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Waikiki Neighborhood Board No. 9

SUBDISTRICT 01    (6 Seats available)  

ADAMS, Jo-Ann M.

I have been a member of the Board since 2005.  I am currently the Chair of Subdistrict 1.  I attend meetings regularly, listen to citizen concerns and ask probing questions.  I have good working relations with the elected officials: Senator Galuteria, Rep. Brower and Council Member Chang.  If re-elected, I would like to strengthen the ties between the Board and the hotels located in Subdistrict 1.



I have served 16yrs on the board. If elected I will lobby our elected officials for a more responsible moral and fiscal open policies that help our residents and citizens of our great state. It has been an honor to serve you and I hope to continue to do so. With your help we can lift the spirits and hopes of our people as God continues to watch over our paradise of which we call Hawaii. 



I was a Member of The Waikiki Neighborhood Board for a number of years prior to 2010 & since attend every WNB Meeting submitting concerns on many community issues. An active resident of Waikiki since 1988 I recognize the importance of being involved with issues affecting our Community, Honolulu, and Hawaii State Government. Looking forward to joining the WNB.


CRUSE, Johand William

Aloha, my name is Johand W. Cruse.  I am an eighteen-year Army/Navy veteran that is currently serving in the Hawaii Army National Guard.  I graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a Master of Business Administration with a focus in Organizational Change. I live in the Waikiki district in the Discovery Bay Building.  I feel that it would be an honor to serve the people of the Waikiki area.


MERZ, Jeffrey


Waikiki continues to be the heart of Hawaii and our States front door to the world. We must ensure that we plan its growth and vitality. As Waikiki continues to become a neighborhood of choice, we must cooperate with business, government, tourism agencies and of course, residents. I have worked diligently on your Board for 8 years and I ask for your vote for two more years as your representative.



I am a retired Naval Officer who is now a professor of Computer Science at Honolulu Community College.  I am a long time resident of Waikiki and have had the honor of serving on the Neighborhood Board for the past ten years.  I will continue to support major improvements to the Hobron and Ali Wai Yacht Harbor areas with an emphasis on reducing traffic and noise.



I look forward to representing the residents of Waikiki for another full two-year term.  If re-elected, I will continue to support our residents, including seniors and the environment.  Residential and commercial property manager with 28 years experience, I believe Waikiki needs to be treated as a neighborhood as well as a tourist destination. Member of NAACP, AARP, and Outdoor Circle. Mahalo!


SUBDISTRICT 02    (6 Seats available) 

APAKA, Jeff A.

Director Community Relations at Waikiki Community Center. My contributions are to develop a safer visitor & resident neighborhood with a Hawaiian sense of place in Waikiki. I want to bridge the gap between residents and visitors. I support community policing and need all condos to encourage volunteers to patrol their areas & use sustainable green practices.



22yr. Waikiki resident. 12yr member. Current Vice Chair. Chair Leg. Comm. Pres. Waikiki Resident Assn. past AOAO Pres. Public interest lawyer 39yrs. Former staff at HI Legislature & Dept. Health. Strong knowledge of state & local govt. Experienced, responsive advocate for community concerns as traffic, noise, safety, and excess growth. Good consensus builder who works well with all to get results.


FINLEY, Robert

Aloha, over the years as member and chairman I have helped bring neighbors into discussions with our Elected Officials, potential builders, and scheduled presentations to include Hurricane Preparation, bus route changes, noise, liquor laws and how to address and help our Homeless residents.  I ask for your vote so I can continue to support Waikiki.  Mahalo, Bob Finley.


FLOOD, Walt (Flash)

Seeking re-election to the Waikiki Board #9 for a 8th term. Vice Chair, Sub-District #2. Past Waikiki NB Chair, past Prez of MADD, past Lt. Gov. Toastmasters, USA Army Vet, Univ. of Mich BAA, AARP, Realtor and Property Manager. 34 year resident in Waikiki. Please read my positions on: Homeless, Crime, Noise, Graffiti, LH/FS conversion, and 2121 Kuhio Project. Website: Thanks.


