomes Durate was a Senator from Maui. I believe that it is time for me to get involved and be part of the solution in addressing some of the important issues facing our community in Ka`a`awa. I have seen many changes over the years, some good and some not so great. My main concerns are uncontrolled development, traffic, crime, and quality of life issues facing us in Ka`a`awa. Recently we experienced severe flooding in Ka`a`awa, it affected most of the residents and it was apparent that we were ill prepared to deal with it and government response was slow in coming. We need to come up with a prevention plan rather than doing emergency control after the fact. Another related issue is prompt Emergency response in the event of flooding or tsunami; Ka'a'awa is a high risk area for both. I think it is important for the community to be fully informed about these issues and I promise to do this if elected. I humbly ask for your support, please vote for me. Mahalo!   


Kahaluu Neighborhood Board No. 29

SUBDISTRICT 01   (2 Seats available)  

CAPPELLA, Robert John


I was your neighborhood board member the last two years, and hope for your vote so I can go on servicing you. Farmer, 37 years in Waiahole. True environmentalist lifestyle. Traffic, crime, community problems can be solved with people cooperation and kokua.


CLARK, Judith F.

My qualifications: 

I have lived in Waiahole Valley for 30 years.  In 2005, the Hawaii State Legislature gave me an award for being "Hawaii's Outstanding Advocate for Children and Youth."  I am the Executive Director of Hawaii Youth Services Network, a statewide coalition of more than 50 youth-serving organizations. My volunteer service includes the Blood Bank of Hawaii (115 pints of blood donated), Children and Youth Month, and the University of Hawaii School of Medicine. I believe in: Preserving the aina, especially our valuable watershed lands; making affordable housing available to our families; Maintaining the culture and values that make Hawaii such a wonderful place to live; ensuring that our children and youth receive education and opportunities that will lead to healthy and productive futures;

recognizing and valuing children and youth as community assets, and include them in decisions that affect their lives.


GARCIA, Richard


My name is Richard Garcia and I am running for the neighborhood board to provide a voice for the members that belong to this particular district. I am currently the President of the Waiahole-Waikane Community Association and a Director of the Windward Soil and Water Conservation Commission. I have also served ten years in the Hawaii State Legislature as a representative and have served as Chairman of the Public Health Committee, Chairman of the Military and Civil Defense Committee, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Assistance Majority Leader and Vice Speaker of the House. I am deeply involved and interested in all community activities and interested in solving our community problems. I am married with six children and have lived in the Waiahole-Waikane area for over thirty years. Thank you for your consideration.


HOE, Keliko R.        




SUBDISTRICT 02   (3 Seats available)  

GRAHAM, Morris A.         


HENKIN, David L.

As a public-interest, environmental lawyer, I have spent over a decade successfully tackling difficult issues to protect public health, water quality, endangered species, and Native Hawaiian culture. I know how to navigate the maze of federal, state and city bureaucracy to accomplish real results. I want to bring my energy and experience to the Kahalu'u Neighborhood Board to ensure our State and City government always acts in our community's long-term interests. We need to work together to preserve our environment, from the top of the Ko'olaus to Kane'ohe Bay; to find solutions to the bumper-to-bumper traffic we suffer through every day; and to ensure new development promotes, rather than degrades, our quality of life. As a father of two young children, I am concerned about the lack of safe places in our neighborhoods for our keiki to ride their bikes. We need to work with the State and City to get dedicated bicycle paths, which would also provide alternatives to the car for getting to work and safe places for our kupuna and other residents to walk and exercise. I believe that seemingly impossible conflicts often create opportunities for creative solutions.


NALUAI, D. Keala


Kahalu'u Resident 14 years; President - Malama O Kamali'i Makamae;  Vice President - Kamalapua O Ko'olau; Treasurer - Windward Homeless Coalition; Volunteer Guardian Ad Litem - Court Appointed Special Advocate - Family Court;   Member and/or Volunteer - Ko'olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club, Community Works in 96744, Honolulu Community Action Program and Coalition of Native Hawaiians;  Substitute Teacher.  She has a Master's Degree in Business Administration and believes that above all, honesty and integrity are key qualities of a public servant.  As a constituent, having attended the Neighborhood Board meetings regularly for three years, she would like to serve as a legitimate primary resident representative of the Neighborhood Board No. 29's Sub-district No. 2 as is required by the Neighborhood Board Commission. She will provide honest representation in looking out for the best interest of the members of this community with the respect they deserve. She would like to offer her assistance to the community at the public forums by advocating for their concerns and needs, resolving community issues and providing a safer place for all to live and enjoy.   


RENOIR, Jean-Paul C.

After living many places in the world, I have adopted Kahalu`u as my permanent home and have found comfort in our community's attractive environment. I have spent much time here restoring my property by removing invasive species, repairing erosion damage and improving drainage. My background is in business and finance, and I also served as a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officer. The board recognized my dedication to the neighborhood in October when it appointed me to an open set to represent Sub-District 2 and contribute my perspective and experience. I have attended all the Kahalu`u board meetings for two years and appreciate the system as a good way to improve life in our community. If I remain on the board, my goal will be to represent the interests of the district's residents and be their effective voice in working with my fellow board members and communicating with our elected representatives in the City and County of Honolulu and State governments. I intend to be sensitive to my constituents'' views and will establish a dialogue with District 2 residents to keep me informed of their opinions on key issues facing Kahalu`u.



SUBDISTRICT 03      (3 Seats available)    



Hi, I'm Ned Busch.  I live on Lihikai Drive in Kahalu'u, and I would like to represent you on the Kahalu'u Neighborhood Board. Kahalu'u is a unique area of Oahu, because of its rural beauty.  But, as Kaneohe expands, the pressures are increasing on Kahalu'u to change our rural way of life.  In addition, we all have many other concerns, including drugs, education, our safety and the sufficiency of our municipal services.  We want to maintain and improve our quality of life here in Kahalu'u, and to do that, we need to make sure our voices are heard. After working in the area of telecommunications for 25 years, I am now a mediator.  I mediate both family and commercial disputes.  I feel that my passion for Kahalu'u, and my abilities as a mediator to bring people together will help me be a strong spokesperson for your interests and concerns.  I am proud to live in Kahalu'u, and I am asking for your vote for the Kahalu'u Neighborhood Board.


KALUHIWA, Leialoha "Rocky"  

Lifetime res. Heeia Koolau Poko. Married, 3 children, 4 granddaughters & 3 grandsons. NB mem. past 2 yrs. 2nd VP Koolau Poko Hawn. Civic Club V.P. ARCH Pres. Waiwiola O Heeia Kea. Life mem. Keahia Kahoe Canoe Club. Past mem. Kaneohe Canoe Club 6 yrs. Sen. Sgt. at Arms 4 yrs. Sen. M. McCartney Reception. Alulike Comm. Org.


MACHADO, Arthur B. Jr.    


MENCH, Kurt K.

I am a life time resident of Kahaluu. Castle High School graduate and attended U.N.M. Married with four adult children. Carpenter, wood worker, design fabrication, fisherman. Good community participation produces a good community.


SUBDISTRICT 04       (2 Seats available)        

LEVASSEUR, Kenneth W.    


PANOKE, Wayne Kahoonei


SUBDISTRICT 05     (3 Seats available)   

BENDER, Daniel A.      



I have been privileged to be a member of the KNB since 1991, serving as Chair from 1991-2000 and currently as Vice-Chair.   In late 2006, I was appointed by the City Council to serve on the Neighborhood Board Review Task Force. I have a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning (1979) and have worked for city governments and community-based nonprofit organizations.  Currently, I'm a Program Officer at Hawaii Community Foundation.  I serve on the boards for a number of community nonprofits and have been involved with Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts in Kahalu'u. I am running for election to the Kahalu'u Neighborhood Board because I believe it should be a forum for community voices to be heard, issues to be addressed and consensus to be reached whenever possible.  I would like to contribute to that process.  I believe that a good community-based decision-making process results in decisions that are more consistent with community goals.


SUBDISTRICT 06    (2 Seats available)         

GEBOSKI, Gregory T.      


