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 Visit to request a voter number and to cast an online ballot!


1)      Who can vote?

Answer: Oahu residents who registered to vote in the last State election or registered with the Neighborhood Commission Office before January 16, 2007, are eligible to vote.


2)      How do I cast my ballot?

Answer: Eligible voters in contested board areas will be mailed a ballot and voter number on March 23, 2007. They can return the paper ballot or use the voter number to cast an online ballot. Eligible voters in uncontested area can cast an online ballot only. They need to request a voter number at by April 5, 2007.


      3)  How do I determine if I live in a contested area or not?

            Visit to determine this and to request a voter number if needed.


4)      How do I find out what Board area I live in?

Answer: Board Boundary descriptions and maps are available online at:

Assistance is also available by calling 527-5749.


5)      When will the Board elections take place?

Answer: The election runs from March 23 to April 16, 2007.


6)      When will the results be announced?

Answer: The results are traditionally released on the first of May.


7)      How often do Neighborhood Boards get elected?

Answer: Neighborhood Boards are elected every two years (odd numbered years).




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