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Ala Moana/Kakaako Neighborhood Board No. 11

SUBDISTRICT 01   (4 Seats available)   

KATO, Anthony Paul

Aloha everyone! I had the honor of representing you for the last 8 months as a NB#11 board member.  I was able to use my experience as a police officer & later, in disaster management with the American Red Cross to be an effective member. I would like to continue representing you & ask for your support. I will work hard because I know I am representing you & our neighborhood. I hope to meet you soon!



Semi-retired 61 year old former executive with a business development and management consulting background who now does occasional project work. Homeowner in the 11-1 district since 1983. Married, 3 adult children.  My professional profile may be seen on LinkedIn at

OKUMOTO, Steven K.


Fellow neighbors, it's important for us to pay attention to the environment around us. As a resident of these diverse streets, I take pride in being a part of it. As your elected member, it will be my honor to serve the needs & successes of our community. To ensure that our streets remain safe for our children. To work together with city departments to maximize services thru-out our neighborhood.


TANIMURA, Chelsea Keikilani

I'm in my 1st term as a board member of the Ala Moana/Kakaako NB, where I serve as the secretary as well as the chair of the Health Committee. Primary concerns for my district: reducing crime & homelessness, noise pollution, proper regulation of liquor-serving establishments, improving traffic & pedestrian safety. I am a hospital employee & community volunteer. Thank you for your consideration.  


ZEHNER, Michael

I look forward to serving sub-district 1 for a 3rd term. I support careful & fiscally responsible use of government funds. I have & will continue to stand up for the rights of condo residents & owners. I oppose any regressive tax increases, such as on fuel or consumer items. Above all, you the constituent can make better choices with your money & with your personal life than the government can.


SUBDISTRICT 02    (2 Seats available)   

HURST, Larry

16 years on this board, 4 years as Chair.  8 years active with city and HPD honored Sheridan Community Citizen Patrol.  20 years - resident manager of The Elms Condominium.  I believe that lessening the number of illegally-operating hostess bars will lessen the amount of crime and traffic problems.


SUBDISTRICT 03    (2 Seats available)    

KOMINE, Duane, A.

Currently the General Manager of Hokua since 2006, I previously managed Nauru Tower for 13 years. I served on the Neighborhood Board from 2003 - 2005. I want to serve on the Neighborhood Board again because I have been in the community for nearly 25 years and would like to share my experience with the community at large.


MINN, P Nathan

I have served the last term.  I am engaged and willing to be an advocate for our community.


RIEGERT, Kelsey J.

My generation needs to participate more in our democracy.  Most citizens my age rarely express their concerns, hopes, and ideas to our elected officials. That needs to change! Our Neighborhood Board is one of the most underutilized forums in local government.  With your vote, I will address our local issues, such as homelessness, traffic congestion, public safety, and community development.


TAM, Ryan

Aloha!  We are fortunate to be in one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods on Oahu.  While we need supermarkets, convenience stores, and other services, our neighbors are faced with aging buildings and infrastructure.  With a background in urban planning, I hope to bring a useful perspective to the board as it works with the HCDA and the city to create a vibrant, thriving community.


SUBDISTRICT 04    (1 Seat available)  


I've been a resident and landowner in Kakaako since 2006. I am an agricultural consultant/entrepreneur operating a farmer's market delivery service throughout Honolulu called Oahu Fresh and an agribusiness consultancy called Sustain Pro Management. I've served on the board of my condominium's AOAO as Treasurer for 4yrs as well as other agriculture related non-profit boards throughout the State.


SENSUI, Dexter

Block Captain of Sheridan Citizens Patrol and Neighborhood Watch.  Plant Engineer working at Meadowgold Dairy.


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