VERMEESCH, Rich             


Kaneohe Neighborhood Board No. 30

AT-LARGE       (3 Seats available)                                   

DITCH, Warren B. Jr.

Inlandboatmen's Union of the Pacific (2006-Present). Represent members in accordance with our constitution. Hawaiian Tug & Barge/Young Brothers; Sause Bro. Inc. – Hawaii; International Telephone & Telegraph-Port Allen, Kauai. Sause Bro. Inc. – Hawaii (2003 – 2006) - First Mate & Second Mate. Responsibilities: Pilot, Navigator, Docking Master and assist Tug Master as needed. Hawaiian Tug & Barge/Young Brothers (1972 – 2002). Port Captain, Harbor Boat Supervisor, Tug Master, First Mate, and Second Mate. Responsibilities: Pilot, Navigator, Docking Master, Comply with applicable United States Coast Guard Rules and Regulations and Employer's Policies and Procedures. United States Navy (1966 – 1970) - Honorable Discharge; Vietnam Veteran; E-04; E-03; E-02;

Education: Preparatory Course in Merchant Marine Deck Officer (1971), Kapaa high School-Kauai (1962-1966). Kaneohe resident (1979 – Present). Family- Connie Ditch (wife), Corri Ditch (daughter).



 Born and raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Manager at Yamashiro Building Supply. Graduated Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii, Class of 1984. Graduated Menlo College, Atherton, CA, Class of 1989. Member of Kaneohe Lions Club. Board member since 1998.


SUBDISTRICT 01    (1 Seat available)  

GAVIGAN, Marie Manuele


SUBDISTRICT 03     (1 Seat available)  



Mark Beatty has lived in Kaneohe since 1996. He is married with three children. He is a combat veteran and reservist, Greek professor, businessman and practicing attorney. Mark formerly ran for US Senate. Mark Beatty is running for neighborhood board to address three issues:  1) Kamehameha Schools should NOT be granted special privileges to change their property on 430 Kahuhipa Street from the General Preservation (P-2) to Residential (R-5) to allow building a school. The original zoning was to provide "visual relief and contrast to the city's built environment or serving as outdoor space for the public's use and enjoyment." We should be aware that the school to be built will deprive us of an outdoor space that we formerly used for our enjoyment.  2) Access to the stairway to heaven should NOT be through residential neighborhoods. The only way the stairway is viable is providing access and parking through the community college or hospital, probably under state control. 3) The light rail does not meet our needs, avoids real solutions, and costs an outrageous amount. Every citizen and elected official should speak out against Mufi's rollercoaster. For more information:; PO Box 5484 Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744; 247-8878;


SABAS, John R.

Resident of Kaneohe for the past 12 years and an incumbent board member for the past 3 years. Father of 3 sons.  Together with wife, active particpant in children's school and recreational activities. All children attended public school in Kaneohe area. Consistent advocate for having area resident's concerns heard and addressed before the Kaneohe neighborhood board, including such issues as the Haiku stairs and plans by the Kamehameha Schools for a preschool facility.


SUBDISTRICT 04      (1 Seat available)        



SUBDISTRICT 06      (1 Seat available) 



SUBDISTRICT 07      (1 Seat available)      

FRIEL, Paul M.


SUBDISTRICT 08      (1 Seat available)       


Current elected member of the board. Chairman of Public Health & Safety Committee; Representative to Windward Civilian-Military Council at MCBH; Representative to Hawaii State Hospital Citizens' Advisory Board. Lived in Kaneohe since 1984. Retired professor; taught at Hawaii Loa College and Kapiolani CC. (Taught in American Samoa for 12 years.) Married to Anne for 47 years; two sons, one daughter. Motivation for Board Membership: Desire to work for community unity, thoughtful, decision-making and problem resolution; preservation of Windward quality of life; community safety, education; disaster preparation. Favor acquisition and protection of unspoiled places that offer valuable cultural, historical, educational, and recreational opportunities to Windward citizens, for example, the proposed Ha'iku Valley Cultural Preserve.


SUBDISTRICT 09     (1 Seat available)      

GAISTHIA, Elizabeth A.


SUBDISTRICT 10     (1 Seat available) 

HUNKIN, Nifae R.D.      



Kaneohe resident since 1989. Current Kaneohe Neighborhood Board member serving as chairman of the Haiku stairs task force. My goal as a  board member is to help improve the quality of life in Kaneohe. Some of the important areas that need to be addressed are, keeping Kaneohe as crime free as possible, improving the quality of our schools and our children's educational experience, finding ways to deal with our ever increasing traffic and facilitating better street maintenance, preserving and improving the greenspace, parks, and recreational opportunities for families and their children. There are many concerns that are brought before the board and I consider it a privilege to assist in resolving these concerns. I look forward to serving the people of Kaneohe in the next term and I thank you for your vote. 


SUBDISTRICT 11      (1 Seat available)        



SUBDISTRICT 12      (1 Seat available)           

IDA, Glenn S.               


SUBDISTRICT 13      (1 Seat available) 

ZDVORACEK, Lawrence W.


SUBDISTRICT 14      (1 Seat available) 

SAGER, William H.           


Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31

SUBDISTRICT 01      (3 Seats available) 



Mary M. Beddow, Vice President/Realtor with Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties, Windward Office, has been active in the in the Hawaii residential real estate market since 1992. While achieving her high sales levels, honesty and integrity have been Mary's trademarks over the years.  Mary has always believed in treating everyone fairly, ethically and respectfully which she intends to carry over should she be elected to the Kailua Neighborhood Board. Mary is also serving her second year on the Honolulu Board of Realtors as the Windward Regional Director. Mary is active in St. Anthony's Church in Kailua and serves on Project Makawao a fund raiser to remodel the Church. She also participates as a Eucharistic Minister. Mary has lived in Kailua since her family moved here in 1959. She attended St. Anthony's School and graduated from Kailua High School in 1969.  After attending College in California she has spent the rest of her life residing in Kailua.  Prior to her career in Real Estate Mary had a long career in hotel management with Outrigger Hotels.  Mary has a deep love and commitment to Kailua combined with her business and people skills she is offering her candidacy to the Neighborhood Board.


BEST, Kalana

A "local girl" and Kailua High School graduate, Kalana Best was elected to the Kailua Neighborhood Board in September 2006 to fill a vacant seat in sub-district 1. She serves on four committees (Parks and Recreation; Planning, Zoning and the Environment; Transportation and Public Safety, and Sustainability) and is a member of the task force on enforcement of illegal vacation rentals. "Kailua is a residential community and that's priority No. 1 in my mind," says Best, who wants to preserve its laid-back charm, low-rise buildings, open spaces and views in the face of growing commercial pressures. "I was lucky enough to grow up here and come back after college and work on the Mainland. I can think of no other better way to help see that our keiki have that chance tomorrow than to work on the Kailua Neighborhood Board today."  


DUDLEY, J. Michael

Mike Dudley was born and raised in New Jersey.  He graduated from Plainfield High School in Plainfield New Jersey and attended the University of Maine in Oromo, Maine where he received a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.  After graduation Mike served in the Maine Air National Guard at Bangor, Maine. Mike came to Hawaii in May of 1976 with the Air National Guard.  Mike fell in love with Hawaii and he served in the Hawaii Air National Guard for 20 years.  He retired as a Lieutenant  Colonel in 1996.  Mike also worked at Aloha Airlines for 15 years, retiring as a Captain in 2004. Mike Dudley has served on the Kailua Neighborhood Board this past year as a representative from Sub District 1, Lanikai.   Mike has enjoyed his service on the Neighborhood Board and would like to continue as a representative of Sub District 1.



I owned a small business for over 30 years, am aware of neighborhood issues, and would like to continue representing fellow Kailua residents on issues that concern and impact our lifestyle. I bring a voice of reason to the Board.