LOFQUIST, William Spencer

I'm a current member of Waikiki Neighborhood Board #9, Subdistrict 2. I live in the Royal Kuhio condo, at Kuhio/Seaside Avenues. As a Board member, I have two objectives: 1. Energize the police, the liquor commission and others to clamp down on the noise, drugs, prostitution and other illegal activities taking place at Kuhio/Seaside. 2. Establish a park on the land behind the Royal Kuhio.


MIWA, Hisao Sal

Born and grew up in Nagoya, Japan, came to US after high school. Received master degree in Aerospace from MIT, naturalized in 1992. Currently, I am chairman, CEO of a real estate company Myland Hawaii Realty, Ltd. in Waikiki.



Sky has lived in Waikiki for over 40 years.  While serving two previous terms, the Board fought successfully against the planned demolition of the International Marketplace.  While Chair, a Resolution passed 17-0 asking that a NETWORK of bikeways be established THROUGHOUT Waikiki.  A few months ago, he was told that a new crosswalk has been approved crossing Seaside at Aloha Dr.


SUBDISTRICT 03     (5 Seats available) 

DEW, John R.

After 2yrs on NB#9 I'm getting the message you want your votes to include more relevance from the C&C Neighborhood Plan. I ask for your vote for a 2nd term. Please join us @ your community center @ 7pm on 2nd Tue of each month. Together we can make Waikiki a better place to live & visit. Remember these are your Sts & sidewalks, your beach & parks, your home. Come join us & let your voice be heard.



As a previous candidate to the Hawaii State Senate, a small business owner, wife, and mother of two children at Jefferson Elementary School, I feel deeply committed to Waikiki and believe that although times are tough, if we work together, we can see positive change in our community. I will listen to your concerns and embrace ideas that make life more enjoyable and affordable in Waikiki.


MOORE, John M.

Aloha, my name is John Moore. I'm running for re-election to the Waikiki Neighborhood Board, sub-district 3. I currently work as the Resident Manager of the Monte Vista condominium. I have been there for over 10 years. I would like to thank you for your support, and hopefully re-electing me. Mahalo and Aloha. John.


NIGRO, John N.

I have lived in Waikiki for over 30yrs and worked for the City and County of Honolulu for over 30yrs. I can give insight to various projects that will best suit the community and the process that they go thru till implemented and completed. I deal with the community concerns on a daily basis. If elected I look forward to helping make Waikiki a better place to live work and play.

PETERS, Michael

Aloha! It has been a pleasure serving our community since 2001. I understand Waikiki and will work to create a more beautiful and safe place to live and visit. This includes working for safer streets and bus stops, less unnecessary urban noise, and solutions for Waikiki's homeless problem that favor residents. Masters in Education, high school social studies teacher. Please vote! Mahalo!

SMITH, Mark C.

Please re-elect me to the Waikiki Neighborhood Board. I am a businessman and former Hi-Tech manager. I live at the Liliuokalani Gardens and am on the condo board.  In 2012 with help from my friends at the Waikiki Sunset, we got the City Council to pass Resolution 304 (missing Paokalani sidewalk). I have also been active in noise issues particularly illegal mufflers and nighttime bar noise.



My name is Vince Vanderstroom. I've been a resident in Hawaii for the past 13 years and have lived in Waikiki for the past 8 years.  I'm currently a Realtor Associate in Hawaii and graduated with a BA degree in Geography from the University of Arizona in 1992. I concerned about the issues and problems we face in Waikiki and look forward to working on solutions.


WILLIAMS, Larry James

My name is Larry Williams and I reside at Foster Tower in Waikiki.  Previously I served on the AOAO Board at a prior residence in Waikiki.  In California I was on the neighborhood improvement association for 8 years in my neighborhood.  I've lived in Waikiki for 3 years now and I would like to see it become the best it can be.  I hope to refresh Waikiki and help solve the homeless issue.






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