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Palolo Neighborhood Board No. 6

AT-LARGE  (5 Seats available)

HACK, Randolph C.

It will be an honor to continue to represent Palolo. The health and well-being of our Valley is my utmost concern. My previous service includes Kaimuki and Ahuimanu Neighborhood Boards. Mahalo for your consideration once again and please do vote!


MAU, Beverly K.S.

I live in Palolo with my Mom and 2 adopted children from China, who attend Sacred Hearts Academy and St. Louis Schools. I am a Realtor, Foreclosure Commissioner and work for the City. I have sat on the Boards of the Hawaii Association and Honolulu Board of Realtors. I am President of Associated Chinese University Women, Trustee of United Chinese Society and Director of International Ballroom, Inc.


NAKAYAMA, Darlene H.

Our Palolo Valley is a special place for many and my goal is keep our valley green and safe.  We also have a growing number of seniors in our community who need our continued love and support.  I am here to serve you, the people and community of Palolo Valley.  As a long time member of the Palolo Neighborhood Board I thank-you for your continued support!  Aloha and Mahalo!

ORANGE, Rachel S.

I grew up on Hawaii Island, moved to Oahu for college, and have lived in beautiful Palolo Valley since 2003. I believe that citizens can make a difference if they educate themselves on issues and express their views to elected officials. The NB system can help facilitate that process. I have served on the Palolo NB since '04, work at UH, and am an outrigger canoe paddler and coach.


SYNAN, Dwight D.

I seek your support in continuing my work in our community. During my service on the Palolo NB, I have created the Community Service Recognition Awards & also lead the Bulky Item Removal sub group. With the help of over 120 households, I was able to submit a petition to C&C of Honolulu for the Left Hand Turn Signal on 10th Ave. I look forward to serving our community in a positive & lasting way

SUBDISTRICT 01   (2 Seats available)    


I Earl Shiraki have been a Neighborhood Board member for 24 years. I am a retired senior electrical inspector from the City and County of Honolulu. My main concern as a Board Member is the safety and welfare of my fellow Palolo Valley Neighbors   



It has been my honor and pleasure to have served for the last two years and I want very much to continue to represent the varied interests of the constituency of Palolo Neighborhood Board #6. I was born and raised in Palolo Valley and educated at St. Patrick and St. Louis. I hold a BA in Finance and will use my abilities to keep our district safe, clean, and quiet. Working together we will thrive!                                  


SUBDISTRICT 02    (2 Seats available)  

MAYBIR, Stephen Arthur


SUBDISTRICT 03    (2 Seats available)     

 HOLTROP, Paul T.                                  


SUBDISTRICT 04    (2 Seats available)      


I have served on this Board (6) for the past four terms. It is my hope that, you will continue your support and vote for Gladys Hayes. My interests are the elderly, traffic (speeding and cross walks) flow and being aware of the needs of our district. Mahalo, for your continued support for the next two years.



I am a retired UH Sociology Professor and a long-time Palolo Neighborhood Board member.  I request that new people be elected to the Board and I would be happy to attend meetings as a member of the community, but I am running to help achieve the board quorum if there are no other candidates.




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