Frank  Lockwood has been an active Kailua community supporter for over twenty years.  He is a well-respected Family Law attorney who both lives and works in Kailua. He was past president of the Kailua Chamber of Commerce and served on the Lanikai School Board. Readers of Honolulu Weekly voted Frank "The Best Lawyer in Honolulu" in 2004, and he served as President of the Family Law Section of the Hawaii State Bar Association in 2003. Frank cares about the quality of life in Kailua. Its schools, its neighborhoods, its beautiful beaches and it businesses. He believes that change to Kailua, like everywhere in Hawaii, is inevitable.  That rather than blindly oppose all change, Kailua residents should work together to embrace it and manage it for the betterment of all its citizens. There is lots of common ground to be found in the changes.  By focusing on the common ground, and solutions that everyone can live with, we can strive to move Kailua forward in a thoughtful, reasonable manner that benefits all its citizens. Please consider voting for Frank Lockwood in the coming Neighborhood Board election.



Josh Rubino has been residing in Kailua for about 3 years. He served in the military at Kaneohe Bay Marine Base and was honorably discharged in 2003. He is currently pursuing a career in Real Estate. If elected, his aim is simple: to ensure that the voice of the community is heard, and acted upon accordingly.


SUBDISTRICT 02         (5 Seats available) 

BRATT, Richard F.

Richard is married, the father of two children, and resides in the Enchanted Lake area where he has been active in AYSO programs and is currently a Scoutmaster for Troop 311 sponsored by St. John Vianney Church. Bratt was born and raised in New England and first came to Hawaii at the age of 17. A U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran, Bratt subsequently attended the University of New Hampshire and returned to Hawaii where he graduated from Chaminade University. He had been employed by the United States Customs Service as a Special Agent in both Hawaii and Guam since 1976. Bratt retired in January, 2007 as a Supervisory Special Agent for the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement with the Department of Homeland Security where he headed a Child Exploitation, cybercrimes and money laundering unit.  



Since being elected to the Kailua Neighborhood Board in 1999 I have had the great privilege of serving as the Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Government and Community Services Committee.  In the last two years we ensured the effective delivery of programs and services by the City, State, and Federal Governments by raising the level of debate on issues including homelessness, property taxes, and the impact of the mass transit costs to Kailua.  We also made great progress in shaping a new Neighborhood Plan to govern the Boards in the next Century. Kailua helped raise me, and I would like to give back to her by once again serving my community as a Member of the most active Neighborhood Board in the City and County of Honolulu.  Mahalo nui loa and thank you for your support.


CORREA, Michael P.

52 year resident of Kailua, 1972 Kailua High School graduate, 29 years with the Honolulu Police Department.   Let's keep Kailua's small town character and make it a safe place to live. 



Member of the Kailua Neighborhood Board since 2003. 25 year Kailua resident, wife and working mom. Currently employed with the Honolulu Police Department. I believe in working together as a community to resolve issues. Let's get involved to keep Kailua a wonderful small beach town. UH grad. B Ed , MSA



A resident of Kailua for the past 30 years.  Retired Vice President at First Insurance Company. A registered lobbyist at the State Legislature 1985-92 on behalf of the Insurance Industry. Self employed as an expert witness in insurance practices. Attended every meeting of the City Council Budget Committee from January through June 2006  testifying to lower the property taxes. My primary concern is how the City spends our tax money. My wife June and I have three children and thirteen grandchildren, eight of which have attended Kailua public schools. We are both 30 year members of Christ Church Uniting.



Current Board Vice-Chair and Chair of the Parks and Recreation Committee. Board member for 5 years, and Kailua resident for 23 years. Married, four children and seven grandchildren. Degrees in City Planning, Economics and Government Management. Retired Hawaii National Guard Lt. Colonel and graduate of the National Defense University.  Decorated Viet Nam veteran pilot. Former City Manager and City Planner, and Executive Secretary of the Honolulu City Planning Commission. Founder of the first Neighborhood Board on Oahu. Participant in the preparation of the Sustainable Communities Plan for Kailua. Current Board activities include keeping homeless from Kailua Beach Park, and keeping it clear of illegal commercial uses. Chair of Ad Hoc Committee to find ways to reduce our skyrocketing property taxes. A tireless worker to help maintain Kailua's residential quality of life.  Strong desire to continue to help our community.


WISCH, Joshua

I have served on the Kailua Neighborhood Board during its most recent term, and have been able to work on several issues, including: vacation rentals and transient vacation units, sustainability, and the balance between commercial growth and residential tranquility.  There is still a great deal of work to be done on these and so many other issues, and I would like to keep serving the community to continue that work. I have been a homeowner in Kailua for several years, and I am committed to making sure that we maintain the quality of life that we have all grown accustomed to.  It is not just enough that we have a beautiful natural environment.  We also need reliable access to City services, intelligent development commercial properties that complement the residential character of Kailua, and schools that we can be proud to live near and have our children attend.  Of course, the list goes on. No single person or elected official can make everything perfect overnight.  A single person can, however, make a difference.  I would like your vote to give me the opportunity to do what I can to make a positive difference for all of us in Kailua.


SUBDISTRICT 03       (4 Seats available)         


Dr. James R Corcoran, Col. US Army (ret), graduate- West Point, Ph.D., University of Hawaii at Manoa. Lecturer: Chinese/Asian/US History-University of Hawaii and Hawaii Pacific University. Member, National Council for History Education. Director, Maunawili Community Association. Member and Past Secretary Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31 1999 to present. Past Chair,  current Vice-Chair, Planning, Zoning & Environment and Government & Community Services Committees. Representative, Civilian-Military Council Kaneohe Marine Corps Base-Hawaii.  Neighborhood Commission, Plan Committee. Member, Hawaii Thousand Friends. Support-Kawainui Heritage Foundation & Kailua Bay Advisory Council.  Homeowner. Hiker. Swimmer. 


URE, Linda

Homeowner.  Mother, four adult children.  Two grandchildren.  Alumni: University of Hawaii at Manoa. Secretary, Treasurer, Director: Maunawili Community Association.  Secretary-Treasurer Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31, 2005 to present.  Member, Kailua Neighborhood Board No 31 standing & special committees and permitted interaction groups.  Contributing member, Neighborhood Plan Permitted Interaction Group of the Neighborhood Commission.  Member, Hawaii Thousand Friends.  Support  Kailua Historical Foundation, Lani-Kailua Outdoor Circle.  Promote responsible governance including delivery of programs and services, citizen's rights, primary and secondary education, law enforcement, home rule, environmental protections and responsible stewardship of land and water.     



Ron Weinberg is a retired scientist living in Kailua with his wife Cathy.  Ron strongly believes that the answer to Oahu's transportation congestion problems is FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. He also believes that every public official should be measured by their specific accomplishments in improving the quality of life of Hawaii's citizens. The starting point is public transportation followed by education, health care and services for the senior citizens of Oahu. Should he be elected, he will work hard to see that every bus is a free bus -- a first step toward getting all those cars off the road!


WONG, Donna

My name is Donna Wong and I am seeking reelection to the Kailua Neighborhood Board to which I was first elected in 1980. For the past 6 years I have served as chair of the Planning, Zoning and Environment Committee. I am asking for your vote so that I can continue to provide valuable historical continuity and to continue working to keep Kailua's beaches and ocean accessible to the public, retain our valuable open space and view plains, preserve Kawai Nui Marsh and maintain Kailua's good quality of life.


SUBDISTRICT 04    (7 Seats available) 

BAGNUOLO, Brian W.        

Aloha, and thank you all for considering my candidacy. I am a new resident to Kailua, by way of Southern California. I purchased here last May after falling in love with the location, the people, and charm that Kailua brings its residents and guests. I'm a carpenter here in Hawaii with a background in Hospitality Management. I paddle for Kailua Canoe Club and volunteer my talents remodeling local businesses. With my associations limited to Kailua I will have more time to dedicate to our issues. My deep concerns for my family to be are; Pedestrian safety, sustainable building and landscape mandates, the obvious stench from the marsh and local beach commercialization. As board members, it's our duty to diligently evaluate the issues outlined in the Neighborhood Commissions Plan, encourage citizen involvement and ensure that Kailua's real issues are handled with its residents best interests in mind. Mahalo for your consideration!



