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Downtown Neighborhood Board No. 13

AT-LARGE    (9 Seats available)  

AU, Alvin

Current Chairman; Downtown NB member, 22 years; attorney; government & military leader; Vietnam combat veteran; Colonel-Army (retired); lifelong resident in the Chinatown community; Goal: To enhance & improve the quality of life for downtown residents & promote, encourage & stimulate the neighborhood business & economy.


CHANG, Anthony

I've been a resident of Downtown and Chinatown since 2002. Serving on this Neighborhood Board from 2009, I've been its youngest member since, the editor and chief contributor to the 2011 newsletter, and am a member of the Downtown Citizen Patrol. I'm young, energetic, and experienced. I listen well during meetings but speak when I feel it is appropriate. I humbly ask for your vote for reelection.


LYE, Kevin

Stakeholder in Chinatown as a resident and homeowner since 2005. I will work to help our neighborhood continue to thrive in a positive manner to the benefit of its residents. I have listened to the concerns of the community and will ensure that information continues to flow to and from the citizens, government agencies, and private organizations engaged with life in our district. MD, MBA.


MARYOTT, Nicole Leimomi



I, board member Lynne Matusow, live at Honolulu Tower. My top priority is making our area cleaner and safer by fighting crime, drugs, prostitution and removing alcohol sales and drinking from block parties in Chinatown. Other concerns are economic revitalization, expanding cultural activities, noise, sanitation, pedestrian safety, better street lighting. I will ensure your voice is heard.


MOLLRING, Dolores Fees

BD Member: 17yrs. Resident: 37yrs. Ret FHB: 38yrs. D/C Citizen Patrol: 19yrs. Support continued economic revitalization in the area. Work directly with our elective officials, police, fire dept, the citizens and business in the area. We can and do make a difference in making our community safer, cleaner, and better.


RUDIE, Raymond K.

I live, work and patronize the Downtown Chinatown area. During the past two years I have tried to express the opinions of all residents and businesses in the Downtown Chinatown area. I would like to continue to represent my neighbors while Downtown Chinatown area grows and changes.



Volunteer 25+ years. Founder/President Chinatown Business & Community Association, to clean up Chinatown & improve Chinatown infrastructure. Hon Liquor Commissioner 1997-2005,City Council Outstanding Community Award 2009, Mayor's Downtown Chinatown Task Force 1994-2008,Owner Chu Lan Properties/ABCMortgage.BA/MLS. Governor's Small Business Regulatory Review Board 2012-2016, small business advocate.


Please allow me to continue to serve on the Downtown Neighborhood Board. Together we can keep our neighbors safe and living in a clean and secure area. I do what I can by keeping our area clean by removing graffiti, stickers and posters. I am on several non-profit boards and the Harbor Square Condo Board. I will continue to listen to your concerns and do my best to respond for the good of all.


WEST, Eric Darrell

"Ohana" - My Family is My Community; filled with Uncles, Aunties, Sisters, and Brothers to make where we live a happy and prosperous home. As an artist I have organized events to promote Community Mind, Arts and Education, Sustainability, and Equality. At the moment, one of my strongest community impact goals is the revitalization project of Hotel St. (mauka) between Smith and Maunakea.


YUEN, Stanford B.C.

Board Member 12-yrs. Goal: make area safer, cleaner; promote economic revitalization.  Led Downtown-Chinatown Master Planning, Task Force, Vision Teams.  Chinese Community Leader. Advisor to Arts Alliance, Arts at Marks Garage, Culture & Arts District, and numerous organizations in Downtown-Chinatown. Hawaii 1998 Engineer of the Year. B.S. Mechanical Engineering, M.S. Industrial Engineering, MBA




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