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Makiki/Lower Punchbowl/Tantalus Board No. 10

SUBDISTRICT 01    (6 Seats available) 


Hawaii resident since 1983-Makiki resident since 1985. Former Makiki Neighborhood Board member 1987-2009. Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Fiji). Masters degrees: Education and Urban Planning (latter from U. Hawaii).  Employed: community/environmental planner, US Navy, 1986-present. Interests: community-based decision-making/transportation/planning/recycling/environmental issues/noise pollution.


CAROLE, Charles H.

I ask for your vote to be re-elected to the NB. Presently, I served as the Vice-Chair of the NB. Lived in Makiki for 44yrs. Also, a board member of the Makiki Community Library & Vice President of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu. I assisted in getting the City to reject a request that would have increased traffic congestion on Nehoa St. Continued work on dog park and improving bus services.


CHONG, Diane L. H.

Active and current board member of Makiki Board #10 for the last 6 years; I am currently serving as the treasurer. I have been a resident of Makiki District for over 45 years; Employed by the US Coast Guard as an IT Specialist. My primary focus is on, balancing the interests and needs of its residents. My main priority, is dealing with transportation issues, including the Lunalilo On/Off ramp.



Aloha friends and neighbors, I am a resident of Makiki and have been active in the neighborhood for 5 years.  I regularly attend Neighborhood Board meetings and have run for public office.  I enjoy getting together with residents and socializing, planning, and protecting our neighborhood.  I would appreciate your consideration and vote for a seat on the Neighborhood Board.  Mahalo.



I am very fortunate to live in a great neighborhood in a great city. I moved to Makiki in 2000 and now this is my home.  What makes this a great place to live though, are the people who live here -- neighbors who, over the years, have become my friends.  I want to be on the neighborhood board to give something back to my community and to my friends.  Please support me at the polls!



I was honored to serve the past 2 years on the Makiki Neighborhood Bd. There is much to be done regarding finding a dog park and addressing our sidewalks and streets. I'm a 25 year Makiki resident and attended Roosevelt HS. My concern is protecting the integrity of Makiki and Tantalus. I would appreciate your vote. Mahalo.


SABEY, Isaiah Kauka

I have lived in Hawaii all my life and reside in beautiful Makiki with my wife and two children since 1999.  I am a public school music and English Language Learner (ELL) teacher working with children at Puuhale Elementary School in Kalihi.  It has been an honor and privilege to serve on the Makiki Neighborhood Board for the past two years, and I would be honored to continue to serve you.



Working for the Makiki community is important for me. Neighborhood Board Chair, Roosevelt HS Council Chamber of Commerce, Community Association, youth soccer coach, vision team, Watershed Association, Rotary International, and more.  Business Professor at Chaminade University. I would like to keep helping our community, Mahalo. -John


WONG, Edmund

I was born and raised in Makiki all my life. Im a Real Estate Principal Broker and a standing member of the Honolulu Board of Realtors that is actively involved in the City Affairs Committee that highlights legislative issues and works closely with the Mayor and City Council. My concern is to improve our infrastructures such as Water Pressure, Roads and Right of Way to reduce traffic congestions.


SUBDISTRICT 02      (7 Seats available)     

AMSTERDAM, C Kaui Jochanan

College graduate, UCLA. Attended 8 colleges. President for 3 humanitarian organizations. Public service over 30 years.


FUNK, Trevor Dustin

Makiki-Tantalus Neighborhood Board Member past two years. Teacher of AP Literature and World Literature at Saint Francis School. National Honor Society Advisor. Vice-President of Pensacola condo association. Volunteer coach and Operations Manager for Liahona Youth Empowerment. I would be honored to continue to serve you and our community.


HAURET, Philip

Please reelect Phil Hauret.  I've been on the Board over 10 years, am a graduate of Punahou and UH and have 30 years of experience in local business and govt. affairs.  I take responsible positions and believe government should focus on better maintenance of existing public facilities, not mega projects.  My style is to reach compromises.


LEE, Allen Wai Hop

Thank you for allowing me to serve you since 2005. I am a retired Minister with extensive experience working with community and neighborhood groups dealing with life issues. I am also a certified family therapist and have served as a condominium president for several years. It would be an honor to continue serving you as a member of our neighborhood board.


LEE, Eloise

I have had the privilege of serving on our neighborhood board since 2006. I served in public school education for 28 years as a teacher, counselor, school principal, and educational specialist. I was a trustee for the College Board and an ethics commissioner on the Hawaii State Ethics Commission. I welcome the opportunity to serve again as your neighborhood board representative.


LUM LEE, Chris

I am currently employed as a Program Specialist with the State of Hawaii, V.P. of Programs-Elect with the Hawaii Public Health Association, and former Pearl City Neighborhood Board member. In these positions, I've learned what needs to be done to bridge the needs of the community with our government. I look forward to bringing my experience and knowledge to represent the Makiki-Tantalus community.



Sam Mitchell is a Mechanic & Community Activists who employed by Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. He has served on the NB for many years & is a strong supporter of a dog park in Maikiki. Uncle Sam is also a Castle High School & HCC Graduate who has lived in Hawaii for more than 50yrs. His apartment is on Kinau St. so if you have problems in the Lower Makiki area please contact Sam Mitchell @ 349-4279.


SMITH, Christopher Nova

My name is Christopher Nova Smith; I am a member of the Makiki Neighborhood Board. I am a Community Activist who supports Living wages, Labor rights, and Affordable housing. I support dog parks and housing for the homeless. My education background is in Environmental Sustainability, Labor Relations, and Political Science. Please visit and



I am presently serving as Secretary of the #10 board and have been on the board for several years.  I would appreciate your vote to continue to serve you. My service to the public is valuable to me.


SUBDISTRICT 03      (4 Seats available)  



KAWANO, Richard H.

Thank you for your vote & support over the years. I've enjoyed being a board member for over 10 years. I want to continue to help make Makiki a better place to work & live. I've chaired our candidates forum committee and our Health & Welfare Committee. I am a small business owner & have lived in Makiki for 35 years. Please continue to support our Neighborhood Board system. Aloha and mahalo.


LEE, Kathleen

Aloha.  I moved to Hawaii in '09, worked for the State Capitol and the YMCA of Honolulu, and volunteered for local campaigns to learn more about my new home state.  I would like to give back to the community that has welcomed me, by being part of the board that listens to its concerns and works towards improving them. I humbly request for my neighbors to give me a chance to serve them. Mahalo.


YOUNG, Susan Lai

Susan has been your neighbor for over 30yrs & has been involved in community issues, with the purpose of bettering our quality of life & our environment. She supports all efforts in keeping Makiki a cohesive & friendly neighborhood serving a unique & diverse population. She has been on the Bd for 20yrs. She is a Financial Consultant & was a public school teacher. Susan is committed to serving you.




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