Master's UH Engineering School and owner of a Kailua Engineering Business. Kailua homeowner with children graduated from Kailua public schools. Larry Bartley desires to bring his deep concern, technical expertise, energy and common sense to the illegal hotel rooms, population density, crime, traffic, and infrastructure problems facing Kailua.  You need an activist representing you on the Kailua Neighborhood Board - someone who can understand issues, gather information, explain positions, organize people and get things done. For example - being in the middle of the illegal vacation rental issue while on the Kailua Board, Mr. Bartley saw a leadership vacuum then organized (2005) Save O'ahu's Neighborhoods, which has led the charge island‑wide to stop this industry from taking over our neighborhoods – and stopped the City and State from legalizing thousands more. Visit and He also will work to save every square inch of remaining open space in Kailua's public parks – no more concrete, pavement, or structures ruining our parks. But most importantly will fight the state, city, and trusts' siege to make Kailua Bay a tourist destination.


BROOKS, Michele

The next few years are critical to Kailua. As Kaneohe Ranch, which owns half of downtown Kailua, proceeds to develop the place I've called home for twenty years, I worry. Who's minding the store? Time won't stand still for Kailua, much as I may wish. I could influence how we grow, using principles of good stewardship. Development cannot be sustainable unless we pay attention to infrastructure. It took 7 years to bring our sewer system up to present demands. Water pools on our roadways during rains, where drainage systems are lacking. They took away street parking and bike lanes and gave us "traffic calming" kookiness, but traffic snarls blossomed. We must anticipate increased traffic before permitting new buildings. I ride the bus regularly, watched the rail fanfare that will not benefit my daily transit. My deepest concern is our ecosystem, from the Kapa'a Quarry landfill and Kawai Nui Marsh wetlands to our world-class beaches. Unscrupulous developers proposed building low income housing in flood plains near the stream. My home fills with stench periodically that no one seems to own, but the usual suspects gather beyond storm surges of effluent dumped into the stream. I want to help mind the store.



Thank you for your interest in the Kailua Neighborhood Board election. I would appreciate your vote to allow me to continue to serve on the board. I am the newest member having joined the board in December. Kailua faces many issues that effect our daily lives: homelessness, beach erosion, property taxes, illegal vacation rentals, inadequate schools, poor streets, and sewer spills to name the most pressing. I will do my best to represent the people that want to continue to live in a Kailua that is the best place in the world to raise a family. I am not anti-business, I do however believe this is and should remain a residential community and not be the second Waikiki. We have an opportunity and an obligation to preserve our neighborhoods and not have Kailua go to the highest bidder. If you have any questions please e-mail me at Again I ask for you vote. Mahalo.



Current Chair, 8 year board member. Priorities:  encouraging citizen participation in our community issues; ensuring open and respectful dialogue; controlling illegal activities such as B&Bs, TVUs, commercial activity at the beach parks; protecting our natural resources (Kawai Nui Marsh, off shore islands, ocean and stream water quality); accelerating curbside recycling and solid waste management, making our neighborhoods safe.  Background:  land use and environmental planner, facilitator and mediator.



Parliamentarian. Board Legislative Liaison.  Active and vocal advocate for resident concerns, service, security and priorities. In the 10 terms on this Board, I have provided experience and continuity with a family centered perspective on the need for preservation of our suburban quality, and of our natural and historic resources – green spaces and Kawainui Marsh. I support a common sense approach to problem solving and encourage community conversations and participation in Government decisions, including zoning, planning, property taxes and environmental issues.


LINDGARD, Knud       

Presently I have served our community faithfully for 14 consecutive years. My professional background as a Senior Logistics Systems Analyst still provides institutional memory. I serve as Chair, School Maintenance Committee, and I am totally dedicated to the security of our children. Major concerns include Civil Defense Safety & Emergency plans for our town. I address Kailua congestion, noise abatement, pollution, civil rights, fairness in housing, and environmental evaluation. I support "Keeping Kailua---Kailua!" -- In addition I provide voluntary services to the fishing program of the Department of Land and Natural Resources at the Nu'uanu Reservoir wherein the Federal Government reimburses my efforts in funds to the State under the Dingell-Johnson Act. I do get lunch! (Smile)  -- I also instituted the Family fresh water fishing program (Catch-n-Release) at Ho'omaluhia Gardens. Every weekend is consecrated to providing wholesome recreation for a lot of my fellow citizens and their families.


PORT, Daniel N. 

Professor at the University of Hawaii's Schidler College of Business, Ph.D. Applied Mathematics (MIT). I'm very concerned about preserving our beautiful Kailua home. Some immediate issues I would like to address are parking on unimproved sidewalks, poorly regulated expansion and construction, inadequate road maintenance, and a growing concern over the safety (eye damage) in the use of laser speed detecting devices on Mokapu.


PORTER, Christian P.

My family has lived in Kailua (Kalaheo Hillside) for the past 10 years.  I am married to Jennifer, a teacher at Sacred Hearts Academy, and we have two wonderful daughters, Jessica and Amanda.  We have great neighbors, a terrific neighborhood and a great place to raise our young daughters.  Kailua is a special place.  The people, beaches, and qualify of life can't be beat. Until recently, when I was voted by the Kailua Neighborhood Board ("KNB") to serve out the term of a vacant board seat I did not realize the extent of the issues that impact Kailua.  In order to learn more and assist the Board in the areas of my expertise and background as a real estate litigation attorney at a small law firm in Honolulu, I volunteered to serve on the Board's Planning and Zoning Committee.  I also recently volunteered to serve, and temporarily chair, the Board's newest committee, the Sustainability Committee. There are many issues affecting Kailua – illegal vacation rentals and B&B's, homelessness, and commercialization of parks and beaches.  It would be a privilege to have your vote so I could continue to work on these issues. Thank you.



Aloha.  My name is Curt Ruotola.  Here's a photo of me from January 2007 on the Makapu'u Lighthouse Hiking Trail (working to keep some New Year's Resolutions for fitness and outdoor activity).  I am a proud husband and father and a 14-year Kailua resident.  I am a Certified Project Management Professional®, skilled in managing projects to achieve goals.  I have experience in the public sector (8-year Officer in the U.S. Air Force), private sector (Bank of Hawaii and technology management consulting), and nonprofit community (teaching project management to numerous Hawaii-based nonprofits).  Within the context of my personal values (honesty, integrity, openness, etc.) and the law, to the extent possible, my actions as a NB representative would be driven not by my personal preference but by approved plans (e.g. master plan, sustainable communities plan) that involved substantial community input.  I am eager to apply technology to get more residents actively involved in Kailua issues, so we have a better view of what the entire community desires, not just what 18 NB representatives desire.  Please visit "" for more information about my ideas (e.g., telecommuting center, lower voting age) and what I offer.  Mahalo for your consideration.



Running for the Kailua neighborhood board is my way of helping my community. My focus will be on quality of life issues which make Kailua so special. I would also like to see that the city services meet the needs of our town. At the top of my list are road and park improvements and more bicycle and pedestrian friendly designs for our neighborhoods. I will hold the city accountable for the Kailua Wastewater plant and push for improvements to mitigate the impacts on Aikahi Elementary and the surrounding community. With a degree in Environmental Horticulture and a Master's Degree in Business Administration, I feel I can contribute ideas for more green space as well as push for fiscal responsibility in government. My friends, neighbors, and I have seen the increase in traffic and density and I think we can work together to keep urbanization in check, improve the public spaces, and above all, Keep It Kailua! Thank you for your support.


TELLEZ, Arnie D.

Aloha my name is Arnie Tellez. I am a candidate for the 2007 election of the Kailua Neighborhood Board. My family has owned in the Kailua area for the past three years. I graduated from Kailua High School and graduated from college on Oahu. I am a social worker for the State Hospital. My passion is my family. I have been married for 6 years and we have 3 beautiful children.  Life as a husband, father, social worker and community candidate will be challenging but I believe my strong work ethic and devotion will be an asset to the community. As a community representative I want to help shape an environment that is family oriented. It is my hope that all families have the opportunity to live safe and healthy lives. Property crime, drugs, and speeding must not be tolerated in our community. For more information about Arnie please log on to

Thank you for your vote.                                                                                                                                       

TOMAR, Libby Ellett                                                                                                                                    Libby Tomar, attorney and realtor, lives and works in Kailua. She has also worked with the City Prosecutor, where she researched and wrote "Curbing School Violence in the Windward Public Schools and was Chief Counsel for the Legislature (House Minority.) She was active with the Kailua Vision Team, where she obtained funding to build the Oneawa sidewalk. She is the past President of the Coconut Grove Community Association and partnered with former Councilmember Felix in the "Coconut Grove 2000" Summit, resulting in Kihapai St. being selected for one of the City Transportation Service's first Traffic Calming Projects. She is past President of Friends of Boettcher Estate, is a former President of the Kailua Elementary P.T.S.A, former Board member of the Hawaii State P.T.S.A, and was selected as a Hawaii "Civic Entrepreneur" - Pew Charitable Trust.  She recently has been helping Windward Ahupuaa Alliance clean Kawainui Channel.  Her vision for Kailua includes improving the safety of Quarry Road, getting the Kawainui Marsh Bird Sanctuary built, making Kailua safer to walk and bicycle, building "mini' parks and more sports fields, providing more social services for our homeless and low income housing.     

TOMASA, Claudine M.     

I have been a member of the Kailua Neighborhood Board since 1997 and served as the Board's Chair for two terms. If re-elected, I shall continue to promote grass-root participation in government, support public health/safety issues, and endorse controlled development in Kailua. Graduate from UH Manoa – Registered Nurse. Kailua resident for over 20years, home owner, married with three grown children who are also active in the community, the Healthcare Field, and the construction industry. Thank you.



I was born in 1957 in a small farm town in Indiana, the 8th of 10 children of an immigrant family.  I graduated from Ball State University and also attended College in Mexico in 1979.  I received my Masters degree with a specialty in Planning and Management, from Indiana University in 1983 after completing an Internship in London England.  I have worked for the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) since 1983 and my career took me from Indiana, to Florida, Connecticut, Georgia and Washington State before finally being transferred to Hawaii in 1992.  I am still traveling down the H-3 every morning to get to my job at the VA clinic at Tripler Campus but look forward to my trip home over the Koolau Mountains at the end of every day.  After trying the rest I knew I had found the best and have made Hawaii my home for the past 15 years and was lucky enough to realize my goal of buying my own home in Kailua in 1999.  I am interested in helping maintain the beauty and uniquely Kailua-feel of our community, insuring that our streets are maintained and traffic is well engineered and supporting all of our neighbors.


Waimanalo Neighborhood Board No. 32

AT-LARGE  (2 Seats available) 

ANDREWS, Kevin R.  

I believe Waimanalo is the most special place in Hawaii.  I believe Waimanalo needs to be focused on a plan that makes sense.  I have strongly opposed the planned Waimanalo Wastewater Treatment Plant.  This injection well is illegal and it will ruin Waimanalo's environment at large.  Not only will it pollute Waimanalo Bay, as it is doing now, but the water table will also be contaminated, as it might already be from the well.  I have voiced my concerns through all government agencies.  Many of these agencies even agree.  We are rushing into this disaster and even willing to pay over three times what it should cost.  My plan would take back the Waimanalo pier for our own use, including boat mooring and a launching ramp, a tourist information center, an eco-tourism plan for our youth to engage the tourists in low impact money making enterprises, to create a business park with low cost space, a youth get-together center, Hawaiian cultural center which demonstrates the principles of the Ahupua'a, a police station, and a permanent farmer's/agricultural center, and truly affordable housing. 




HO, Wilson Kekoa        

Current Board member and Board Chair.  Active in Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Windward Community College, VFW Post 1545, American Legion Post 17, Viet Nam Veterans of America, multiple Church activities and countless other Civic and Community Volunteer activities. I want to continue to work for the improvements, safety and residential concerns for the Waimanalo community. We are now seeing projects that we have planned 5 and 10 years ago coming to fruition. We still need to work harder and focus on the needs of our infrastructure and roads. We need to address the concerns of our agriculture community. We are all a part of the same Waimanalo. Waimanalo No Ka Oi.  Aloha.


HUMPHREY, Fred         

I'm a 20 year resident of Waimanalo farm lots and business owner. I am an active member of Hawaii farm Bureau and a past president of Waimanalo Agriculture Association. I support keeping Waimanalo's beaches and roads clean and catching and prosecuting those who use our rods and even private property as a place to dump their trash. I support keeping Waimanalo and agricultural community and oppose those who wish to see good agriculture lands developed into industrial uses for personal gain. I am a big promoter of giving back to the community you live in and taking care of the keiki as they are our future. Waimanalo is a very special place and there is no other like it, I want to help preserve the character and beauty of Waimanalo.


SPENCER, Mabel Ann I.


SUBDISTRICT 01       (1 Seat available) 

BUCK, Michael

I would be honored to continue to serve the Waimanalo community as a member of the Neighborhood Board.  I am a 30 year Waimanalo resident and have served on the Board for the last 5 years.   I am currently a small farmer and a natural resource consultant. My interest lies in the sustainability of the community and the land. My approach would be to balance the environmental, social and economic interests to meet our needs yet preserve similar opportunities for those that will follow us in this special place.  Recently retired as the Hawaii State Forester and Wildlife Director, my understanding of government programs can help to assure that community interests and concerns are best represented to policy makers and public agencies. Upcoming issues that deserve attention include the Hawaiian Home Lands strategic plan, watershed management, monitoring improvements of the Waimanalo Sewage Treatment Plant, highway and recreational facility construction and repair, land uses on agricultural zoned lands, and the increase in transient rental housing.


SUBDISTRICT 02          (1 Seat available)  



SUBDISTRICT 03         (1 Seat available) 

JAMILA Andrew M. Jr.

Resident since 1956; St Louis grad, US Army, disabled vet., honorably discharged. President, Waimanalo Construction Coalition and the Waimanalo Christmas Parade. Current Vice Chair of the Waimanalo NB#32.  Board member since 1995 and active in many community outreach activities.  Would like to represent my community because I care about preserving our ocean, crime, traffic, native Hawaiian issues, employment and keeping Nalo God's country.


SUBDISTRICT 05        (1 Seat available)  

SPENCER, Solomon C. Jr.


SUBDISTRICT 06        (1 Seat available) 



SUBDISTRICT 07         (1 Seat available) 


Born and reared on Oahu, I received my B.A. degree from U. of H. Manoa.  I retired from the State of Hawaii after 24 years of service with the Department of Education. I would like to see more crime reduction in Waimanalo and support increased HPD patrols.  Road and sidewalk improvements along with more marked crosswalks are needed so children and elders do not pay the price because they are forced to jay walk. We need more cleanups and Waimanalo Beach Park.  More trash receptacles for campers, more patrols to clean up the illegal drugs and illegal parking. On weekends, the traffic is tremendous.  People who live on side streets have a bad time trying to turn onto Kalanianaole Highway.  I would like to see a traffic light at Nakini & Kalanianaole. I have volunteered at Parents without Partners (past President); current member in the Windward Democrat Association as Vice-President and District 51 Council Representative for Waimanalo. I feel it is a privilege to support my community in ways that are possible under the existing laws of the State of Hawaii. Waimanalo is a very special place to many people and it is important to keep its uniqueness.


MCMILLAN, Blanche E.


SUBDISTRICT 10         (1 Seat available) 

CHUN, Matthew K.       



Resident of Waimanalo, Businessman of a company called Bad Boys Trucking.  Concern about economic and development in Waimanalo and supporting small businesses in the community.  To support more affordable homes, employment, more police officers, funds for our parks and keiki and kupuna activities. Would like to get involved in my community!  


SUBDISTRICT 11          (1 Seat available) 

KAHALEWAI, Victoria "Bobbie"


WAHINEKAPU, Cynthia H.      

I am a new comer to Hawaii, as I have only lived here for eight years. I have two adult children of my own and my husband has three children he raised in Waimanalo. I have a college education with a Master's in Education.  I have taught in schools for at risk youth and in a juvenile detention center. I have been an adult probation officer.  I have seen first hand the effects that drugs, abuse and the uncaring and under funded educational systems have on our youth. As a community we can address these problems. I have been a resident of Hale Aupuni for only four years, but my husband is an original owner. In these four years, I have seen that creating a safe environment for this community is very important. The County of Honolulu must address the old and unsafe walking lanes along Kalanianaole Hwy., to protect our children and adults who use these pathways. I know how difficult it is to exit our housing track and how many cars speed on the highway. We, as a community, must work together to insure that we will be safe when we leave our homes.  


Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neigh. Board No. 34

AT-LARGE         (9 Seats available)                                   


I am a resident of Kapolei since April 05 and prior to that I lived in Ko'olina for 5 years. Having lived in Hawaii in '69-'71 and '73-'75, upon retirement as Executive Chef on the mainland, I thought the Islands would be a great place to return to. Settling on Maui in '98 was the beginning of my current stay. Currently a consultant/instructor at Grosbonnet Culinary Academy in Honolulu, and have a distribution business for gourmet foods. The decision to buy a home in Kapolei, after we sold our live-aboard boat, was an easy one. My wife and I both like the area, what it has to offer, and where it is going. Knowing this would be a prolonged stay, I wanted to get involved in participating in the development of the "Second City". Elected to the Board of the Villages of Kapolei in June 06, and am chair of the Compliance Committee. Like most everyone's, my main concern is the current pace of development in Kapolei and it's surrounding areas that does not seem to be supported by an adequate infrastructure. Also, a number of economic opportunities are not realized, due to the "Not In My Backyard" attitude so prevalently expressed by the current board. I would welcome the chance to participate in discussing the issues that are current or upcoming in the near future, and giving input on local or government issues.




Brent Buckley is a 13 year resident of Kapolei. He is a professor at the University of Hawaii with a Ph.D. in Animal Science. Major emphasis is 4-H youth leader including the Hawaii State Farm Fair, cattle production and genetics. Currently he is treasurer on the neighborhood board member and has served formerly as the chair of planning and economic development.Other community activity includes serving as an AYSO board member and instructor in the Leeward Region and Area Director for Referees. Issues of concern are youth, education, agriculture, jobs, environment, and development of traffic, parks and infrastructure.



Background: Home owner living in Makakilo for about 4 years. Resident Manager of Palehua Hale, Makakilo Jan '05 – present. Treasurer, Palehua Hale, Board of Directors Mar '04 – Jan '05.  Chairman Finance Committee, Palehua Hale  Sep '04 – Jan '05.  President, ISKCON Hawaii Cultural Center Feb '98 – June '01. President, Pacific Vegetarian Café Feb '96 – Feb '98.  Goals as a board member: To serve the community in whatever way possible and vote my conscious on issues that will better the community I live in.



Has served four terms on the Board.  Makakilo homeowner since 1979.   President, Friends of Makakilo, a group of citizens working to relieve jammed roads, backed-up freeways, clogged marketplaces, and crammed schools.  Led 1998 protest against high gasoline prices.  Kioni Dudley consistently serves as the voice for the people and the voice for the environment on the Neighborhood Board.  Using as his guide the questions, "Is this best for the people who live here?" "Is this best for future generations who will live here?" and "Is this best for the future of our islands?" he poses essential questions and brings a necessary view to board deliberations.    Retired college professor and high school teacher.  Ph.D.  Author of two books on Hawai'i.   Active in St. Jude's Church, the Knights of Columbus, and the Lion's Club. Phone 672-8888.


FONG, Robert B. Sr.

My name is Robert Fong and I ask for your vote to elect me as your representative to the Neighborhood Board. As your representative, I believe that it will be my job to advocate for my community and to communicate the desires and needs of the community to our elected City Council, Mayor and members of the State Legislature. I am keenly aware of the traffic issues in our district and the explosive growth in homes that may have an adverse effect on the infrastructure. I ran for State Senator because I saw a need for effective leadership and I want to bring that same leadership to the Board. I am also aware of other community issues such as public transportation, recreational facilities, crime and government/community relations. I have a Masters of Public Administration from Indiana University and working on a PhD in Public Policy and Administration. I am a retired Coast Guard officer and Persian Gulf vet. I welcome your speaking with me regarding issues of concern to you. I appreciate your vote and promise that I will do the very best that I can in representing you. Preserving the Past and Shaping the Future. Mahalo and Aloha.



Mike Golojuch is a 25 year resident of Makakilo. Currently, he is the Makakilo/Kapolei/Honakai Hale Neighborhood Board  #34 Vice Chair and Transportation Chair. Mike retired from the Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel with a background and planning and programming, missile operations and human resources. He received the 2004 Lifetime Kapolei Outstanding Achievement Award. He serves as the President, Palehua Townhouse Association & Vice-President, Palehua Community Association.  He has serviced on the Kapolei Sunset on the Plains Committee and the Kapolei City Lights Parade Committee.  Mike serves on the Board of Directors for the Employees Association of the City and County of Honolulu. Has a Master of Public Administration from University of Hawaii and an MBA from University of Northern Colorado. He is a graduate of the Honolulu Citizens Police Academy and the Business Police Academy. Concerns: infrastructure including rail, roads, schools, sewers, water, a raceway park, landfill and development.  He has been married to Carolyn for 41 years and has two adult children living in Makakilo.


JOHNSAMSON, Stephen M.    


KANE, Shad S.

Shad Kane is a retired HPD Lieutenant and a 34 year resident of Makakilo.  He is presently serving on the Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale NB.  He is also a member of the State of Hawaii Environmental Council; Chair of the Legislative Committee and Co- Chair of the Educational and Cultural Committee.  He is also a member of the State of Hawaii Energy Policy Forum and Co-Chair of the Social and Cultural Committee.  Through the Forum he is working on legislation in support of Kapolei and Waianae as burdened communities having to deal with power plants and landfills.  Shad is the Vice President of the Kapolei Outdoor Circle in support of a green community of native plants and trees.  He is also the former president and currently Chair of the Cultural Resources Committee of the Kapolei Hawaiian Civic Club.  He is President of the Friends of Honouliuli a private non-profit whose mission is to enrich the quality of life for those who live, work and do business in Honouliuli (Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale) now and in the future.  He is also the 1st VP for the Makakilo/Kapolei Lions and Vice-Chair of Ka Papa O Kakuhihewa.


KANNO, Brian

It was an honor and privilege to represent our community in the State Senate from 1992 to 2006.  The 14 years have been filled with hard work, determination and a real sense of accomplishment.  My decision not to run for reelection was based on putting my family first.  Lorrie and I have been married for 11 years and we are blessed with three children – Keolanui (8), Kaulana (6), and Kala'i (3).  One of my joys is coaching Kaulana's soccer team.  I am still committed to improving our community through my work at Child and Family Service working with families.  I am a board member for Leeward YMCA and Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse.  I had the honor of working for the late Congresswoman Patsy Mink in Washington, DC.  I am a proud graduate of Waipahu High, Yale University (BA, Economics) and the University of Hawai'i - Mânoa (Master's, Social Work).  I was humbled to receive the Kapolei Outstanding Achievement (KOA) Award - Community Service.  My years of experience working with all levels of government will be useful in ensuring the completion of projects including UH-West Oahu, Kapolei Judiciary Complex, Makakilo Drive second access and other traffic improvements including rail transit.


MOSES, Suk              

A long time community member actively involved in Kapolei Schools, community athletics, and other neighborhood programs. Married to retired Marine Corps Major and former House Representative Mark Moses for 23 years, I am accustomed to the rigors and satisfaction of public service and community involvement. Our eldest, Michael, is a college freshman; Matthew attends Kapolei High, our twins, Mitchell and Madalyn, attend Kapolei Middle. 1992-2006 while they attended Makakilo Elementary, I was elected Parent-Teacher-Student Organization President 14 consecutive years. As president coordinated fundraisers grossing several thousand dollars.  All monies purchased classroom supplies, offset classroom expenses, funded needed repairs, and financed educational programs for child well-being/safety. I remain PTSO advisor. 1992-2004 elected SCBM Parent-Segment representative until program ended. 1998-present Kapolei Middle Ohana volunteer. 1995-present active PCNC volunteer all Kapolei schools, personally involved in numerous school/community functions including May Fest, Santa's Secret Shop, Fall Fest, Second Cup-of-Coffee, Project Graduation-Treasurer, and Family Night. Volunteered countless hours of hands-on, proactive service benefiting our entire community. 1993-present "Team Mom" Makakilo/Kapolei Little League and Pony League 8 years; AYSO soccer 4 years; Kapolei Warriors football 2 years. 2006 City sponsored "Sunset on the Plains", planned and chaired "Keiki Village" visited by thousands of children.    




Sean will bring his keen appreciation of quality of life issues such as affordable housing, jobs, good schools and healthy exercise to Neighborhood Board #34.He and wife Sheila moved to the warm weather of Hawaii to improve the health of their daughter Megan, and have come to treasure the special people and lifestyle of the Islands. They also have another daughter and two sons. Public safety, the transit system route and traffic congestion, smart growth, school improvements and developing a UH West Oahu Campus will also be priorities of Sean. He is a Field Representative with the Hawaii Carpenters Union, servicing and organizing union members on Oahu, instructing carpentry apprentices at Honolulu Community College, and monitoring jobsite conditions. Sean is very active in local skills/workforce training programs and public affairs, including career days at Oahu high schools and H.C.C.'s Construction Academy, constructing wheelchair ramps at various public facilities, and supporting City and state governmental initiatives such as mass transit and affordable housing. On the mainland he previously managed a family-owned flooring business, presided over a carpenter's union Local, taught carpentry classes and supervised numerous building projects of every kind. He was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader, Little League and Youth soccer coach, Habitat for Humanity organizer and Ronald McDonald House volunteer.



Makakilo Home Owner/ Resident of Makakilo for 29 years. Retired U.S. Navy-30 years, I was a high voltage electrician at pwc Pearl Harbor for seven years and an electronic technician at Honouliuli Wastewater treatment plant for ten years.  As a member of Saint Judes church community in Makakilo, I keep up to date on our neighborhood needs. I frequently attend neighborhood board meetings and sincerely believe I can be effective helping solve our problems.  I respectfully request and humbly ask for your trust and vote.


ROSS, Jane A.

Jane Ross is a forty year resident of the Kapolei area and a Neighborhood Board member since its establishment. Before Kapolei's problems materialized she worked for the betterment of her Honokai Hale/Nanakai Gardens community securing both of its signals, providing leadership in preventing a landfill directly across from it, and in working with Federal, State and Ko Olina entities to prevent or minimize development problems. She has put this same effort into working to secure the best for all of Kapolei and prevent the undesirable.  She has strongly supported the placement in Kapolei of UH West Oahu, the judiciary, needed retail facilities and job producing businesses. For her many years of community efforts she received the Koa Award for Lifetime Service. Her major concerns are traffic congestion, inadequate infrastructure, overcrowded schools and the existing landfill. Her goals are effective education, safe environment, and carefully planned development. Besides bringing to the Board her community involvement experiences, she brings a historical knowledge of Kapolei's development and the experience gained as a teacher in New York, California, and Hawaii and as the retired principal of Hickam Elementary School. She would welcome the opportunity to continue serving on the Kapolei Board.


SOUZA, Evelyn E.

36 year resident of Makakilo. Active school/community advocate, leader and instructor. 2 term (2003 - 2010) gubernatorial appointee to Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA). Kalaeloa Sub-commitee Member – HCDA. Kapolei Complex of Schools PCNC - 12 years. Core Trainer for the Department of Human Services - 10 years. PRIDE trainer for DHS, Child & Family Services. Kalaeloa Safety Committee Member

Lt. Gov Committee for the Prevention of Underage Drinking. Kapolei/Ewa Don't Drink and Drive Campaign Committee. Goal : Wants to establish openness and cohesion on the Neighborhood Board, encourage the ongoing communications, collaboration and the timely dissemination of information with the community it represents.  Ensuring the community concerns (i.e. traffic, education and community safety issues, community growth) are addressed, discussed and acted upon with reasonable and long term results.  Involve the youth of the community in the "government process" recognize their reasonable contributions to the community.


TAKEDA, Lolita R.

For the past 12 years, since her family moved to Kapolei in 1994, Ms. Lolita Takeda has been involved in the Kapolei Schools and the Kapolei community as a whole, as a parent, volunteer and a civic leader. From 1994, Ms. Takeda has been an active member of the Parents Teachers and Students Association (PTSA) with Kapolei Elementary School, when her children were in grade school, and then with Kapolei Middle School and Kapolei High School (KHS), from the year both schools opened.  Ms. Takeda served with the Kapolei Middle School PTSA board from 1999 to 2000, and has been an active of the Kapolei Middle Ohana since 2001 to current, and served with the KHS PTSA board since 2000 to current.  Ms. Takeda was a member of the Hawaii State Drug Control Working Groups – Prevention Committee.  She helped with Kapolei Sunset on the Plains for the past 4 years, and was a committee member for the past 3 years. As an active parent in the Kapolei schools, Ms. Takeda has truly served her role in parent involvement, volunteering countless hours, attending school and community meetings to advocate for better education, better schools & traffic safety for the Kapolei students.


TIMSON, Maeda C.

Maeda Timson, is a longtime tireless Kapolei activist and Neighborhood Board Chair for over 10 years.

Timson, an advocate for a healthier quality of life, joined the charge for rail, testifies for laws to fund our infrastructure, UH West Oahu, maintenance of existing and additional schools, and quality development.  She believes that government and developers must be held accountable to the people. If re-elected, Timson, also a native Hawaiian will continue to be a community advocate who will focus on working partnerships to construct faster infrastructure upgrades, funding for UH West Oahu, supporting Kroc Community Center, DHHL and quality development for our keiki so they and future generations can call Kapolei home. Timson is also President of Seagull Schools, Board member of Hawaii Community Development Authority, Co-founder of Kapolei City Lights and Parade, Chair of Sunset on the Plains, President of Ua Ao 'O Kapolei and fund-raiser for youth through Kapolei's Farm Fair.  She has received three KOA Awards: Community Service, Life- Time Service and Community Service Organization.  She is employed by First Hawaiian Bank as Assistant Vice President, married to Keith who often participates in community projects with her, has 2 adult children, and 2 grandchildren living in Makakilo.    



Aloha my Name is Eric Uyeda and I am running for a seat on NB #34.  For the past 24 years I have been employed by a local supermarket chain.  I have lived in Kapolei for the past 13 years and plan to live here for many more years. My goals for this district are public safety; repairing and maintaining roads; maintenance of parks and other public facilities; managing solid waste and recycling; tackling traffic and transportation issues; and aggressively promoting business growth and private sector job creation.



Aloha!  I am a recently retired Police Captain from the Honolulu Police Department.  I wish to continue serving our community by sharing my training, education, and work experience.  I believe in providing friendly forums, listening to your concerns, and working with you toward improving our growing community.


YOUNG, Linda Y.N.  


Linda has served on the Makakilo-Kapolei-Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board #34, for 7 years.  She is currently the board Secretary. A Kapolei resident since 1994, she also serves as President of the Malanai Iki Association since 1997. With a Bachelor's of Education and a 5th year teaching certificate from the University of Hawaii, she is currently an instructor with the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.  She is a dedicated community volunteer.  She is concerned about the traffic, lack of infrastructure, and the shortage of schools for our children. As a founding member of the Friends of the Library of Kapolei (FOLK), an authorized Friends of the Library with the State of Hawaii, she participates in various book sales and events. Linda supports planned growth, improved quality of life and better schools. 


Mililani Mauka-Launani Valley Neigh. Board No. 35

AT-LARGE    (9 Seats available)


My experiences as a lifelong resident of Mililani (Mililani Mauka for the last 14 years), and an alumnus of Mililani Waena Elementary School, Wheeler Intermediate, Mililani High School (1996) and the University of Hawaii system give me a strong insight into the needs of and challenges faced by our community, as well as a sense of what makes it special.  Over the course of the last year, I have been fortunate to have the privilege of serving on the Neighborhood Board, during which time I've benefited by learning from the veteran members of the board.  During my time on the board, I've found that my experiences, combined with my training as a licensed attorney enabled me to truly understand the issues before the board, their impact on the community and be able to make informed decisions and meaningfully contribute to the board's discussions. I ask for your support in allowing me to continue to serve our community by electing me to the Mililani Mauka/Launani Valley Neighborhood Board.


APANA, Melvin K.


SERVICE:  I have served on the following Boards: Neighborhood Board District #12 , Papakolea

Punchbowl, Pauoa, Nuuanu. Papakolea Community Development  Corporation.  I Served as Vice-President

We as the board accomplished reclamation of the Park to Service the Community in the Capacity of a Community Center. In Addition, We accomplished Charter School, Incorporated a Community Garden to enhance the Cultural activity associated with the School. Papakolea Community Association:  I served as Board Member, We as the Board accomplished services for the community center, that included: Kapuna Services, Adult Educational Services, Keiki After school Services, Community Health and Welfare Services.                


ELLIS, David L.

Currently a member of NB 35; Chair of Military and Civil Defense Committee. Pushed for bill to increase hurricane-resistant shelters. I am a 30-year resident of Mililani. Vietnam Veteran. Graduate of UH. Son graduated Mililani H.S. Believe we are on Board to only represent our neighbors and not special interest groups.




It has been an honor to serve the Mililani Mauka/Launani Valley community for the past 8 years, 3 of which I have served as Chair.  I strive for resolution on issues of great concern in our community such as infrastructure to meet the growing development in Central Oahu and making sure our parks are continually funded for capital improvements as well as insisting on traffic calming measures in and around our schools, and making sure telecommunications antennas are placed in safe distance of residential homes and schools. I believe your voice is important and as a Neighborhood Board member it is my job to take your concerns and needs and advocate them to our government agencies until they are resolved. I humbly ask for your vote and re-election to the Mililani Mauka/Launani Valley Neighborhood Board. 



Dean Hazama has been a resident of Mililani Mauka for over 10 years and has served on the Mililani Mauka/Launani Valley Neighborhood Board since 2002.  Serving on the neighborhood board for the past four years has allowed him to be an active advocate for the community by helping resolve neighborhood concerns.  Whether working with area legislators, community leaders and state and city and county officials he was able to gain additional classroom space for Mililani High and Mililani Ike Elementary schools.  Most recently, he was able to expedite installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Meheula Parkway and upper Lehiwa Drive and ensured retention of traffic calming devices on Kipapa Drive for the safety of our area students.  He is the current neighborhood board Vice Chair and chairs the board's Planning and Zoning Committee.  Dean also serves as the Chair of the Mililani High School Community Council (SCC) and was the past President of the Mililani High School Band/Music Boosters. 


LAU, Teresa K.

Education & Work Background: 1.  UH graduate with BE & ME degrees. 2.  Retired teacher from Waialae Elementary School (25 years).  3.  Currently employed as a Substitute teacher in the Central District, teaching at schools in the Leilehua & Mililani Complexes. Community Participation:  1.  Elected to Neighborhood Board #35 and served from 1999-2004.  2.  Elected to the Apartment Owners Association of Olaloa Board of Directors (Seniors Retirement Community) in 1998, and served three consecutive terms totaling nine years; served as President, Vice President, and Secretary.  3.  Elected Secretary of the Hawaii State Teachers Association - Retired in 2002.  4.  Served as Secretary of the Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association - Mililani from 1999-2001.  5.  Currently, a member of the Mililani Middle School Community Council (SCC).  6.  Currently, on the Board of Directors for the League of Women Voters of Honolulu serving as Membership Chairperson. I have lived in Mililani Mauka for 9 1/2 years.  I would like to serve on the Neighborhood Board #35 again; to hear your concerns and resolve problems regarding education, traffic, crime, and the environment.  Please support me.  Mahalo!


MOSSMAN, Doug      

I am a 5 years resident of Mililani. Worked in film and TV industry for over 45 years. I ran the IMAX Theater in Waikiki. I previously served on both the Mililani Mauka and Kuliouou Neighborhood Boards. I believe that any mass transit system (rail) has a spur into Mililani. We need to prevent overdevelopment from occurring in Mililani. I strongly support education.



I am running for the office of Neighborhood Board Member for Mililani Mauka.  My husband Dan & I moved to Mililani Mauka in 2004.  Prior to moving to Mililani Mauka, we lived in Kahaluu where I served on the neighborhood board for 4 years; I served as secretary. (2000-2004). I received my B.A. in Sociology and Paralegal Certificate from the University of Southern California. (1986). I have been a Litigation Paralegal for over 20+ years. I recently stepped down as Hawaii Paralegal Association president (2003-2005) and Hawaii representative for the National Federation of Paralegal Association (2002-2004).  I co-authored and presented two paralegal seminars, "Essential Litigation Skills for Hawaii Paralegals" (2000) and "Advanced Civil Discovery for the Litigation Paralegal in Hawaii." (2002) I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in health care administration.  I worked in private law firms in Los Angeles, and San Diego, California before returning to Hawaii in 1993.  I have been commuting by bus to downtown Honolulu since 1993.  Among my issues of interests are bus transportation, and the rapid transit project.  In our spare time, we enjoy daily swimming and walking with our male 6-month old Belgian Malinois puppy "Koa". 


RIBELLIA, Kimberly L.  

I have been a resident of Mililani Mauka for the past four years, serving as a member of the board since June 2005 and the current Neighborhood Chair since June of 2006. I have a Masters in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix, a B.S. in Economics from the University of Oregon and graduate of Iolani High School. As a member of the neighborhood board, I will continue to advocate for our community by ensuring our community parks are fully developed, i.e. additional baseball and soccer fields, a community gym,  and basketball and tennis courts.  I will continue to fight for additional funding to support another police beat (6 officers) that will service the Mililani Mauka community.  I will also advocate for better traffic flow on Meheula Parkway and a NEW bus route for Mililani Mauka. It has been my privilege and honor to serve the Mililani Mauka community and I humbly ask for your vote.




Combat Veteran (OIF 3) and former Commander (LT COL) of a Hawaii National Guard unit.  Supervisor for the St. Dept of Human Services.  Married to the former Iwie Kaninau. Extensive leadership positions in church, community and non-profit organizations.  Active listener, team player and leader who will bring fresh ideas and results in servicing the needs of the community.  Young, innovative, long line of managerial experience and a person who will give 100 percent effort in the performance of his duties.



Lance brings a true sense of history and community service to Board #35. Moved his family to Mililani Mauka in 1992 as one of the new development's first residents. Like neighbors, he's seen tremendous growth in Central Oahu, and wants to help manage future changes to protect the area's special quality of life and affordability. Has been a volunteer in the construction of many local community projects such as Mililani High's baseball complex, Hokuahiahi Community Park, and Mililani's Neighborhood Park and Pinto Tournament. Coached Youth Baseball, Little League and AYSO in Mililani/Waipio. Lance has counseled career days, supported H.C.C.'s Construction Academy, assisted workforce placement for Hawaii Youth Build and Mililani High graduates, and instructed union apprentice carpenters. As an Assistant Business Representative of the Hawaii Carpenters Union, involved in many services to members, including collective bargaining, organizing, education/training, and community relations. With his strong background in construction and workforce development, offers a useful perspective in dealing with traffic congestion, new development, affordable housing, adequate schooling and other local neighborhood issues. Lance is presently an interim member of the Mililani Mauka/Launani Neighborhood Board and was a board member during the 2003 to 2005 term. He and wife Mary have three children.



YOUNG, Pamela


She is a certified public accountant employed at the C & C of Honolulu. Her goal is to continue working hard with elected leaders and private citizens in making a safer and more beautiful community and in improving the quality of life for residents including seniors and children. She is an advocate for relieving traffic congestion.  She supports enhancing the public education system.  She opposes tax increases. Currently, she is the co-chair of the Central Oahu Regional Park Advisory Committee, chair of the neighborhood board's transportation committee, and representative to the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization's Citizen Advisory Committee.  She is the past neighborhood board vice chair and treasurer.  She served on the steering committee for the creation of the neighborhood board.





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